10 Best Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas

Updated: Aug. 25, 2023

Whether you want to display multiple towels hanging on a rack or keep extra rolled up within reach, get inspired with these bathroom towel storage ideas.

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Purchase a Swivel Towel Bar

A swivel towel bar is a great storage solution that provides you immediate access to your towels. It’s especially nice for a bathroom that is frequented by more than one person, or for the person who likes to use more than one towel at a time. This towel bar features 180-degree rotation.

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Install a Pull Out Towel Bar

Pull Out towel racks are typically meant for kitchens, but they can also be great for storing towels out of sight, but within reach, in the bathroom. Plus, towels can dry out quicker when they’re hung up like this.

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Repurpose a Wine Rack

If you have an old wine rack you’d like to repurpose, or you want to purchase one and use it in a unique way, installing a shelving system meant for wine bottles is a great way to neatly store and display bathroom towels and other bathroom essentials.

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Use a Decorative Ladder

A rustic, metal or bamboo ladder can serve as both bathroom decor and storage for your towels. It’s a great way to keep your towels organized and within reach in a very laid back way. Here’s how to make a blanket ladder with dowels.

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Make a Wooden Crate Shelf

If you can’t find a shelving system you love online or at a store, a DIY version may be your best bet. You can keep it super-simple by making a shelf with wooden crates. These can be found at flea markets, antique stores, home centers and craft supply stores.

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Add a Shelf Above the Bathroom Door

If you want to store your extra towels as out of the way as possible, look no further than the empty space above the bathroom door.

Search for or make a shelf or cubby that fits the measurements of your space, and roll up extra towels you can grab when needed.

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Accent an Empty Corner with Style

If your bathroom is big enough that a corner of it could use a little decor on the floor to add warmth, consider purchasing a decorative basket. A simple design made of natural material will provide that spa-like feel.

This high-quality basket is made of handmade 100-percent cotton, and features a rope construction and stitched-in handles.

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DIY Boat Cleat Towel Storage Shelves

This towel storage shelf is a natty and nautical way to display your towels. It’s constructed of select pine boards and trimmed with dock rope cleats. The rope cleats add an interesting touch and serve the purpose of holding the towels neatly on the shelf.

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Decorate With a Modern Floor Rack

Another way you can utilize an empty corner in the bathroom is to use a modern and sleek floor towel rack. This brass option has clean lines and can hold three towels. It looks super chic while keeping extra towels handy.

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Use a Magazine Rack

Magazine racks can do more than just hold your bathroom reading material! You can simply roll up your towels and place them in a magazine rack for storage and yet keep them accessible. If your magazine rack hangs on the wall, place the towels inside and install it next to the shower so people can grab one and dry off easily. 

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