Kids Desks With Storage: 9 Great Ideas

Updated: Nov. 17, 2023

If your kid's at-home workspace is always a mess, one of these desks with built-in storage may be the answer.

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Homework Desk
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How to Choose the Right Desk for Your Kid

Setting up a comfortable work space for your child is essential to their success in school and creative expression. Here’s what to consider when choosing a desk that will meet your child’s needs.

Consider Size

When kids use an adult-size table or desk, their feet usually dangle off the chair, and they’re forced to slouch and hunch their shoulders. The right size desk provides the comfort and support they need.

If the desk doesn’t come with a chair, choose the correct size chair first. When sitting in a chair, your child’s feet should rest comfortably on the ground, and their knees should be bent at a 90 degree angle. Once you have the chair, find a desk that allows about eight inches of clearance between the seat of the chair and the desktop.

Storage Is Essential

Built-in storage encourages your child to properly organize and take responsibility for their things. With easy access to storage, kids can clear their work space quickly for improved focus.

Material and Style

Make sure your child’s desk is sturdy but not too heavy to move. For the design, if possible, let your child help you choose the color and style. If they have a say in choosing a desk and creating their workspace, they may be more motivated to do their schoolwork there.

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Preschool Desk with Open Storage

For less than $100, you can snatch up this cute kids desk that can be used as a table or a standing drawing board. It’s perfect for small kids just starting to learn how to use a desk. Both adaptions include ample open storage trays for art supplies and small toys, and the rounded edges ensure no bumps and bruises from sharp corners.

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Adaptive Kids Desk With Storage

This adaptive kids desk can be wheelchair accessible, if needed. It includes an adjustable chair and tilting desktop. Drawers, shelves and hooks ensure plenty of storage options. Function doesn’t sacrifice style, though — the playful faces on the drawer front and book holder are nice touches.

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Teen Desk With Storage

This mid-century inspired desk is the right size for teens and offers plenty of storage. Your teen can hide supplies in the drawer and sliding-door storage, and display items on the overhead bookshelf and built-in cork board. They’ll especially appreciate the hidden USB power strip to charge all their tech.

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Small Space Kids Desk With Storage

This little triangular desk can tuck away easily into the corner of any room. But unlike some corner desk models, this one has convenient storage options for everything your child needs for homework or art projects. The drawer offers hidden storage, and the shelf below can hold baskets or bins with additional items.

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Kids Desk With Extra Storage

If your kid requires more storage than any desk alone can provide, check out this desk and wall storage system. The desk itself includes two drawers, but the attached shelves are the show-stopper. Two bookcase towers and the media bridge provide 13 cubbies you can customize with baskets and bins.

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Kids Desk With Closed Storage

For a child who is a little messy, go for a desk with closed storage so they can hide away the clutter. This sleek student desk features two closed storage cabinets so the desktop can be cleared and everything placed in a cabinet when schoolwork is done.

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Grade School Kids Desk With Storage

Your elementary school-aged child will enjoy this desk and chair set with its open shelves and cork board. The shallow shelves in the hutch are great for holding and organizing paperwork, while notebooks can be stashed in the two slots under the desktop.

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Shared Kids Desk With Storage

This two-sided desk is great for a couple of kids who are close in age and like to share a workspace. The storage is designed for art supplies, but can be to stash just about anything. The large shelves on one side of the table include six fabric storage bins.

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Dresser-Style Kids Desk With Storage

This desk with three roomy drawers can hold school supplies and even clothes. The style blends seamlessly with the rest of their bedroom furniture while still providing a designated study space. One happy Wayfair reviewer wrote, “This is a great deal for my daughter’s room. The drawers are nice and deep and the surface of the desk is easy to clean.”

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