10 DIY Towel Rack Ideas for Your Spa Bathroom

Updated: Apr. 11, 2024

It's time to ditch that boring metal towel bar. Check out these uncommon DIY towel rack ideas.

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Accordion Towel Rack
courtesy farmhousewifey/instagram

Accordion Towel Rack

Accordion peg racks are available in new and vintage versions; keep your eyes peeled the next time you visit a thrift store. They’ve recently made a big comeback in trendy décor. Often they’re used for hats or coats in an entryway, but as shown here by @farmhousewifey, the accordion style hanger works perfectly as a bathroom towel rack.

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Farmhouse Diy Towel Rack
courtesy sunshine_valley_wv/instagram

Farmhouse DIY Towel Rack

This simple farmhouse style towel rack by @sunshine_valley_wv is a great project even for beginner DIYers.

To make your own, cut a wood board to size. (Any board will do, but in this case they used a 1×4 pine board.) Apply stain to the wood for a rustic look. Attach the hooks, then secure the board to the wall — preferably at stud locations — and you’re done!

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Scrap Wood Diy Towel Rack
courtesy homefullofjoy/instagram

Scrap Wood DIY Towel Rack

To make this DIY hand towel rack, @homefullofjoy got creative with some leftover scrap wood. Using wood glue, paint and nails, she created this cute ladder-style rack. The narrow design allows two towels to be displayed without taking up a lot of wall space. Who knew scrap wood had so much potential?

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Driftwood Diy Towel Rack
courtesy shemakes.art/instagram

Driftwood DIY Towel Rack

Here’s a towel rack you can make for free! A distinctive piece of driftwood scavenged from the beach and anchors is all you need to make this towel rack by @shemakes.art. The sculptural shape of the wood not only hold towels, but works as a beautiful piece of natural art.

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Ladder Towel Rack
courtesy kristinegraceinteriors/instagram

Ladder Towel Rack

The towel rack in this space by @kristinegraceinteriors is actually a blanket ladder she repurposed for towel storage. A leaning ladder adds a boho casual feel to your bathroom while functioning as a place to display and dry towels. Plus, it’s a great way to fit multiple towels in a small space, instead of a wide wall-mounted bar or multiple hooks.

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Triangle Hooks Diy Towel Rack
courtesy stinsonhomeonadime/instagram

Triangle Hooks DIY Towel Rack

Here’s another hand towel rack made from scrap wood by @stinsonhomeonadime. The simple design and triangle shape of the hooks make it refreshingly unique and modern, and it would blend well with any style bathroom. But if woodworking isn’t in your wheelhouse, check out these minimalist wood hooks to achieve a similar look.

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Leather Loop Diy Towel Rack
courtesy kiniesdesign/instagram

Leather Loop DIY Towel Rack

To recreate this towel rack from @kiniesdesign, cut two strips of leather. Fold one of the strips in half, then punch or drill a small hole through both layers of leather about 1/2-in. down from the ends. Insert a screw through the holes so the strip forms a loop. Repeat with the second strip. Attach both loops to the wall, then insert a wooden dowel through the loops to form the rack.

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Ceiling Mounted Diy Towel Rack
courtesy viidenkympinvillitys/instagram

Ceiling-Mounted DIY Towel Rack

Unwilling to drill into the wall tile, @viidenkympinvillitys created this minimal towel rack suspended from the ceiling.

Mount two hooks into the ceiling, then hang the wood rail with rope. The preferred method would be to attach the ceiling hooks to a beam, because towels can be heavy when they’re wet. If there’s no beam available, use a toggle bolt to secure the hooks in hollow plaster or drywall. Purchase simple hooks or create your own from wire coat hangers.

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Barnwood Diy Towel Rack
courtesy thehillcresthouse/instagram

Barnwood DIY Towel Rack

This simple wood and metal hook towel rack by @thehillcresthouse was made with a rough piece of wood, adding a touch of rustic texture to the space. The modern brass hooks bring a nice contrast to the unfinished wood board.

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DIY Boat Cleat Towel Rack

The metal boat cleats on this wooden nautical style towel rack keep rolled towels secured on each shelf. The vertical layout means you can fit six or more towels in a narrow space. Or if you prefer hooks to shelves, attach the boat cleats to a board and hang a towel from each cleat.