10 Renter-Friendly Studio Apartment Storage Ideas

Even a tiny apartment can be tidy and organized with these creative and renter-friendly storage solutions.

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Kitchen Island Cart
Courtesy @anaisazacarpio/instagram

Kitchen Island Cart

Living in a small apartment means needing clever studio apartment storage ideas. Your kitchen may not be big enough for a sprawling island, but a small kitchen cart can work wonders. It doesn’t take up much room while providing needed storage and work space.

@anaisazacarpio painted her kitchen cart pink and added faux marble peel and stick countertop paper to give it a custom look. The lower shelves hold kids’ snacks in baskets for easy access while keeping the unattractive packaging hidden away.

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Crate Storage Divider
Courtesy @makingmanzanita/instagram

Crate Storage Divider

Room dividers section off a studio apartment into separate sleeping and living zones. This room divider by @makingmanzanita pulls double duty because the open crates can be used as storage. Alternate the direction of the crates to permit storage on both sides of the divider.

Once you decide on the configuration, nail the crates together starting at the bottom. Then secure the divider to the wall.

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Pegboard Storage
Courtesy @joannajwestwood/instagram

Pegboard Storage

Short on cabinet space? A pegboard is an easy way to turn wall space into storage, and the shelves and pegs can be rearranged as needed.

In her kitchen, @joannajwestwood uses this cute wood pegboard (here’s a similar product) to hold mugs, decor and other essentials. A pegboard is a great choice for renters because it minimizes damage to the wall, and you can take it with you when you move.

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Bathroom Drawers
Courtesy @sar.ahhome/instagram

Bathroom Drawers

A small drawer unit, like this one from @sar.ahhome, adds much needed storage to the bathroom without messing with nails, screws or hooks. Conceal toiletries and other bathroom essentials, then tuck the unit in an unused corner or next to a pedestal sink.

Unlike the commonly used plastic drawers, the wood and rattan option (here’s something similar) brings warmth and boho style to an all-white bathroom.

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Slim Cabinets
Courtesy @ashleypeacock/instagram

Slim Cabinets

Another one of our favorite studio apartment storage ideas is slim storage. Slim cabinets can hold more than you think without encroaching too much into your limited space, as seen in this entry by @ashleypeacock. The cabinets open at an angle. They’re usually meant to hold shoes, but can serve many purposes to fit your needs.

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Gold Metal Wall Shoe Rack Shelf
via merchant

Shoe Shelves

When closet space is limited, store your shoes on a bookshelf. This pretty shoe rack can hold shoes, purses and other accessories. The gold and white finish blends seamlessly with almost any decor.

Bonus: This offers a savvy way to monitor your shoe collection. Keep the shelves tidy with the “one in, one out” rule of clutter control.

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Under Bed Storage
Courtesy @decidetodeclutter/instagram

Under Bed Storage

When thinking about storage for a small apartment or house, every inch matters. Turn the empty space underneath your bed into storage with narrow bins or baskets, like this example from @decidetodeclutter. She chose under bed storage containers with zippered lids to keep the contents dust-free. These also come with convenient handles and label holders.

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Frameless Bookshelf
Courtesy @jackiesbookshelf/instagram

Frameless Bookshelf

Say goodbye to bulky bookshelves and store your books on a unit like the ones seen here in this colorful bedroom from @jackiesbookshelf. The frameless bookcase keeps all the spines visible without taking up too much precious floor space. Organizing the books by color is a fun way to create an aesthetic display that adds to the rest of your apartment decor.

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Ebern Designs Chaeli 23.5in Floating Desk
via merchant

Floating Desk

No office? No problem. This floating wall-mounted desk creates a tiny work-from-home space. Open the fold-down desk top when it’s time to get down to business, then hide the clutter when you’re ready to relax. The desk also features several storage shelves and a drawer to hold all your office supplies.

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Hidden Sofa Storage
Courtesy @theorganisedintrovert/instagram

Hidden Sofa Storage

When you live in a small apartment, all your furniture should double as storage — even the sofa! The cushions on this couch from @theorganisedintrovert fold up to reveal hidden compartments for storing extra blankets, pillows or anything that doesn’t fit in your closet.

Here’s a sectional sofa with a storage compartment in the chaise. It also folds out into a sleeper when you have guests.

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