Top-Picks for Over-the-Toilet Storage & Shelves To Utilize Bathroom Space More Efficiently

Updated: Mar. 28, 2024

Get ready to add valuable bathroom storage space in a spot you might have overlooked—above the toilet!

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When it comes to interior design, every inch of space counts, especially in smaller areas like bathrooms. Between towels, toiletries and toilet paper—finding spots for all your stuff can be challenging. One practical organizational solution: above toilet storage units. These nifty fixtures make use of the often-neglected vertical space above your toilet. Available in various types of designs, these practical pieces not only contain your clutter, but also add a stylish element to the space. From space-saving organizers to renter-friendly options, we found the best options on the market for every taste and need.

“The area above a toilet is a great opportunity for both storage and styling,” says Natanya Gidoomal, owner of Willow & Rest Home and Design. “I love shelving for above the toilet. It can make for a very cute place for art, candles, baskets for toilet paper and other ‘unsightly’ items that are necessary for bathrooms. It’s also a great opportunity to make the bathroom a beautiful and stylish place, without having to make huge renovations to the room.”

Types of Above Toilet Storage

  • Wall-mounted cabinets: Mounted directly on the wall above the toilet, these units offer enclosed storage, protecting items from dust. Cabinet doors keep toiletries, towels and other bathroom essentials hidden out of view.
  • Freestanding cabinets: These storage solutions stand on their own like a bookcase and nest directly above the toilet. They are ideal for renters, or for those who prefer not to mount anything directly to the wall.
  • Floating shelves: Minimalist and versatile, floating shelves create a modern and open space for items like toiletries, candles or small decor pieces.
  • Ladder shelves: Leaning against the wall, ladder shelves provide a stylish and non-permanent option. They feature multiple tiers, often graduating in size, and are suitable for displaying towels, plants or skincare.
  • Metal or wire racks: Sturdy and practical, metal or wire racks are both functional and decorative. They often come with multiple bars for storing towels or other toiletries.
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Two-Tier Toilet Rack

The best part of this bathroom storage over toilet solution is that it requires zero tools to install. This top-selling Amazon toilet rack instantly adds vertical space and expands upon your medicine cabinet. Store everything from toilet paper rolls to facial tissues and body lotion above the toilet thanks to this genius rack. Plus, it comes with adhesive strips to hold it in place, so it won’t come toppling down. Choose from a one-tier or two-tier size. Have you heard about bamboo toilet paper?

With more than 3,000 five-star ratings, this over-toilet rack is widely loved. “This absolutely gave me the additional space I needed in my tiny bathroom,” shares Ally, a verified Amazon reviewer. “It’s sturdy and easy to put together.”

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Floating Shelves

Not only are floating shelves easy to install, they’re a lightweight bathroom storage solution that instantly transforms unused space above the toilet. With more than 7,600 five-star ratings, these floating shelves are an Amazon favorite. Each shelf holds an impressive 20 pounds, while the guard rail design keeps essentials from falling. The bottom shelf even includes a towel rack.

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Above the Toilet Storage Cabinet

An Amazon bestseller, this two-door cabinet earns high marks from shoppers for easy installation and adding precious storage real estate above the toilet. Available in two colors, the cabinet doors conceal items you don’t want to put on display while the bottom shelf is perfect for storing decorative pieces like a candle, room spray and even a small plant. If you’re not blessed with under the sink bathroom storage, look no further than this genius above the toilet storage cabinet.

Verified Amazon reviewer, Kevin, writes, “I scoured the internet trying to find a cabinet that was easy to assemble, had good reviews and was under $100. I landed on this one for our white cabinets (I ordered 2). This cabinet was significantly easier to assemble, with clear concise instructions; it looks fabulous and it has great storage.”

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Sorbus Towel Rack Holder Set Ecomm Via
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Towel Rack

File this under genius small bathroom storage organization products. This set of two towel rack holders adds valuable towel storage anywhere in the bathroom, not just over the toilet, and comes with mounting hardware. Simply screw into the wall to secure the towel rack. It’s a DIY-friendly storage solution that doubles as a wine rack in the kitchen, too.

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Deco Curve Metal Wall Shelves
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Curved Metal Bathroom Wall Shelf

There’s a reason bathroom storage over toilet racks are a bathroom storage hack—they don’t take up any precious floor space. This chic shelf unit features a slim rod around the shelf edges so nothing falls off into the toilet, as well as a rod to hang towels. It’s easy to fit in a small space, doubles as modern decor and comes in four finishes.

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Standing Shelf

Bathroom storage over the toilet solutions that stand on their own like a bookcase are ideal for DIYers who prefer not to mount anything on the wall. This standing over the toilet storage cabinet is sleek and adds the most vertical space above the toilet. Though assembly will take more time with this option, you’ll enjoy tons of added storage space thanks to the two hidden shelves and one open shelf.

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Industrial Bathroom Shelves

A sturdy, industrial-chic bathroom storage over toilet solution, this two-tier bathroom shelf is perfect for holding toiletries and spare towels. The open structure makes it easy to access or display items, and it also includes a towel rack for hanging linens.

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Three-Tier Standing Shelf

The open design of this three-tier standing shelf requires minimal installation, and it instantly transforms space above the toilet into a convenient home for towels and toiletries. Each shelf is wide enough to hold stacks of towels and bathroom essentials that would otherwise become cluttered on the vanity counter. It’s a convenient storage solution for other parts of the home, too.

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Four-Tier Space Saving Shelf

You can pick up this space-saving shelving unit for about $60 or less. Not bad when you consider it has four roomy shelves! The no-fuss design will appeal to anyone looking for an affordable option that simply gets the job done. (Who doesn’t love a wallet-friendly bathroom update?) Reviewers are impressed with the easy assembly but added one warning: Measure carefully to be sure your toilet lid won’t get in the way of the lowest shelf.

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Bamboo Bathroom Shelf

There’s something about the bamboo construction of this above the toilet bathroom shelf that instantly transforms any space into a calming sanctuary. The three-tiered design offers plenty of storage for de-cluttering the vanity countertop and is easily adjustable. Choose from three bamboo colors.

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Two-Door Bathroom Cabinet

Another above the toilet bathroom cabinet idea, this two-door cabinet keeps toiletries within arm’s reach but concealed from guests thanks to one hidden shelf and one open shelf. Waterproof and erosion-resistant, it doubles as bathroom decor. Plus, the towel rack is a convenient add-on for even the smallest bathroom set ups.

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Is it safe to put shelves above the toilet?

Installing shelves above the toilet can be safe and practical if done correctly. Ensure secure installation by following manufacturer guidelines, using appropriate anchors and attaching to wall studs when possible. Be mindful of weight limits to prevent overloading, and opt for sturdy materials.

What is the best height for a shelf above a toilet?

The ideal height for a shelf above a toilet is typically between 24 to 36 inches above the tank. This range allows for easy access to your stuff without getting in the way of your bathroom business. Also think about who’s using the bathroom and adjust accordingly so no one hits their head!

What do you put on a bathroom shelf above a toilet?

Use the space however it suits you best. Practical items such as extra toilet paper, tissue boxes and towels can be stored for easy access. Add stylish containers or baskets to keep toiletries like soaps, shampoos and lotions tidy and out of view. Decorative items like potted plants, scented candles or small pieces of art can also add personality to the space.