10 DIY Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

Updated: Nov. 30, 2023

Stuffed animals taking over the toy room? These clever DIY storage ideas will help you get them off the floor, but still ready for play!

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Macramé Hammock

This macramé hammock from @oliverviolet.collection keeps stuffed animals organized and off the floor and looks beautiful doing it. The macramé hammock is made with three durable wooden rings that hang on the included stainless steel hooks. You can easily install this yourself in the corner of your child’s bedroom or playroom.

You can also explore these Barbie storage ideas if you’re having a hard time organizing the dolls!

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Stuffed Animal Zoo Courtesy @thetoytamer Via Instagram
Courtesy @thetoytamer/Instagram

Stuffed Animal Zoo

This stuffed animal “zoo” from @thetoytamer includes two storage ideas! First, she added bungee cords to a simple cube storage shelf that holds the stuffed animals inside. (Specifically, she used these bungee cords and the KALLAX shelf from IKEA.) The second storage idea is a doggy fence attached to the window shelf. Kids will love opening and closing the small gate to access their favorite stuffies.

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Hanging Fruit Basket Courtesy @catherinecachia Via Instagram
Courtesy @catherinecachia/Instagram

Hanging Fruit Basket

Here’s an idea for smaller stuffed toys from @catherinecachia — a hanging fruit basket! Hang it from the ceiling and fill it with small stuffies. Be sure to use an extender so the basket is within reach. The one pictured is actually hung over the bed, which makes it easy for a child to climb up and grab a toy. The hanging basket keeps the stuffies up and out of the way, but still visible so your kids won’t complain that they can’t find their animals.

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Labeled Baskets Courtesy @homorganizing Via Instagram
Courtesy @homorganizing/Instagram

Labeled Baskets

Of course, every good list of organization options should include labeled baskets. They’re a simple yet highly effective solution, and they work great for stuffed animals! These baskets from @homorganizing are labeled with each child’s name. It’s a great way to keep animals separate in a toy room or shared bedroom. Check out these clear plastic label clips for a similar look.

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Diy Corner Storage Courtesy @soulfulhaven Via Instagram
Courtesy @soulfulhaven/Instagram

DIY Corner Storage

Professional carpenters @soulfulhaven built this custom unit for clients looking to organize their playroom. Made from stained wood and bungee cords, the built-in frame tucks nicely into the corner, saving precious floor space. If building your own wood and bungee storage box is out of your skillset, check out this similar stuffed animal storage zoo with flexible bars.

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One In, One Out Basket Courtesy @sunnyspacesllc Via Instagram
Courtesy @sunnyspacesllc/Instagram

One In, One Out Basket

Here’s another simple basket idea, along with a tip on how to keep your child’s stuffy collection from getting out of control. Home organizer @sunnyspacesllc says to designate a big enough basket to store all the stuffed animals you want to keep. Then when your child gets a new animal, teach them the “one in, one out” policy: they have to donate a stuffed animal before adding a new one to the basket.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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Wall Planter

Repurpose a wall planter into stuffed animal storage by removing the fiber liner and attaching it to the wall in your child’s room — a smart idea from @laurenazimmerman. The metal frame keeps the toys secure but accessible. Stack two or three on a wall for a bigger collection. These planters look surprisingly stylish, are easy to hang and they’re affordable, too!

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Bean Bag Chair

If you’d rather keep stuffed animals completely out of sight, try this genius idea from @itslaurenreed. Take an empty bean bag chair cover (you can buy just a cover with no filler) and fill it with stuffed animals, then zip it up. Now kids have a cozy place to sit and hidden storage for their animals. It keeps their room clutter-free and your kids will love that their animals have a secret hideaway!

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Utility Cart Courtesy @emilyssquishgram Via Instagram
Courtesy @emilyssquishgram/Instagram

Utility Cart

Keep stuffies on a rolling utility cart, like this example from @emilyssquishgram. Your kids will love pushing their toys around during playtime, and cleaning up is a lot more fun when toys have their own rolling home. Plus, the cart doesn’t take up too much room and includes three ample shelves to fit several toys. This highly-rated utility cart comes in a lot of fun color options.

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Bungee Shelf Courtesy @thenunleys Via Instagram
Courtesy @thenunleys/Instagram

Bungee Shelf

Storing stuffed animals on a shelf might seem like a good idea, but they can flop down and fall over easily. That’s why we love this idea from @thenunleys. Her dad helped her make a “stuffy shelf” that features a bungee cord strung through the ends. Now the stuffed animals stay securely on the shelf, but little ones can take them down and put them back with ease.