Your Comprehensive Moving Essentials Checklist for Smooth Moves

Updated: Apr. 05, 2024

Whether you’re moving solo or hiring professionals, check out these moving essentials before you start packing.

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350 Home Moving Labels For 2 Bedroom House Ecomm Amazon.comVIA MERCHANT

Moving can be time consuming and stressful. Before the big day, check out these moving essentials — beyond boxes and bubble wrap — to ensure a smooth transition from your old digs to the new. 

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3m High Strength Small Hole Repair Ecomm
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3M Paint Patch Up Tool

Make sure you get back every penny of that security deposit with this best-selling 3M small hole repair applicator. This all-in-one home improvement tool acts as a primer, spackle, putty knife and sander.

We tapped a Family Handyman editor who recently moved to test it. Much to their delight, the tool took less than five minutes to use, completely covering up holes left from hanging pictures. It’s one of the best moving essentials to keep your place looking good as new before you leave. 

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Alexhome Moving Bags Heavy Duty Ecomm
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Reusable Moving Totes

Instead of packing clothes, bedding and pillows in boxes, try this pack of five reusable moving totes. With a load capacity of 60 pounds, these are built for heavy duty use, and feature a waterproof exterior that keeps belongings safe from weather.

The best part of all? Backpack straps on the bottom let you carry the whole load in comfort. Plus, they can be used after the move to store clothes. For another alternative for your clothes, these space saver vacuum bags will come in handy.

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350 Home Moving Labels For 2 Bedroom House Ecomm

Moving Labels

Nothing’s worse than packing away items and having no idea what’s in each box until tearing into it. Which is why we love these color-coded moving labels with categories for the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, storage and even marking fragile items.

Not only are they cute, but these easy to use, pre-made labels save you the trouble of writing on the boxes.  

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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Durable Cleaning Pads With Durafoam Ecomm
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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Don’t overlook this simple yet effective moving essential. A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser goes a long way when sprucing up random scratches on walls and baseboards and freshening up appliances. That’s extra important for apartment dwellers who need their security deposit back.

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Wen 72 Inch By 40 Inch Heavy Duty Padded Moving Blankets Ecomm
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Moving Blankets

Moving furniture is a feat of its own. These padded moving blankets should help prevent that couch or table from getting scratched (or worse, broken) in the move.

This six-pack of polyester moving blankets, all 72- x 40-in., cover furniture, artwork, appliances and electronics. They’re the next best thing to having movers on hand. And they’re machine washable, so you can use them for years to come.  

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Milwaukee 1,000 Lb. Capacity Furniture Dolly Ecomm
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Save time carrying boxes or furniture in and out of your place with a dolly. The four-wheel design makes it a best-seller on The Home Depot web site, holding up to 1,000 pounds. Use it for your upcoming move and save it for future projects around the house. 

One reviewer writes: “This little workhorse was amazing to move things from one storage unit over a driveway to second storage unit. I left one under each of my heavy filing cabinets so it was easy to move around inside the storage unit. These little wonders could be used for so many jobs around the house and workplace.” 

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Here are more of our top picks for furniture-moving dollies that get heavy jobs done.

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Pratt Retail Specialties 20 In. X 1000 Ft. Stretch Wrap Ecomm
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Stretch Wrap

Moving tricky items like dressers, side tables, or anything with drawers is a hassle. Stretch wrap is a simple yet effective way to protect awkwardly-shaped items. Simply stretch it over items that require an extra layer of protection — typically furniture — and you’re good to go! Before ou move ahead, find out if you should tip for furniture delivery.

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Magicbag Original Flat Instant Space Saver Storage Ecomm
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Vacuum Bags

Pack, vacuum and seal everything from clothing to bedding and pillows away with space-saving vacuum storage bags. They keep belongings airtight and protected from water, dirt, insects and mildew — extra important for items going into storage. You’ll be amazed at how much space you save after vacuuming all the air out of these genius moving essentials. 

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China Dinnerware Storage Containers Set Ecomm
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Dinnerware Storage Set

Instead of wrapping each individual plate or bowl in bubble wrap and throwing it in a box, try this dinnerware storage set. The containers are made from fabric and cardboard for sturdy yet functional traveling and include separators for glasses and mugs. Find out if bubble wrap is recyclable.

Though it’s probably still wise to use bubble wrap in between plates and bowls, these fabric containers cut down on packing time and can be used for more than one move. 

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Stanley 1 In. X 12 Ft. 1500 Lbs. Break Strength Ratchet Straps Ecomm
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Ratchet straps

If you’re moving furniture on your own, these ratchet straps are for you. The 12-ft.-long adjustable straps feature an S-shaped hook, offering durable strength you can trust when securing heavy items (up to 500 pounds) on a truck, trailer or vehicle rack system. 

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Pen+gear Universal Mattress Bag Ecomm
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Mattress Bag

Protect mattresses from water, dirt and dust with this mattress bag. This moving essential fits mattresses from twin to California king. Just slide it over your mattress and secure the ends with tape.  

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Anvil 16 Oz. Black Head Rubber Mallet Ecomm
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Another simple yet incredibly useful moving essential, a mallet is a handy tool for breaking down and rebuilding furniture that can’t move in one piece, like bed frames or some desks. Your inner DIYer will thank you for having this handy on moving day and beyond.  

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100 Cushion Foam Pouches And Sheets Ecomm
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Foam Pouches and Sheets

Save a roll or two of bubble wrap by opting for these cushion foam pouches and sheets when packing decorations, dishes and items made from glass or ceramic. A must-have moving essential for keeping items safe, the set comes with 60 foam pouches and 40 foam sheets.

Amazon reviewers love how much time they saved packing breakables with these foam sheets. The set also comes with fragile label stickers.   

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Pratt Retail Specialties Foam Corner Protectors Ecomm
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Foam corners

Protect corners on picture frames and mirrors with this four-pack of foam corners. Each is non-adhesive, so it’ll protect precious cargo without leaving residue. We recommend pairing these foam corners with other moving essentials like bubble wrap, stretch wrap or packing paper for optimal safety. 

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Alientape Nano Double Sided Tape Ecomm
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Alien Tape

File this under home improvement products all renters should have on hand. Unlike some double-sided tapes, Alien tape doesn’t use adhesive. Rather, it features a nano-grip technology that’s tough and durable. It holds up to 17 pounds on walls, tile and nearly every surface imaginable.

It’s reusable too. Just remove and rinse until you’re ready to use again. This will come in handy when it’s time to hang pictures, shelves and even outdoor signs after you move into your new home.  

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Stanley High Visibility Retractable Knife Ecomm
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Retractable Box Cutter

When it’s finally time to move into your new place, this retractable box cutter quickly slices into tape-sealed boxes. It offers a much cleaner cut compared to scissors. Plus, it doubles as an everyday home essential for unpacking online shopping orders.

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