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10 Best Kitchen Drawer Organizers and Dividers

Cluttered drawers got you down? Find a perfect spot for every gadget, utensil and tool with these unique kitchen drawer organizers.

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Simple, One-Piece Silverware Organizer

According to the manufacturer, this ingenious organizer holds a “full cutlery set in less than half the space of a conventional cutlery tray.” In addition, this tray costs less than $8 and is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars by more than 7,000 reviewers.

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All-Purpose Drawer Dividers

These sturdy bamboo spring-loaded dividers will solve any kitchen drawer organization problem you might have. It’s like having high-end custom drawers without the price or hassle. Simply pull back the spring-loaded end, then position the dividers in your drawer for an easy and perfect fit.

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Expandable Kitchen Drawer Organizer

Everyone needs a solid kitchen drawer organizer for their utensils. What we love about this particular utensil organizer are the adjustable non-slip compartments. They keep your spoons, forks and knives snugly stacked, with no shifting, even as you open or close the drawer.

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Long Utensil Divider

The clever design of this drawer divider features diagonal slots so that you can fit extra-long cooking utensils, along with shorter and oddly shaped items. Measuring cups, spatulas, whisks and even those little pronged corn-on-the-cob holders can live harmoniously together in one tidy drawer.

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In-Drawer Knife Block

Storing your knives loosely in a drawer can damage and dull the blades as they inevitably knock against other utensils. Plus, it’s not exactly safe to reach your hand into a drawer full of exposed blades. Instead, grab one of these in-drawer knife blocks or build your own cabinet knife rack. The angled base and tidy slots will keep up to 12 knives neatly and safely tucked away.

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Adjustable Junk Drawer Divider

Ah, the junk drawer—famously difficult to organize and constantly in need of cleaning. Our favorite junk drawer solution is an adjustable kitchen drawer organizer. This drawer divider set comes with two boxes and customizable divider compartments that accommodate a wide variety of different-sized items. And we love that the whole thing is washable!

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Deep Drawer Dividers

If you’re lucky enough to have deep drawers in your kitchen, you’ll want to check out this wood pegboard system. It comes in three standard sizes (plus it can be trimmed down if needed) and can be customized to fit anything in the drawer. Arrange the pegs to hold stacked plates in neat piles, or to divide pots and pans. If you’d rather DIY, you can make your own wood pegboard system.

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Spice Rack Kitchen Drawer Organizer

Spice up your life with an organized spice drawer. We love this expandable three-tiered kitchen drawer organizer. It pops right into any drawer and keeps all your spices easily accessible, with labels visible. One happy reviewer said, “What a pleasure it is to cook and not have spice bottles falling on my head as I try to find something!”

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Food Container and Lid Organizer

Imagine: No more searching for the right lid. Keep your plastic food containers and lids organized with this adjustable lid rack. The u-shaped dividers can be widened or narrowed as needed to snugly hold all your different-sized containers and matching lids.

This custom-designed DIY rollout also makes a great food storage container organizer.

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Coffee and Tea Organizer

Keep your counter free of clutter by designating a drawer next to your coffee maker for all of your coffee and tea supplies. This wood coffee-pod organizer has round holes to perfectly fit all your pods, along with extra compartments for sweeteners, tea bags or spoons.

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