Best Box Storage Organizers and Containers for Every Room In Your House

Updated: Mar. 28, 2024

Organize your stuff—all your stuff—with our picks for the best storage containers for every room.

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Whether you’re an organization pro, beginner or completely helpless at getting your gear in order, it’s important to give your home a clutter cleanup every few months. Chances are that at least one room has fallen victim to disorganization because you’re short on time, resulting in frustration and less productivity on your end.

Luckily, it only takes a few bins, boxes or multi-purpose storage solutions to get the essentials in order. Add a smart labeling system to the mix and you’ll be set for day-to-day usage. “Incorporating storage containers can help organize and create a more functional way to live,” says Marianne Egbers, a designer for ShelfGenie. “It allows you to store items more efficiently. Choosing the right container can help maximize space and easier to locate the necessary items.”

What to Consider When Buying Storage Containers

There’s no shortage of storage containers on the market. There are so many, that you’re sure to find options for every room in your house. “Areas that are used the most often or have the least amount of space typically require the most organization,” says Egbers. “For example, a bathroom can quickly become cluttered. Use stackable bins, over-the-door organizers and under-sink storage units to maximize space and keep things neat. The type of container should be durable, easily accessible and custom fit the dimensions of the area you need the most access.”

In this guide, we cover outdoor, garage, closet, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and office/living room storage options. To help narrow down your options, first think about the room you need new storage solutions in, then consider these factors as well.

  • Size: When buying storage containers online it can be hard to visualize how much will fit inside of them. Read the product dimensions to make sure it will store everything and fit in your space. If you’re looking for storage solutions for under your sink or on a shelf in your garage, measure the height, width and depth before ordering.
  • Material: Again, think about where your storage container is going to live before deciding on material. For a garage or the outdoors, stick with plastic and avoid anything fabric. In the kitchen, use food-grade plastic if you plan on storing food items inside your containers.
  • Durability: Some storage containers will be utilized more than others. If you’ll be opening and closing it every day, make sure to find products that are high quality so they’ll last a long time. For containers that could be exposed to drastic temperatures, read the product description to ensure the material can withstand harsh conditions.
  • Stackability: Utilizing vertical space in any area is a great way to store more. Finding storage containers that stack will allow you to better organize the space in your fridge, pantry, cabinets, etc. Stackable options are also great in a closet where you may need to add more storage in the future.

Read on to find lots of high-quality storage containers. From basement storage bins to kitchen storage tips and tricks, we gathered the best home storage solutions. And yes, there are even ways to squeeze more storage out of small spaces—so apartment dwellers, we’ve got you covered.

Keter Westwood Gallon Resin Large Deck Box Ecomm Via via merchant

Outdoor Storage Containers

150-Gallon Deck Box

Keter Westwood Gallon Resin Large Deck Box Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

A quality outdoor storage box is ideal for patio, garden, grill and pool essentials. This outdoor storage deck box is a prime choice, thanks to its spacious 150-gallon storage capacity. Plus, style isn’t an afterthought with this box—its natural wood-paneled finish makes it feel as much a piece of outdoor decor as a storage unit. It also doubles as a bench, accommodating two adults on its sturdy top.

Sterilite Footlocker Plastic Sachet Ecomm Via via merchant

23-Gallon Footlocker

A garage isn’t complete without hardware storage containers for your workshop. This Sterilite Footlocker keeps power tools, holiday decorations, cables and any large garage essentials secure within its sturdy walls. It’s guaranteed to keep items safe from water damage, and the handles and smooth rolling wheels make it nearly effortless to transport.

Rubbermaid Large Stackable Storage Containers via merchant

Garage Storage Containers

18-Gallon Storage Containers

When it comes to organizing your garage, opt for large clear bins that hold bulky items like camping gear and various outdoor and gardening essentials. These 18-gallon clear bins get the job done, and they’re stackable. You can surely use them in your basement or closet, too.

Akro Mils 44 Drawer Plastic Parts Craft Cabinet Ecomm Via Amazon via merchant

44-Drawer Cabinet

Treat your inner DIYer to this top-rated hardware organization system. Available in difference sizes, you can get as little as 16 drawers and up to 64. Each compartment is perfectly compact for storing nails, screws, cables, toys and craft supplies. You’ll thank yourself for picking up this genius organizer every time you go hunting around the house for hardware.

