These Shower Shelves Are the TikTok Viral Bathroom Upgrade Everyone Needs

Updated: Aug. 23, 2023

I've used these bathroom shower shelves for over a year and I'm obsessed. They're easy to install, and most importantly, maximize shower wall storage.

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I’m a sucker for TikTok viral storage ideas—especially when they’re hidden Amazon gems. At this point, I’ve bought almost all the storage containers that have gone viral on social media, and I’m always looking for the next best organizer for under the sink or above the toilet. Any small bathroom organization products, honestly. After seeing viral video after viral video on TikTok about the Kincmax shower caddy shelves, I caved in and bought them. It was right around the time I was moving into my new apartment, and I knew they would de-clutter my shower essentials.

With nearly 20,000 five-star Amazon ratings, these bathroom shower shelves’ live up to the hype with their sturdiness and space-saving qualities. Spoiler alert: I’m never going back to the traditional over-the-shower-head caddy again. Here’s everything you need to know about the TikTok viral bathroom shower shelves.

What Is the Kincmax Shower Caddy?

The Kincmax shower caddy is no ordinary bathroom organizer. These shower shelves won’t get gross thanks to their 100% stainless steel and rustproof construction, along with their open wire design, which is optimal for water drainage. Adhesive strips secure them on a variety of bathroom surfaces: tile, marble, glass—you name it. Plus, four hooks come with the shelves, which are perfect for hanging a razor or loofah.

Each shelf holds 15 pounds, so you can keep everything tidy, including larger than life shampoo and conditioner bottles. Shoppers love that they get more storage space out of these bathroom shower shelves compared to the traditional hanging shower caddy.

Why Is It Trending?

I know, I know—how can the internet be this obsessed with shower shelves? The combination of strong adhesive and sturdy construction are two reasons. Top it off with the little dose of luxury they add to any shower wall and you’ve got a TikTok viral gem that actually holds up. A great home improvement product for renters, they’re also removable.

The Kincmax shower shelves have been featured in several viral TikTok videos, each amassing 50-100K views and thousands of likes. Meanwhile, #ShowerTok (yes, it’s a thing) has amassed 3.9B views thanks to videos about shower products, organization and of course, the viral Kincmax shower caddy.


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How We Tested It

I’ve had these bathroom shower shelves for over a year now, so trust me when I say they’ve gone through thorough testing. I even transferred them from one apartment to another (more on that later).

Installing the Kincmax Shower Caddy

Upon unboxing my bathroom shower shelves, I was immediately impressed with how sturdy they looked and felt. I ordered the matte black shelves, but they also come in a polished silver finish. As expected, they came with two adhesive strips (one for each shelf) with hooks for securing the caddy shelves in place. Per the instructions, I sprayed my shower wall with cleaning solution, rinsed it with water and dried it with a cloth.

I wanted the shelves vertically “stacked” on top of each other, just like in the TikTok videos. Starting at one end, I stuck one adhesive strip to the wall, smoothing it out as I went. For the second strip, I measured about three to four inches above the first one to allow enough space for bottles and other shower supplies. Then I applied the second adhesive strip, repeating the smoothing process. I hooked the shelves into the prongs on the adhesive strips and voila! My TikTok viral bathroom shower shelves were all set.

The instructions recommend waiting a full 24 hours before placing shower products on the shelves. But because I’m impatient, I only waited an hour before organizing my shampoo and conditioner bottles, scrubs and body wash. This method was successful for me both times I installed them. However, I recommend following the instructions just to be safe.

Testing the Kincmax Shower Caddy

When it was time to put the shelves to use, I found that, not only do they hold every single one of my shower products, I was able to get all that storage out of just one shelf. I lived with my sister in the first place that I installed the shelves, so we each got our own tier. Now that we’ve upgraded to a bigger apartment with two bathrooms, I don’t even fill the shelves to the brim with my products—there’s that much room. My sister loved them so much she had to order them for her new bathroom, too.

The bathroom shower shelves didn’t budge once installed in either apartment, and the adhesive strip never showed signs of pulling away from the wall. Just like the product says, the shelves are 100% rustproof. They still look as good as they did on day one.

However, when I was packing up to move to my new apartment, the adhesive strips were more difficult to remove than I would’ve liked. I used a dough scraper to pull up each end and lots of elbow grease to peel them off (it took about 20 minutes). But once they were off, there were no signs of damage or residue. The Amazon listing for the shelves says to use a hair dryer to loosen the adhesive from the wall—I didn’t try this method, but some reviewers found that option more successful.

Product Features

The Kincmax shower caddy arrives with two shelves in your choice of matte black or polished silver. Each shelf comes with its own adhesive strip. You’ll also receive instructions to guide you through the installation process, which is a breeze. I love that you can choose how you want the shelves mounted: Vertically, horizontally or in a zig-zag stacked design.


  • Comes with two shelves
  • 100% rustproof stainless steel
  • Each shelf holds up to 15 pounds
  • Includes four movable hooks to hang a loofah or razor
  • Wall mounted
  • Easy to install
  • Reusable
  • Traceless adhesive
  • No drilling
  • Sticks on a variety of shower wall types
  • Available in two finishes


  • Adhesive strips are hard to remove
  • Have to buy new adhesive strips when moving the shelves
  • Requires a smooth, unpainted surface


How do you remove the adhesive strips?

Unfortunately, there’s no tried and true removal process. Some reviewers say they’re not meant to be removed, others recommend using a hair dryer to loosen the adhesive as shown in the Amazon listing, but I found that I could get the adhesive strips off with 20 minutes and some elbow grease. I used a dough scraper to peel up the edges. Once one edge was up, I used both hands to peel it off, pulling my body along with it until all of it was off. Luckily, the adhesive didn’t leave a residue. If you do find a sticky residue, a generous dose of Goo Gone goes a long way.

Where can I get more adhesive strips?

When I moved to my new apartment, I ordered new Kincmax adhesive strips from Amazon, which go for $17 total. They were just as easy to install as the original because they come from the same brand as the shelves.

What Other Shoppers Had to Say

With over 21,000 total ratings, the viral bathroom shower shelves have garnered lots of praise:

“Especially for this price, this is THE best shower caddy my husband and I have had to date!” writes verified Amazon reviewer, Jaclyn. “The package comes with two of them. It’s very easy to install and quick. The directions say to wait 24 hours to utilize them, which we did. So if you do put things in them beforehand, I’m not entirely sure how strong it will hold. We have about six bottles in each and it’s holding well—incredibly sturdy.”

Verified Amazon reviewer, Bethany, adds, “I had my doubts about how these would work in my shower. I have large tiles and I was afraid that the grout lines would cause them not to stick as well. I was wrong, these have been up in my shower for a few months now and have not budged. I have the largest size shampoo and conditioner on one shelf with press dispensers on them. I also have kids who don’t realize that doing something gently is an option. The adhesives have not shown any movement or lift. Very sturdy product.”

Final Verdict

I’m 15 months into testing the Kincmax shower caddy, and I’m never going back to the traditional hanging shower caddy. Unlike some wall mounted bathroom shower shelves, the Kincmax shower caddy offers extra deep shelves. They hold a few large bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash, as well as smaller items. Simply put, nothing is fall out of these bad boys.

Where to Buy

Kincmax Shower Caddy Bathroom Shelfvia merchant

Take a note from the (TikTok) pros and head to Amazon add the Kincmax shower caddy to your bathroom storage arsenal. At $34, you get incredible value thanks to their reusable design.

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