10 Things People Who Always Have a Clean Bathroom Have in Common

If cleaning the bathroom is one of your most-dreaded chores, here are 10 habits of people who have figured out how to keep their bathroom clean.

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Weekly cleaning schedule on paper
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A Weekly Cleaning Routine

Whether tackled in a single day or spread out over the course of the week, an always-clean bathroom is the result of a faithfully followed cleaning schedule. Weekly tasks include:

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The Monthly Deep-Cleaning

To sparkle on the regular, a bathroom needs deep cleaning, too. On a monthly basis:

Tackle an item or two on the monthly list as part of your weekly cleaning. That spreads out your deep cleaning over the course of the month, making it much less daunting.

Note: Always keep an eye out for signs that your showerhead needs cleaning and the grout or caulk need cleaning or replacement. When these tasks need to be done, add them to the monthly list.

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Sanitize Daily

The bathroom is a germy place, but a daily wipe down keeps high-touch areas sanitized and sparkling. Store a supply of cleaners under the bathroom sink to address messes as you see them. Every day, use a disinfecting spray or anti-bacterial wipe to clean:

  • Faucet handles;
  • Doorknobs;
  • Cabinet and drawer pulls;
  • Light switches;
  • Toilet seat and handle.

Tack these tasks onto the end of your bedtime routine and you’ll wake up to a shiny, germ-free bathroom.

Note: If you don’t have pets and/or small children, put a small amount of a sanitizing cleaner in your toilet-brush holder and keep it next to the toilet. Give your toilet a daily swish so cleaning it never becomes a big job.

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Prevent Bigger Cleaning Problems

To avoid grimy clogged drains, use a drain protector and check it as you step into the shower. It’s easier (and less gross) to clean out the trapped hair when it’s dry.

And speaking of moisture, it can wreak havoc in the bathroom by collecting on walls, the ceiling and even clean mirrors, leading to spots at best and mold or mildew at worst. Always turn on the bathroom fan while showering to minimize moisture buildup and all its negative side effects. If your bathroom doesn’t have a fan, use a squeegee or shower spray to keep shower doors and walls spotless.

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Make It Easy to Put Away Daily-Use Items

People with squeaky-clean bathrooms know a clutter-free bathroom is easier to clean. Store daily-use items like hair supplies, makeup and skincare products in easy-to-stash baskets or totes. Then tuck them away in a drawer or cabinet between uses to keep surfaces clear for easy wipe-ups.

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Maintain an Ample Supply of Clean Towels

A clean bathroom includes a stash of freshly-laundered linens. Roll hand towels and washcloths and place them in a basket for easy access for drying hands or wiping up splashes on counter tops and the mirror. Hang bath towels on hooks, so they dry out quickly and stay fresh between baths and showers. Keep an extra bath mat on hand for a quick spruce-up.

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Bathroom hamper
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Keep a Hamper in the Bathroom

Don’t leave dirty clothes, towels and washcloths strewn on the bathroom floor. That laundry is in your way when you’re trying to clean. If there is room, put a lidded hamper in your bathroom so it’s easy for everyone to keep all the laundry off the floor.

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Contain the Small Stuff

Corralling multiple tiny items into a single container makes a space so much easier to clean. In the bathroom, use a pretty dish to collect hair ties, safety pins and jewelry. Place assorted containers of daily-use items like perfume, lotions or makeup brushes on a ceramic tray. And don’t forget to clean the dish or tray frequently.

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Use a Waste Container With a Lid

A lidded waste container keeps trash out of sight, making your bathroom look cleaner and tidy. Consider a trash can with a foot opener for a sanitary way to discard items. Don’t forget to designate a separate container for recyclables so they don’t clutter up your clean bathroom counter.

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Make Sure It Smells Clean

A clean bathroom looks fresh and smells that way, too. Choose cleaning products with a light, clean scent. Or consider using an essential-oil diffuser or lighting a scented candle, as long as you’ll be around to keep an eye on it. Also, don’t forget to open the bathroom window (if it has one) whenever the weather permits, for fresh air — the cleanest scent of all.

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