Citylife 10 Pack Small Storage Bins Plastic Ecomm Via via merchant

10-Count Stackable Containers

The key to organizing your home is ensuring every toy, knickknack and loose item has a home, and these stackable storage containers do just that and more. Though they’re ideal for the garage, you can use them just about anywhere, including the office or for organizing small items in closets. Their 1.3-quart capacity works for storing cables, light bulbs, gift wrapping gear and even office supplies. Choose from a set of three, four, six or 10.

Iris Usa Holiday Craft Storage Ecomm Via Walmart via merchant

Gift Wrap Storage Box

It’s time to consolidate all of your holiday and birthday wrapping gear in one place with this gift wrap storage box. It comes with an organizer tray for scissors and tape while an internal divider keeps ribbon accessible. This set comes with three small storage boxes that stack on top of each other.

Mdesign Tall Gift Wrapping Paper Storage Box Handles Ecomm Via Walmart via merchant

Tall Wrapping Paper Box

Now that you have a storage box for decorating presents, add this wrapping paper box to the mix. It’s tall enough to conceal rolls of wrapping paper with the included lid while the attached handles make it easy to carry throughout your home.

Storageworks Decorative Storage Bins Ecomm Via via merchant

Closet Storage Containers

Canvas Bins with Handles

The most organized closets feature an assortment of bins and baskets, each a different size for holding the biggest or tiniest gear. These canvas fabric bins fit the bill for medium-, large- and jumbo-sized closet storage. The faux-leather handles add detail to otherwise plain bins while a card holder on the side makes it easy to keep tabs on the items inside each container.

Skywin Plastic Stackable Storage Bins Ecomm Via Amazon via merchant

Stackable Storage Bins

These plastic stackable storage bins are ideal for the garage or utility closet, because they organize toys and outdoor gear while keeping everything visible. Each bin is 14.5 inches long and 7 inches tall. Pro tip: Organize items by category using label stickers. It’s one of many clever storage solutions for items that are always in the way.

Areyzin Plastic Storage Baskets Ecomm Via Amazon via merchant

Storage Containers with Lids

For small around-the-house essentials, these plastic storage containers keep them neatly tucked away in the closet. This set comes with six containers that easily stack on top of each other while the handles make them accessible. Store anything from linens to toys to cables and cleaning supplies.

Rosecliff+3+piece+wicker+basket+set Ecomm Via via merchant

Three-Count Wicker Baskets

Compact, yet incredibly functional, this three-pack of wicker baskets comes in assorted sizes for organizing linens, extra bathroom supplies, toys, books—the options are endless. They’re decorative enough to put on display, too, making them one of the best storage containers for keeping closet shelves tidy without sacrificing design.

Storageworks Closet Storage Bins Fabric Ecomm Via via merchant

Open-Faced Storage Bins

For when you need a closet bin that keeps items visible and within reach, these open-faced closet storage bins are the solution. This set comes with three bins with handles on the front and sides. They elevate and organize closet shelves without making it cumbersome to access their containments, which is a win-win.

Large Storage Bags 4 Pack Clothes Ecomm Via Amazon via merchant

Clothing Storage Bins

Pack out-of-season clothing and extra bedding or linens in this four-pack of closet storage bags. They keep extra bedding organized, as well as toys and pretty much anything that isn’t easily tucked away. Plus, they double as one of the best moving essentials for keeping clothes and linens away from dirt and water.

Shoe Storage Boxes via merchant

Shoe Storage Boxes

This shoe organization system comes with 12 clear boxes that are just the right size for storing sneakers, heels, sandals—you name it. Each box contains large ventilation holes, too, so the containers don’t become smelly. Plus, they stack on top of each other, maximizing closet floor space. The medium boxes fit shoes up to a men’s size 9 and a women’s size 10, and the large boxes fit up to a men’s size 11 and a women’s size 12.

Madesmart 2 Tier Organizer Multi Purpose Baskets Ecomm Via Amazon via merchant

Bathroom Storage Containers

Two-Tier Organizer

Maximize vertical cabinet space with this sliding two-tier storage container. Large bottles fit in the top compartment while small essentials and linens fit neatly in the bottom bin. Store anything from medicine to skincare, hair care, cleaning supplies and extra linens in this streamlined container—and buy an extra to organize supplies under the kitchen sink.

First Aid Container via merchant

First Aid Container

This first aid container ensures that all your over-the-counter medicine and Band-Aids stay in one place. It’s portable in case of emergency, and shoppers love that it keeps everything together for the whole family to easily access.

