10 Practical and Charming Entryway Furniture Ideas

Updated: Apr. 29, 2024

The entrance to your home should be stylish yet organized. Find out how to achieve both with these inspiring entryway furniture ideas.

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Open-Shelf Lockers

If you’re not lucky enough to have an organized mudroom, built-in lockers like these can designate your entryway as a mini mudroom. Each family member has a neat and tidy place to put jackets, shoes and bags. The locker shelves alone are great, but a bench and some cute throw cushions takes style and function even further in this example from @lakeandlumber.

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Chic Cushioned Bench

This cushioned bench and shelf pairing by @organizationbeautynation shows you can transform any home’s entryway with just a couple of key pieces.

It’s always helpful to have a place near the entry to put on your shoes and coat. The shelf with hooks is great for décor items, as well as hanging dog leashes, keys or purses. Bonus points for the storage baskets that fit snugly underneath the bench. For more such pieces to transform your home’s entryway, take a look at this Letterfolk Tile Mat.

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Pegboard Wall Unit

We’re convinced — there’s no organization dilemma that can’t be solved with pegboard! You might not have considered it in the entryway, but this pegboard wall unit by @thenewsmallhouse proves otherwise. It makes a beautiful décor statement and provides entryway organization at the same time.

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DIY Hall Tree

If you’re itching to stretch your DIY muscles, consider this DIY hall tree project by @liliesandlife. With just some lumber and determination, Emily built this shiplap storage unit and transformed what once was a boring, blank wall. The shoe storage under the bench gives ups the organization factor.

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Storage Bench in a Closet

If you’re not getting much use out of a coat closet, take off the doors and turn it into beautiful-yet-functional entryway décor,  like this example from @natandcrew. Adding a bench with drawers and storage hooks under the existing shelf increases the storage, and the open design is more functional than a dark, cramped closet.

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Two Console Cabinets

This entryway by @anoblestyle poses the question, “Why put one console cabinet in your entryway when you can have two?” If you have the space, two cabinets side-by-side make a stunning statement and doubles the storage. Finish the look with a photo gallery wall.

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Cubby Shelf

We have yet to find a space that isn’t improved by a versatile cubby shelf, and the entryway is no exception. This one by @simplyciani is styled with two types of baskets for a distinctive look and plenty of storage. If your entryway is on the smaller side, turn one of these shelves on its side so it’s tall and narrow instead of long and wide.

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Repurposed Lockers

You can find lockers on Facebook Marketplace or similar used furniture apps, and they make perfect entryway furniture. These entry lockers by @what.the.shiplap are great for kids’ backpacks, shoes and even toys.

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Metal Storage Rack

Making a small entryway functional can be tricky, which is why this tall metal storage rack used by @thehylandhomestead is such a great choice. The two rows of hooks and shelves pack a lot of storage into a small space. We’re taking notes on Christine’s smart styling choices, like hiding clutter with baskets and adding some freshness with a potted plant.

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Classic Console Table

You can’t go wrong with the classics, and a simple entryway table like this one by @1021home is always a smart choice. Look for an entryway table with drawers and a shelf to place baskets so you have plenty of storage. Consider hanging a mirror above your table so you can take one more quick check before leaving the house.