11 Best Under the Sink Organizers for the Bathroom and Kitchen

Cabinets under the sink are a trap for clutter—until now. These are the best under-sink organizers for every size cabinet.

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Sorbus 2 Tier Under The Sink Organizer Baskets With Mesh Sliding Drawers Ecomm Amazon.com
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Two-Drawer Organizer

A wallet-friendly under-sink organizer, this two-drawer organizer maximizes space thanks to its tiered design. We love that the top drawer is open like a basket, so it can fit tall cleaning products. The bottom drawer is great for smaller items like sponges and rags. The pull-out drawers make it easier to access everything without having to dig. Find more bathroom drawer organization ideas here.

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This video showcases DIY upgrades for kitchen cabinets:

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Copco Snack Turntable With Gray Liner And Non Slip Base Ecomm Walmart.com
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Two-Tier Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan is one of the most clever storage ideas for items that are always in the way. And this two-tier turntable adds even more space, making it a genius under-sink organizer. We love the non-slip base that keeps bathroom and kitchen essentials from flying off each tray. The top features containers for storing small items like dishwasher tabs, cotton swabs or wipes, and the bottom compartment is large enough to hold multiple bottles at a time. Trust us, it’s one of the best ways to revolutionize your kitchen (and bathroom) space.

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Mdesign Plastic Over Cabinet Door Storage Organizer Bin For Kitchen Ecomm Amazon.com
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Cabinet Door Organizer

If your cabinet simply isn’t large enough to fit everything, utilize the cabinet doors! An over-the-door basket like this one adds easy-access storage space. We love that it’s made from durable, shatter-resistant plastic, and that it’s clear so you can see everything inside.

Tip: No matter which over-the-door storage option you choose, make sure it’s narrow enough to fit inside the cabinet when the doors are closed.

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Household Essentials Glidez Narrow Sliding Organizer Ecomm Amazon.com
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Narrow Two-Tier Sliding Tray

For bathroom and kitchen cabinets that are short on space, try this narrow under-sink organizer. It measures between 4 and 7 inches wide, depending on the size you choose, and has additional metal finish options. Plus, it features two tiers to make the most out of vertical space.

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Mdesign Metal Hair Care & Styling Tool Organizer Holder Ecomm Amazon.com
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Styling Tool Organizer

File this under bathroom storage hacks you need to implement ASAP. Hair dryers and curling irons stored under your bathroom sink can quickly become a jumbled mess of tangled wires. This styling tool organizer has three compartments to hold all the tools you use every day, and the basket helps to corral cords. Plus, it comes in 12 fun colors to add a little pizzazz to your under-sink cabinet.

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Simplehouseware Under Sink 2 Tier Expandable Shelf Organizer Rack Ecomm Amazon.com
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Two-Tier Expandable Shelf Rack

It’s often hard to fit standard organizers under the sink because of the plumbing pipes. That’s why we love this two-tier expandable shelf rack. It comes with expandable rails and adjustable shelf panels, so you can customize it to fit perfectly around pipes and obstacles.

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undersink storage caddy
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Under-the-Sink Storage Caddy

This under-sink storage caddy is for those who like to take all their best cleaning supplies from room to room. The narrow profile makes it great for cabinets with plumbing pipes, and the sturdy handle lets you easily grab it and go. We especially love the two stainless steel rails for hanging spray bottles or cleaning rags.

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Mdesign Deep Plastic Bathroom Storage Bin Box Ecomm Amazon.com
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Deep Storage Boxes

As one of the best storage containers money can buy, these deep bathroom boxes are ideal for storing essentials that are often the culprit of countertop clutter. This set comes with four boxes. The lids make for easy stacking, while the handles make it extra convenient to pull them out from under the sink. They’re an under-sink organizer you’ll want to add to every cabinet.

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Slide Out Drawer
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Two Tier Slide-Out Drawer

If your under-sink cabinet doesn’t have a shelf, utilize every inch of empty space with this two tier slide-out drawer. The easily reversible configuration works on either side of the cabinet and fits around pipes and the garbage disposal. When you need something from the back, it glides out for easy access.

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Vanity Height Cabinet Pull Out Pantry Ecomm Wayfair.com
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Vanity Pull-Out Pantry

A more substantial under-sink organizer is this 19-inch pull-out organizer. A metal track keeps it in place, and the whole thing slides out when you need to access what’s in the back. It’s made of wood and has space to add an acrylic tray or handheld organizer, too. It’s a DIY bathroom vanity upgrade that anyone of any skill level can tackle.

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2 Tier Metal Under Sink Organizer Ecomm Wayfair.com
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Two-Tier Metal Shelf for Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal sinks lack the under cabinet storage that other vanities boast, but there’s still plenty of space underneath for storage. This two-tier metal organizer fits under most pedestal sinks, giving you a place to put soaps, shaving cream and whatever else you want to keep handy. There’s also a bar at the top to hang small towels or washcloths.

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