Handwoven Rattan Basket via merchant

Handwoven Rattan Basket

This handwoven wicker basket is about to be your new favorite bathroom storage bin and decoration all in one. It keeps extra towels neatly rolled up or even conceals toilet paper rolls. You’ll want one for every corner of your home.

4 Pack Qtip Holder Dispenser Ecomm Via via merchant

Apothecary Jars

Cotton swabs, cotton balls and even floss picks finally have a home, thanks to this four-pack of apothecary jars with bamboo lids. They sit neatly on the bathroom counter to keep all your bathroom essentials within reach. We love these because they blend into a variety of existing decor trends—from your bathroom shelf to your bedroom vanity, these jars look great and keep you organized.

Storage Carousel

Featuring the ease of a lazy Susan with the ability to maximize vertical space, this bathroom storage carousel has multiple tiers for organizing makeup and toiletries. Place it on the counter or under the sink. You’ll thank yourself later.

Mdesign Deep Plastic Bathroom Storage Bin Box Ecomm Via Amazon via merchant

Deep Storage Bins

The best storage containers are deep enough to hold essentials and stack to take advantage of vertical cabinet space. These bathroom storage bins fit the bill and feature lids to easily sit on top of each other. The handles make it simple to pull out each bin, and the extra-deep storage space is perfect for organizing bottles, hair tools, wipes and cleaning supplies.

Stori 6 Piece Stackable Clear Drawer Organizer Ecomm Via Amazon via merchant

Stackable Drawer Organizers

Organize bathroom drawers with this six-piece set of clear dividers. Even if you have your organization system down pat, these storage containers add extra oomph and stack on top one another. You’ll never go back to your old organizing ways after using these handy drawer organizers.

Niubee Hair Tool Organizer Black Organizer Ecomm Via via merchant

Countertop Caddy

With compartments for storing hot tools and a tray for keeping toiletries in one spot, this countertop caddy does it all—and then some. It features three cylinder cups for hair tools and a tray for toiletries. Or, skip the toiletries and use the extra compartment to conceal a power strip. It’s ideal for small-home dwellers who lack extra drawer or cabinet space—or anyone who needs a better countertop organization system.

Over The Toilet Storage Bathroom Organizer Ecomm Via via merchant

Over-the-Toilet Rack

You won’t need to do any drilling or complicated assembly for this over-the-toilet rack. It stores extra toilet paper, fragrance spray or toiletries. As a best bathroom organizer, shoppers love that it adds storage to unlikely areas (aka the toilet), and doubles as decoration when paired with a plant or candle on top. It’s one of many simple storage solutions for small spaces.

Adhesive Shower Caddy via merchant

Adhesive Shower Caddy

Your over-the-shower-head caddy is about to get an upgrade with these stainless steel shower shelves. They come with extra-strength adhesive strips to keep them secure on the shower wall—even when carrying heavy shampoo bottles. Four moveable hooks line the sides for hanging loofahs or razors. Plus, the shelves are rust proof, so you’ll get years of use out of them.

Goodpick Large Cotton Rope Basket Ecomm Via via merchant

Bedroom Storage Containers

Cotton Rope Basket

Baskets double as genius and decorative storage containers for just about any room, and this large rope basket is ideal for keeping blankets, pillows and toys tidy yet within reach. The detailed sewing, sturdy construction and neutral color has earned it over 11,400 five-star ratings on Amazon.

Foldable+fabric+bin+set Ecomm Via via merchant

Fabric Bins with Clear Cutouts

These fabric bins are stackable and feature clear cutouts to see what’s inside. Organize clothing or extra linens in these versatile boxes or use them to store items in open-compartment furniture, like console tables or bookshelves.

Zober Underbed Storage Bag Organizer Ecomm Via via merchant

Under-Bed Storage Bags

If your bedroom closet lacks storage space, try these under-bed storage bags for packing away out-of-season clothing, extra bedding and linens. They keep belongings dust-free and are easy to slide out from under the bed. At 6 inches tall, they’ll fit under most bed frames, but play it safe by measuring yours first. This pack comes with two storage bags.

Kareem+upholstered+flip+top+storage+bench Ecomm Via via merchant

Storage Bench

This tufted storage bench from Wayfair adds decor and storage to the edge of your bed. The flip-top opening keeps essentials accessible, yet concealed. Though it’s perfect for storing extra bedding or blankets, you can quite literally throw anything in here—it keeps all of your bedroom items organized.

