Best Rated Medicine Cabinets with Mirrors That Are Sleek & Functional

Updated: Mar. 28, 2024

Our collection of the best medicine cabinets will help you store, organize and unclutter your bath or powder room.

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What to Consider When Buying a Medicine Cabinet

A cupboard that generally hangs over the bathroom sink or vanity, a medicine cabinet is not only a place to store pills and first-aid remedies. It can also help keep a bathroom tidy.

The first thing to consider before looking at medicine cabinets is whether or not it needs to or can be recessed in the wall. “If recessing the medicine cabinet, you will need about 5 inches of depth inside the wall,” says Leah Tuttleman, Interior Designer at Re-Bath. “The actual depth will depend on the specific model and manufacturer’s requirements.”

Medicine cabinets typically range from four to six inches in depth, so measure your space and read all of the measurements in the product’s description before purchasing. You’ll also want to make sure you have enough space for the door swing. Tuttleman also recommends choosing a medicine cabinet with adjustable shelves to accommodate different-sized items to be stored inside.

Important features and characteristics to consider when choosing a medicine cabinet include:

  • Style;
  • Size;
  • Storage capacity;
  • Type (recessed or wall-mounted);
  • Installation (professional or DIYable);
  • Cost.

Want to get a jump on your New Year’s resolution to unclutter the bathroom? Here’s our list of favorite medicine cabinets for 2023.

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Hemnes Mirrored Cabinet

Best Surface-Mounted Medicine Cabinet

The two-door Hemnes mirrored cabinet is one of IKEA’s most popular models, because it can be mounted directly to the wall (a two-person job) in a short time and with a couple of basic tools.

Made of solid painted pine in gray or white, the Hemnes adds lots of storage space to your bath or powder room. It features six adjustable shelves of extra heat- and impact-resistant tempered glass, and scores extra points for safety, too. A film on the back of the mirrors holds pieces in place should it break, reducing the risk of injury.

Step-by-step installation instructions are included.

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Pottery Barn Kensington Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Best Recessed Medicine Cabinet

A classic look that goes with virtually any bathroom décor, the Pottery Barn Kensington recessed medicine cabinet sets into the wall to create a sleek, almost flush profile. The aluminum door frame features a delicate beveled mirror, and the three adjustable tempered safety glass shelves resist breakage.

Hinged from the left or right side, it’s available in three sizes: regular (17-in. x 5-in. x 27-in.), extra-large (21-in. x 5-in. x 34-in.) and XX-large (20-in. x 4-1/2-in. x 42-in.). Choose from five timeless finishes: warm bronze, chrome, polished nickel, satin nickel or matte black (in large sizes only).

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Jensen Corner Frameless Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

Best Space-Saving Medicine Cabinet

We love things that fit snugly into corners — the most underused and wasted space in the home. The American-made Jensen corner frameless mirrored medicine cabinet is just such a product.

Constructed of a welded, rust-resistant steel body and two steel fixed (yet removable) shelves, the door can be set up to open from either side. It installs in minutes with just a level, drill, pencil, measuring tape and drywall saw.

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Epowp Medicine Cabinet Fills

Widest (And Most Loaded) Medicine Cabinet

Stretching 48 inches across, the EPOWP medicine cabinet offers a massive amount of reflecting and storing power. On top of that, it sports:

  • A three-color LED strip all around, with dimmer;
  • A defogger to keep the mirror clear, with auto shut-off;
  • Digital display clock;
  • Room temperature indicator.

This medicine cabinet has an aluminum frame and explosion-proof mirrors. It’s available in surface- or recessed-mount styles. If you enjoy a good selfie or just want to see every inch of yourself in the vanity, then the EPOWP is for you.

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Croydex Severn Frameless Stainless Steel Surface Mount Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Ecomm

Best Round Medicine Cabinet

To store your medications discreetly, opt for the Croydex Severn frameless stainless steel surface-mount bathroom medicine cabinet. The large, round mirror hides the medicine cabinet behind it, fooling even the nosiest neighbors! Easy enough to hang with a 90-degree pivot hinge, it comes with all the necessary hardware.

