15 Office Storage Ideas to Boost Productivity

Updated: Mar. 23, 2024

A clutter-free workspace can help boost productivity—and ease anxiety. We found the best office storage ideas for anyone who works from home.

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Large Fabric Storage Bins Ecomm Via Amazon
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Fabric Storage Bins

The best office storage ideas incorporate boxes and bins to corral office supplies that often clutter your work station. Incorporating a label system with your best storage containers is key, making it extra easy to find items in a dash. We love these fabric storage bins with handles for organizing anything from paper to pens, calculators and gear that’s difficult to categorize. Choose from two colors and sizes, and slot in a label inside the front holder so it’s easy to find the essentials.

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Numenn 5 Tier Bookshelf Ecomm Via Amazon
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Add height and storage space with this five-tier bookcase. It creates a lightweight, airy feel thanks to the open shelf design, and each shelf holds up to 30 pounds. Store fabric bins, boxes, books and decor on this sturdy piece of office furniture.

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Keshawn Wall Organizer Ecomm Via Wayfair.com
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Wall Organization Racks

Mail, bills and loose paper quickly pile up in the office. Put it in a desk drawer and it gets lost, but leave it out and it clutters up your desktop. The solution? Opt for a mounted mail and paper organizer, like these wire wall organizers from Wayfair. They easily screw into the wall, instantly freeing up clutter while putting wall space to work. Better yet, channel your inner DIYer by installing this easy-to-build DIY mail organizer.

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Devaise 3 Drawer Wood File Cabinet Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Mobile Filing Cabinet

Office storage that provides space for heavy duty gear like printers or scanners is ideal for freeing up floor and desk space. This large mobile filing cabinet is a favorite among Amazon shoppers for that reason alone, along with the fact that it increases desktop space. It features three drawers (one is extra deep!) and two open shelves for showcasing decor, achievements or books. And as an Amazon bestseller, it’s one of the best home office storage cabinets money can buy.

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Ygeomer Floating Shelves Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Open Shelving

Easy to build and endlessly customizable, open shelving is a simple, low-tech wall shelf plan that keeps books and office supplies handy yet off your actual desk. These open shelves come in several colors that compliment any home office. Mount them with the brackets facing downward to create a floating shelf look or go for a rustic style with the brackets facing up. Organize your open shelves with picture frames, vases and small decorative pieces to reduce the appearance of clutter. After all, easy home office organization ideas begin with maximizing wall space.

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Conboy 2 Piece Floating Shelf Ecomm Via Wayfair
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Box Shelf

The best small office decor ideas maximize shelf space to showcase collector’s items, achievements, books and even small plants. This floating box shelf features compartments for books and decor, instantly elevating otherwise blank office walls. Or, opt for these DIY box shelves.

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61s3ph Nl1l. Ac Sl1500

Desktop Utensil Holder

Keep office supplies within arm’s reach with this practical desktop organizer. It features two compartment for pens, pencils and scissors while additional slots keep sticky notes and paper clips organized.

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25 Pieces Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers Set Ecomm Via Amazon
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Drawer Organizers

Office desk drawers can quickly become junk drawers if they’re not organized properly. We love this clear plastic drawer organizer set that comes in assorted sizes to fit a range of drawer sizes and depths. Follow the pro organized home office idea of creating categories for each plastic bin. We guarantee this system better than the alternative (read: throwing office gear in drawers).

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Honey Can Do Rolling Storage Cart Organizer Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Rolling Cart

If your desk is short on drawer space, go for a rolling cart instead. As one of the best organization ideas for small spaces, it keeps craft supplies, gift wrap, office utensils and paper in one consolidated home. Plus, it features multiple drawer sizes to help you get the most out of this mobile storage solution.

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Cable Management Box Ecomm Via Amazon
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Cable Management Box

The cables and wires from the electronic devices sitting on your desk look pretty bad when they’re left to hang in the wind. Conceal cords and power strips with a cable management box. This cable management solution features double directional outlets for USB cords, chargers, HDMI cords and beyond. Plus, it keeps pets from scratching or chewing at cords. Set it on the desktop or floor, or mount it with strong adhesive tape for an extra concealed look.

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Birdrock Home Seagrass Rolling File Cabinet Ecomm Via Amazon
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File Organizer

Filing cabinets don’t always work in small offices, which is why we love this rolling seagrass file system. It’s an attractive yet functional small office decor idea, and the wheels make it extra easy to tote files around.

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Bellaa 25419 Decorative Bookends Book Shelf Ecomm Via Amazonn
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Secret Storage

Another genius office storage idea: Create secret storage with these hollow books. It offers the decorative look of stacked books on a shelf while offering sneaky storage space for keepsakes, personal notes and pretty much anything you don’t want kids getting their hands on.

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24 Inch Wide Ottoman Ecomm Via Wayfair
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Storage Ottoman

A footrest, decoration and seat all in one, this storage ottoman adds character, comfort and most importantly, extra space. Available in four fabric colors, this office storage idea is 24 inches wide, offering ample space for blankets, books or other belongings that need a home. A storage ottoman is one of many clutter busting strategies for every room.

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Jerry And Maggie Desktop Organizer Office Storage Rack Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Adjustable Desktop Shelves

Storage is aesthetically pleasing with these adjustable desktop shelves. Unlike some desktop organizers, these shelves can be arranged any which way to make the most out of your office setup. Use them as book storage or a filing system—the choice is yours. They’re also a home office organization idea you can DIY.

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Cozywell Under Desk Drawer Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Under Desk Drawer

One of the best compact (and sneaky) office storage ideas is keeping essentials handy and off your desktop. This under desk drawer does all that and more. It comes with self-adhesive strips for easy installation. Simply attach the strips to the drawer and stick under the desk. Add two for extra storage space that remains clutter-free 24/7. It’s an easy home office organization idea that doesn’t take up precious desktop real estate.

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