Hoonex Large Foldable Storage Bins Ecomm Via Amazon via merchant

Linen Storage Bins

For closet shelves that need some TLC, try these linen storage bins. Whether you’re organizing kids’ toys, sweatshirts, hats or random gadgets that always end up in the bedroom, these bins come to the rescue.

Three Drawer Storage Chest via merchant

Three-Drawer Storage Chest

For sturdy, yet stackable, storage needs, this three-drawer chest is the answer. It’s like a dresser, but not nearly as heavy or large, and it features three fabric containers for storing clothing and accessories. Use it as a vertical storage hack in the closet or keep it on display—the choice is yours.

Clear Pantry Organizer Bins Ecomm Via via merchant

Kitchen Storage Containers

Pantry Bins

This four-pack of clear pantry bins instantly frees up clutter—and makes it easy to grab items without jostling others. The open front keeps pantry items accessible while the stackable design ensures you get the most out of any size pantry.

Hoojo Refrigerator Organizer Bins Ecomm Via via merchant

Refrigerator Bins

Along with pantry organizers, it’s also smart to invest in the best storage containers for the refrigerator. These clear, plastic refrigerator bins keep any and all food items organized, including greens, veggies, fruit, canned drinks and condiments. The pack of eight is ideal for maximum storage, but the bins also come in smaller quantities.

Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Containers via merchant

Food Storage Containers

Take this as your sign to organize dry goods and pantry essentials. This 10-piece set of food storage containers from Rubbermaid comes with airtight lids and assorted sizes for storing cereal, noodles, flour, sugar and coffee beans. Their clear color makes it easy to see when items need restocking, too. A set of pantry storage containers is one of many kitchen organizing ideas that will save your sanity. Pro tip: Add label stickers to each container to make it extra clear what’s inside.

Mdesign Plastic Stackable Tea Bag Organizer Ecomm Via via merchant

Tea Bag Organizer

Featuring four rows for storing tea (and sugar packets), this tea bag organizer keeps your favorite flavors in an easily accessible bin. Pull it out when entertaining or keep it on a nearby shelf for everyday use. This is a smarter alternative to keeping tea in the box it came in, as those boxes can quickly clutter valuable kitchen real estate.

Luxear Fresh Container 3 Pack Produce Saver Ecomm Via Amazon via merchant

Produce Storage Containers

An all-in-one system for washing and storing produce, these fruit and veggie savers feature ventilated holders inside each plastic bin that release moisture and keep food fresher for longer. The removable colander makes it almost effortless to rinse and store produce while the adjustable air vent on the lid regulates air flow.

Stackable Plastic Organizer Drawers via merchant

Stackable Plastic Drawers

The best storage containers for under the kitchen sink are ones that maximize deep or vertical space, like these stackable drawers. These particular ones are 4.5 inches high, however, you can opt for ones that 6.5 inches high—or one of each size to personalize your storage.

Wire Baskets For Organizing Household Pantry Baskets Ecomm Via Amazon via merchant

Wire Baskets

If clear, plastic storage containers aren’t your thing, try these wire baskets for organizing kitchen and pantry essentials. It’s easy to tell which basket contains what, and the four-pack set ensures every soup can, pre-packaged snack and dry good has a home.

Youcopia Upspace Water Bottle Organizer Ecomm Via Amazon via merchant

Water Bottle Organizer

This genius water bottle organizer is one of the best storage containers for the kitchen cabinet, thanks to its two-shelf design that neatly holds reusable drink cups. The height is adjustable and the non-slip shelf ensures water bottles don’t fall off. And if you have several water bottles that need organizing, this shelf comes in four size options. It’s yet another concealed kitchen storage hack that makes life easier.

Idesign Plastic Beverage Fridge Organizer Ecomm Via via merchant

Beverage Storage Container

Free up refrigerator door space with this plastic beverage dispenser. It fits eight regular-sized beverage cans and comes with a lid, so you can stack other fridge items on tops of it. With over 6,100 five-star Amazon ratings, it’s a more long-term solution to storage than that cardboard soda can box in the fridge—and it makes it easy for guests to access drinks, too.

Rubbermaid Brilliance Glass Storage Containers Ecomm Via Amazon via merchant

Glass Storage Containers

Your collection of the best storage containers isn’t complete without these Rubbermaid glass storage containers. Their airtight and leakproof seal keeps leftovers and pre-made lunches fresh. This set comes with eight assorted container sizes, and the glass construction makes it easy to reheat food without transferring it to another plate or bowl.

