10 Tips to Get More Kitchen Counter Space

Updated: Jun. 07, 2023

Many homeowners struggle with lack of counter space in their kitchen. We've rounded up 10 ways to maximize every inch of space and create a space that works as hard as you do.

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Cover the Sink

Have a small kitchen counter? One of the most cost-effective ways of creating more kitchen counter space is to place a large cutting board over the sink. This additional space is perfect for food washing and prep.

Try this masterpiece cutting board if you want to show off your woodworking.

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fh05oct_462_50_m04 mobile kitchen counter space island
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Moveable Counter Space

If you don’t have the kitchen counter space for your dream kitchen island, consider a small kitchen cart on wheels. The mobility will allow you to move to where you are working and roll to the side when not in use. And you’ll also benefit from the additional shelf space to store appliances and kitchen tools.

Build this welding table and easily alter it to a moveable cabinet.

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Pullout Chopping Board

Pullout solutions are perfect for small kitchens as they allow a decent amount of extra kitchen counter space with a very small footprint. And a pull-out cutting board is perfect for food prep, cookbooks or for extra storage. Plus, when you are done, you can simply slide it back into the cabinet.

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Collapsible Counters

Here’s another idea to improve a small kitchen counter: Part countertop and part table, a drop leaf surface is a great way to maximize kitchen counter space. And install on the wall or on the side of a base cabinet to extend the length of your fixed countertop.

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hidden knife storage on the inside of a cabinet fh11jau_520_33_016

Hidden Storage

The best way to maximize kitchen counter space is to store bulky items elsewhere. With this cabinet door knife block, you can reclaim lost counter space and keep your cutting implements handy when you need them.

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fh12oct_532_56_039 drop down kitchen ipad rack storage
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Drop-Down Storage

This drop-down storage tray is ideal for keeping your cookbook or tablet dry and out of harm’s way while cooking your favorite recipe. Best of all, it’s simple to make.

If you would rather have a free-standing tablet stand, try this great project.

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dfh17may090-1-kitchen fruit storage rack

Utilize Wall Space

Fruit bowls can be pretty, but they take up a ton of kitchen counter space. Want to know what else looks pretty? This off-the-counter produce basket that is easy to make and hangs on the wall to create more counter space. We call that brilliant.

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Fill Gaps

If you happen to have dead space between cabinets in your kitchen, but don’t want the expense of replacing your countertop, consider filling it with butcher block, cut to size and supported by legs. Butcher block will look right at home paired with any countertop. And you’ll love the extra kitchen counter space you gain.

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Be Creative

Every homeowner wants to keep their tools organized—and that includes home chefs! A rolling toolbox is a perfect alternative to a kitchen cart, is mobile and looks pretty good to boot.

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Move the Microwave

If your microwave is currently taking up kitchen counter space, you’re losing a lot of potential real estate. Getting your microwave off the counter is a space-saving solution that will extend your countertop and create more room to work. Whether placed above the stove, in a custom-built alcove, or on a cart, you won’t regret the space you gain.

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