10 Best Home Office Wall Organizers

Updated: Dec. 01, 2023

Clear your desk (and your head!) with these efficient office wall organizers.

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Best Wall Organizer That Fits Anywhere

All wall organizers save desk space. But if you’re also limited on wall space, this metal clip organizer fits just about anywhere. Don’t let the small size fool you — it can hold a lot. The ledge is great for notebooks or mail, and the five magnetic clips can display photos, mood board elements or to-do lists.

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Most Versatile Wall Organizer

This modular wall organizing system can be rearranged as your office needs change. Attach magnetic plates to your wall, then create the organizing system of your dreams! The combinations are endless using the corresponding magnetic pieces, wall pockets, shelves and dry-erase boards.

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Best Splurge Wall Organizer

If luxury home design appeals to you, this hand-finished acrylic wall organizer might be just the right fit. The varying sized pockets can hold notebooks, Post-it notes, pens and more. Who says office organization can’t be chic?

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Best Budget Wall Organizer

On the other side of the budget spectrum, you can snatch this metal and mesh wall organizer for less than $20! The open pockets keep everything off your desk but still within reach. Hang two or three together for even more storage capacity.

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Best Industrial-Style Wall Organizer

This wood and metal wall organizer blends in perfectly with industrial-style decor. It’s stylish and functional — a must for wall organization that’s always on display. Reviewers love that cups and other elements can be arranged to best fit your needs.

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Best Wall Organizer for Renters

For wall-mounted organization that won’t damage your walls, this peel-and-stick organizer set works like a charm. The four 13-in.-sq. sheets include monthly and weekly calendars, a notes section and handy cork board. Stick them to the wall and reposition as needed. When it’s time to move, there won’t be a nail hole in sight!

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Best Fabric Wall Organizer

The soft, hand-crafted style of this hanging fabric wall organizer would be great for a creative work space. It’s available in four cute patterns. The different-sized pockets accommodate your craft supplies or office necessities, and a waterproof coating makes them easy to clean.

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Best Wall Organizer for Files

If you’re dealing with messy piles of documents and files, check out this hanging file organizer. Use the four slots and label holders to separate paperwork into different categories. Happy Amazon reviewers love the easy-hanging capability and sturdy metal construction.

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Best Pin Board Wall Organizer

A good pin board is a must for keeping your thoughts and tasks visible and organized. This pin board is particularly useful because it includes a special calendar feature. Each day of the week is actually a cubby for organizing small items, a fun and useful spin on the typical dry-erase calendar.

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Hardest Working Wall Organizer

For a wall organizer that does it all, look no further than The Susan. This workhorse has everything — a dry-erase calendar and note space, a chalkboard to-do list board, two cork boards, several hooks and two cups for holding pens. If The Susan doesn’t help you get organized, nothing will!

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