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How To Save Space on Kitchen Countertops

We ask a lot of the kitchen counter. Obviously, food prep and kitchen storage are the main purposes. But the counter can also be a coffee station, meal serving area, and all too often a clutter trap.

A kitchen looks and functions best with clear counters. So how do you free up space? Here are the most effective solutions for getting the most out of your kitchen counters, even if you don’t have a lot of surface to begin with.

Be a minimalist

First and foremost, edit what you display on your kitchen counter. Keep only the things you use every day out on the counter, and tuck everything else away.

A coffee maker? Yes. The pile of junk mail that you sort through once or twice a month? No. If there’s an appliance or item that always seems to be in the way, re-evaluate if it really needs to be on the counter at all times. Most likely you can find another home for it.

Go vertical

Look up! Chances are some of the items on your counter can instead live on the wall, backsplash, or even hanging from the ceiling (you’re going to love the hanging fruit basket we found!) Clever wall storage solutions like knife strips, hooks and shelf racks can clear up counter space but still provide easy access to your most-used items.

Find unexpected surfaces

Besides wall space, get creative with other surfaces that might function as storage space. A few locations you might not have considered include the side of the refrigerator, the side of a cabinet or over the sink. Of course, you should avoid covering every surface with kitchen essentials or it will look just as cluttered as a messy counter. Try to choose just a few strategic locations for good-looking storage products.

Utilize drawer and cabinet space

Professional organizer Michele Vig of Neat Little Nest says the best way to keep your kitchen counters clear of clutter is to use every inch of your drawers and cabinets. She suggests drawer dividers to fit more items and make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

“To maximize space in a cupboard add or move shelves to fit your exact items,” says Vig, “Then, use smaller bins or spinners to store like items together efficiently.”

Now that you’re armed with our favorite counter-clearing tips, check out the best storage products to help you keep your counters clutter free.

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Best Dish Drying Rack

This two-tier drying rack is a great space-saving alternative to a traditional bulky dish rack. It can hold more dishes while taking up less space. It includes a plate rack, cutlery racks, cutting board holder and a handy removable drain tray.

Here’s an option that takes the drying rack off the countertop altogether: This roll-up model mounts on top of your sink, saving precious counter space. The roll-up feature also ensures you can easily store it when the dishes are dry and put away.

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Best Fruit Basket

This three-tier wire basket holds triple the amount of produce as a regular fruit bowl while taking up the same amount of counter space. Plus, the stylish gold wire looks like a work of art! Whenever you need to clear your counter completely, the baskets disassemble for easy storage.

Here’s another option if you’d rather hang your fruit: Instead of a traditional counter fruit basket, think vertically with this three-tier hanging basket. The three baskets can hold plenty of produce, ready to grab for snacking, but keeps it up and out of the way while your countertop stays clutter-free. Plus, the stylish seagrass woven design looks great in any kitchen.

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Best Cooking Utensil Holder

This highly-rated utensil holder doubles as a tablet stand so you can easily look at your digital recipes while you make dinner. Choosing kitchen storage solutions that deliver more than one function is a smart way to minimize your countertop accessories and save space.

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Best Countertop Baby Bottle Storage

Often baby bottle storage options are flat and wide, taking up a lot of counter space. That’s why this upright bottle rack is such a game changer. The rack sits snugly against your backsplash which frees up counter space.

And it doesn’t compromise on function. You can dry up to nine bottles or baby food containers, and there are compartments for small parts or pacifiers.

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Best Counter Storage Rack

Gather up all your cooking essentials in this two-tier storage rack. You can store spices, oils, utensils, a cutting board and more. The slim design will fit right up against the backsplash or the side of the refrigerator, keeping your countertops as clear as possible.

Or, if you’re short on counter space, why not utilize the side of your fridge? This minimalist-style magnetic storage rack does just that. Store spices, cooking utensils, paper towels and more. Simply stick it on and tap into the storage potential of an unused surface. It would also work great on a metal back splash!

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Best Kitchen Soap Holder

Clear the countertop clutter near your sink with this kitchen soap holder. Say goodbye to bulky bottles of dish soap and scattered dish sponges. The slim design on this soap dispenser and sponge caddy combo ensures it doesn’t take up much space, and your dish washing essentials are always within reach.

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Best Knife Holder

The narrow footprint on this magnetic knife block takes up minimal space and looks super cool! The acacia wood block has magnets embedded within. It can hold eight to 10 knives on each side of the block.

Another option is to replace your countertop knife block with a magnetic knife strip. The magnetic strip attaches to the wall, which leaves more room on your counter for slicing and dicing. This particular strip is a generous 16-in. long for maximum knife capacity.

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Best Riser Shelf

We love this corner riser shelf because it can squeeze into awkward corners on your counter, which can often be wasted space. The compact ledge and space underneath are great for storing spices, coffee supplies, or any other kitchen supplies that you use daily.

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