Bathroom Drawer Organizers and Dividers: Top Ideas & Tips for Better Storage

Updated: Apr. 15, 2024

Tidy up bathroom drawers and maximize storage space with these smart tips and top bathroom drawer organizers.

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Bathroom Drawer
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Declutter Your Bathroom Drawers

Bathroom drawers provide out-of-sight storage but can easily become a jumble of products and grooming tools, especially if you live in an apartment or a house with small bathrooms. But you can make your bathroom drawers work for you by paring down on the contents, adding a bathroom organizer and following a few smart tips.

First, you want to take an inventory and get a sense of the space you’re working with, so start with these steps:

  • Sort the contents of your drawers. Toss expired grooming products and medications and things you no longer use.
  • Take stock of what will remain in the drawers and identify organizers that will suit your collection.
  • Measure the drawers to make sure you choose organizers that fit.
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Add Drawer Dividers and Relocate Extra Items

Pare down what you’re storing in your bathroom drawers to reduce contents and move your stash of extras to another spot, such as a linen closet.

Neat Little Nest founder and chief organizer Michele Vig says, “Keep current-use items and backstock items in two different spots. Think of your backstock items as your own retail store and shop there when you need something new.” Vig recommends environmentally-friendly bamboo drawer organizers for the items that remain in your drawers.

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Assign Storage Spots for Everything in Your Bathroom

For shared bathrooms, centralize shared items such as toothpaste and floss in a common area and then assign each person a drawer or spot. “By giving ownership, each person is more likely to take responsibility for keeping their section organized,” says Master KonMari Consultant and professional organizer Emi Louie.

If more than one person will be assigned to a drawer, give each person their own lidded container.

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Find the Best Drawer Organizer

When sourcing bathroom drawer organizers, don’t limit yourself to items designed specifically for bathrooms. “Kitchen items are great for organizing bathrooms,” says Louie. “Silverware organizers, Mason jars, ramekins and decorative bowls work well lined up in drawers.”

Silverware trays corral make-up brushes and keep small bottles lined up. Ramekins keep hair ties and clips from getting lost at the bottom of a drawer.

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Prioritize Commonly Used Items

Keep your routines running smoothly by storing the items you use most often close at hand.

“Prioritize just the daily items in the most easily accessible drawers,” says Organized Sanctuaries founder Elise Hay. “Organize by use: morning routine in one section, evening in another. Use drawer dividers to keep them separate.” Learn to DIY drawer dividers.

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Modular Organizers

“Everything should be contained, never floating around in a drawer,” says Tidy Nest chief operating organizer Shannon Krause. “It’s only a matter of time before drawers without separators become repositories for clutter.”

Krause recommends using modular acrylic organizers as bathroom drawer organizers. They can be configured to suit almost any drawer and are easy to wipe clean. These clear, stackable bathroom drawer organizers, featured above, are also a good choice.

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Consider Angled Organizers for Visibility

If you line up bottles in a drawer and can’t see the labels, you’ll need to dig through to find the right product. Keep everything more visible by organizing medicine bottles, small cosmetic containers and tubes on an angled drawer organizer typically used for spices in a kitchen.

If you’d rather make than buy an angled drawer organizer, check out the fifth slide in this collection of storage tips.

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Don’t Overlook Depth

Deep drawers are great but require layered storage so items aren’t lost in the depths. Maximize that usable space with a tiered organizer with sliding compartments. A tray that slides across the top is ideal for small items like tweezers or nail clippers that can float around in the bottom of a drawer. You can also make a DIY tiered drawer organizer.