25 Lb Food Storage Container Ecomm Via Wayfair via merchant

25-Pound Pet Food Container

Whether you keep pet food or paper products in this deep storage container, you’ll be happy to have it on hand, thanks to wheels that make it easy to transport. Wayfair shoppers love that it keeps food fresh and makes it easier to scoop their pet’s food. Short on kitchen or pantry space? Store it in the garage instead.

Birdrock Home Seagrass Rolling File Cabinet Ecomm Via Amazon via merchant

Office/Living Room Storage Containers

Rolling File Box

Disguise your files in an aesthetically pleasing handwoven seagrass box. This attractive file box holds both letter- and legal-sized hanging files in a hinged bin. Place in the corner with a blanket or other light piece of decor situated neatly on top when not in use, and use the wheels for convenient mobility when you need to access files. It’s a genius office storage idea that’s functional and stylish.

Mdesign Plastic Stackable Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Ecomm Via Amazon via merchant

Stackable Drawer Organizers

Keep notepads, pens, pencils and scissors organized inside these stackable plastic drawers. They’re shallow, yet wide enough for storing office essentials that often clutter your desk space. Choose the quantity and size of drawers for your best office storage solution yet.

Ottoman Wide Velvet Round Storage Ecomm Via via merchant

Round Ottoman with Storage

File this under sneaky, yet smart, storage. This round, velvet storage ottoman doubles as a storage system and coffee or side table. At 25.5 inches wide, it can hide larger items like books, shoes, blankets or office materials. Most importantly, it conceals items that tend to hang around the house for long periods of time because they have nowhere else to go.

Rustica+3+piece+fabric+basket+set Ecomm Via Wayfair via merchant

Fabric Baskets

The best storage containers double as decor, like this three-piece fabric basket set. It comes with three assorted sizes for storing blankets, shoes, toys and books. Available in six colors, these baskets are aesthetic enough to leave on display and functional enough to tuck away in the corner of a closet.

Fabric Bin Herringbone Ecomm Via Lowes via merchant

Fabric Bin

This fabric bin is for any and all office essentials and living room clutter—it fits on book shelves or inside storage compartments. Though you can use it in any area of the home, we like it for organizing paper materials and writing utensils to keep desk spaces tidy and organized.

Utility+fabric+basket Ecomm Via via merchant

Rope Basket

This wide rope basket offers extra storage for loose items like blankets, pillows or books. It’s available in several colors and holds up to 25 pounds of essentials. Put it on display in the living room or office, or on top of closet shelves.

25 Pieces Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers Set Ecomm Via Amazon via merchant

25-Piece Drawer Organizers

Get any desk, bathroom, dresser or junk drawer in order with this 25-piece set of drawer organizers. With assorted sizes for even the tiniest items, they ensure no drawer goes unorganized. This set comes with three large, six medium, eight small and eight extra-small containers.

Amazon Basics Plastic Desk Organizer Ecomm Via via merchant

Magazine and File Rack

Tuck notebooks, files and, of course, magazines away on your desk with this two-pack of magazine racks. It’s a no-brainer for under- and above-desk storage.

Breyonce Wide Ottoman Ecomm Via via merchant

Faux-Leather Ottoman

If you’re in need of a small, yet functional, storage solution, consider this faux-leather ottoman. It’s compact and holds any items that may be lying around the office or living room while doubling as a footrest. Hide anything you don’t want on display in this smart storage container.

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How We Found the Best Storage Containers

For this list, we considered organizational needs for every space in your home, from the kitchen to the patio. In addition to considering which rooms in the house often need organizing most, we also considered the price point, value, functionality, rating and overall look of each product to ensure that they deliver the best storage solutions for your home.


What are some steps you should take in your home before purchasing storage containers?

“Declutter and purge first. Get rid of items you have not used in more than six months,” says Egbers. “Doing this first can help you determine how much storage space you actually need and prevent you from buying containers that are unnecessary.”

What containers are best for long-term storage?

For long-term storage look for plastic buckets, glass, vacuum-sealed bags or anything with air-tight storage. You’ll want a durable material that will keep the items inside protected.

What is the best solution for small spaces when picking out storage containers?

Egbers says to maximize every available square inch when organizing small spaces. A helpful tip is to look for stackable options so that you can utilize the space from top to bottom. If your home is limited on space make sure to declutter often and only store what’s necessary.