10 Best Toy Room Storage Ideas for Kids’ Rooms

Updated: Jan. 30, 2024

Are the toys in your house taking over? Clean up play time with these creative toy storage solutions.

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With the holidays coming up, yo may be dreading the influx of new toys and the havoc that they will wreak. It’s often tricky to find storage for your kids’ toys, especially if you live in an apartment or a small space. We’ve rounded up several toy room storage solutions to help you corral the mess and keep the whole family happy.
Here are some Barbie storage ideas if you find it hard to organize the dolls!

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Keep It Low

Nicely organized toys don’t do much good if little ones can’t reach them. Keep toys close to the ground for easy access, like these low cubbies from @grohplayrooms. The soft colorful bins with easy-grab handles are a great choice for toy room storage. Not only can kids grab whatever they need without asking for help, but hopefully they’ll put the toys away on their own too! Plus, sturdy cubbies can provide seating as well as toy room storage, so they’re a great option for apartments or small spaces.

Photo by: @laurametzlerphoto

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Sort by Color

These clear drawer bins used by @space_and_soul keep her son’s Lego bricks organized and out of the way. Sorting by color not only looks tidy (who knew Lego bricks could be so beautiful?) but color grouping also makes it easy for kids to find what they’re looking for.

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Awesome Art Cart

Arts and craft supplies can be one of the most difficult toy categories to keep organized. Enter the art cart! Check out this example from Practical Perfection. She used each level of the cart to store different art categories. It can be customized for whatever your kids are interested in. Label each level for easy clean up.

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Nerf Gun Arsenal

Do you have a Nerf gun collector in your home? Instead of throwing them all in a bin, try this idea from @bluepencilhome. A pegboard keeps the guns off the floor and ready for battle at a moment’s notice. And Nerf guns are just the beginning. Almost anything can be organized with a pegboard!

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Car Garage

If your little car collector has a lot of big vehicles, try this storage solution from Katie of @littlerockpaperscissors. It’s one of our favorite large toy truck storage ideas. Use a cabinet to create a “garage”! Katie suggests taking a photo of the lineup and taping it to the inside of the cabinet door. Then, when it’s time for clean up, your kids can have fun matching the photo by parking each vehicle in the correct space.

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Adjustable Shelving for Toy Room

We believe there’s almost no storage dilemma that can’t be solved with an adjustable shelf system. Professional organizing business @beeorganizedsfbay converted this closet into toy organization heaven using the Elfa shelving system and labeled bins.

An adjustable system ensures you can rearrange the shelves as your kids’ toy room storage needs change with age. It also allows you to make the most of small spaces by changing the configuration as needed, rather than having to buy new storage furniture as your little ones grow.

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Create a Stuffed Animal Hangout

Stuffed animals seem to multiply on their own. Keep them nicely organized and displayed with a hanging shoe organizer, shown here by @thetoyminimalist. The individual slots can also help keep your child’s collection from getting out of control. Once the slots are full, no more animals allowed!

Hanging shoe hangers are the unsung heroes of small space storage solutions. The back of your door is a great storage spot that often gets overlooked. Plus, when it comes time to donate toys, your little ones can see everything at once and decide which toys they want to keep and which toys are ready to go to a new home.

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Game Pouches

Have your kids destroyed all those flimsy board game boxes? Then you’ll love this genius solution from @flourishorganizingcompany. Transfer each game into an individual vinyl pouch, label each pouch, and store them in a cute basket. The pouches are much more durable than a cardboard box and take up less space in the closet.

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Out on Display

Although most toys look better tucked away in containers, don’t be afraid to keep some out on display. The toys on this cubby shelf styled by @house_on_the_way are just too cute to hide! Use more attractive toys as part of your playroom or nursery decor. Then you can corral the rest of the toys in baskets or bins to fill the rest of the shelves.

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Built-In Drawers for Bedroom Toy Storage

Turn a window seat into hidden toy room storage with built-in drawers, like these from @jessfinessedhomes. Low drawers are easy for kids to open, and you don’t have to worry if they’re messy inside — no one will know but you! Here’s how to build a similar type of drawer under a cabinet.

Designed by @jessfinessedhomes

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