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Rebrilliant Eugene Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet

Best Horizontal Medicine Cabinet

You know that area above the sink but below your existing cabinet or mirror? The slim horizontal profile of the Rebrilliant Eugene surface-mount medicine cabinet may fit perfectly there. For a mirrored cabinet with a slender silhouette (8-3/4-in. x 36-1/4-in. x 4-1/4-in.), you’ll be surprised at all the things you can store behind the two sliding doors.

One Wayfair customer writes: “Love my medics cabinet! Works really well under my large mirror.”

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Bexley Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet Ecomm

Best Value Medicine Cabinet

A great cabinet for those on a tight budget, the crown-molded top and sides give the Bexley surface-mount medicine cabinet a cottage/farmhouse/coastal look. It costs less than $80 but offers many of the same features as cabinets twice its price.

Made of engineered wood with a crisp white finish, the metal latch keeps the door shut tight. It comes with adjustable shelves and the hardware needed to mount to your bathroom wall. Some assembly required.

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Kohler Verdera Mirrored Rectangle Medicine Cabinet Ecomm

Best Primp-Friendly Medicine Cabinet

Glossy and ultra-reflective, the Kohler Verdera mirrored rectangle medicine cabinet gets you ready for your closeup. It’s mirrored on the front and inside the door.

There’s even a vertically adjustable 3x magnifying mirror, which slides up and down the edge of the door, tipping forward or back. When you’re done, just fold the round magnifying mirror flush to the inside of the door and close.

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Jensen Hampton Locking Recessed Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

Best Lockable Medicine Cabinet

Need to keep little sticky fingers out of the medicine cabinet? The Jensen Hampton locking recessed mirrored medicine cabinet provides peace of mind by securing medications safely under lock and key.

The body of the cabinet is made of rust-resistant steel for toughness and a satin nickel-finished frame for beauty. The mirrored door, when shut, obscures the lock on the side of the cabinet. The door can be installed to open from the left or right. Two brass keys are included.

Other non-security-related features include a continuous piano hinge, three adjustable glass shelves and a magnetic soft close door.

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Cabidor Deluxe Mirror Cabinet

Best Door-Mounted Medicine Cabinet

Mounted to the door of your bathroom, the Cabidor Deluxe mirror cabinet quickly adds up to five times the storage capacity of traditional bathroom medicine cabinets. Concealed behind a finished cabinet with a full-length mirror, the Cabidor organizes everything from medications to beauty products to hairdryers and more.

The cabinet’s distinctive mounting design won’t damage doors — it installs using the existing hinges. An adapter door and wall mount kit can be installed on the non-hinged side of a door or wall. Brilliant!

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What is the best material for a medicine cabinet?

“Look for materials and finishes that are moisture-resistant,” says Tuttleman. “The bathroom, as we know, is a humid environment with daily moisture and temperature fluctuations.” You’ll most commonly find that medicine cabinets are made from stainless steel, aluminum, finished wood or mirrors. All will hold up well in a bathroom, just note that finished wood will most likely require a fresh coat of sealer over time.

What do people use instead of medicine cabinets?

Medicine cabinets aren’t as popular in bathrooms as they used to be. More often than not, you’ll find just a mirror above the sink in modern or updated homes. If you don’t have a medicine cabinet, shelves are a great option to store your toiletries. Tuttleman suggests adding baskets to your shelves to hide clutter and add some warmth and texture to the room. A lot of people also use cabinet or drawer organizers in their vanity to make the space more functional.

Are medicine cabinets a dying trend?

Tuttleman doesn’t think that medicine cabinets are going anywhere. “Medicine cabinets have evolved in design and functionality to suit more modern designs and styles,” she says. They’re a functional and cost-effective way to store personal items in the bathroom.