Plastic Storage Bins You Don’t Have to Hide

These plastic storage bins are a stylish solution to all of your storage needs.

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Set of 3 Plastic Waterproof Storage Baskets

These baskets offer a wicker look, but are made of durable polypropylene plastic that can withstand the outdoor elements. Plus, you won’t have to deal with the fiber break downs and sharp points of traditional natural wicker baskets! The side handles easily slide out to help you transport the baskets when needed. You may also like these 75 best-ever storage tips for your home.

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Small Rectangular 3-Compartment Woven Bin

This small rectangular bin comes in a woven gray and white design that offers a sleek look for keeping clutter at bay. The three compartments are ideal for keeping things extra organized, providing a place for smaller items to stay within sight. Take a look at these 20 clever household storage hacks you’ve got to try.

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Y-Weave Storage Basket

These woven plastic storage bins offer a stylish solution for keeping books, toys, clothes and more organized. They’re the ideal purchase for a minimal yet aesthetically pleasing look. They’ll look like subtle decor on the floor of your living room, bedroom and more! You should also check out these simple storage solutions for small spaces.

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Knit Storage Baskets

Offering the look of traditional handmade sweaters, these knit baskets are the perfect way to enjoy style while also ensuring functionality. Made from polypropylene, they can be used indoors or out, while the integrated handles ensure they can be easily transported.

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Collapsible Geometric Box Cubes

These multi-functional storage baskets can be used in the kids’ room, nursery, bathroom, bedroom and closet. They’re collapsible, so they can easily be stored away when not in use to save space. Made of PP food grade plastics, they’re lightweight, waterproof and super stylish!

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Hinza Shopping Tote

If you’re looking for a durable, functional and stylish way to store items you need to carry with you, be it garden supplies, groceries or hardware products, look no further than this cool tote! The flat base makes it sturdy and easy to clean. Check out these 27 incredible kitchen storage tips and tricks.

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Hollow Carved Organizer Bin

Made of friendly PP material that is non-toxic, safe and durable to use, this cool storage bin allows you to fold it up when not in use. But when you’re ready to take full advantage, expect a large capacity bin that’s capable of holding many items, such as fruit, vegetables, cosmetics, towels and more. This video will teach you more kitchen cabinet storage ideas.

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Four Grid Storage Baskets

Available in pleasing colors like blue, light gray and dark gray, these four-grid storage baskets can be used to hold various items while also keeping things classy. Use them to hold TV accessories, food, toiletries and more. The secret to this durable basket stand is a biscuit joiner, which creates super-tough joints without metal fasteners or exposed wood dowels.

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Stacking Basket Bins

These four-tiered baskets are sturdy and stackable. Beautifully designed and made to last a lifetime, you’ll want to keep them out in the open to store your colorful fruits and vegetables, show off your child’s favorite toys, or keep folded wash cloths, soap and bath bombs organized and on display in the bathroom!

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Square “Wicker” Storage Basket

This square storage basket is a beautiful way to stack and display folded throw blankets in the living room, keep magazines organized, ensure linens stay nice and tidy and more. It’s a simple yet beautiful design that blends well with any style of decor. Check out these clothes storage ideas that will transform your closet.

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