I Tried Boll & Branch Sheets, and They’re the 100% Cotton Bedding of My Dreams

In this Boll & Branch sheets review, I do the investigative dirty work on this famed bedding to see if it's worth the hype–and the cash.

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Although I’m someone who’s a hot sleeper, I still like to be cozy at bedtime. Seems counterintuitive, right? I thought so, too, until I tried the Boll & Branch Signature Hemmed Sheet Set.

These 100% cotton sheets are touted as the best thing since sliced bread, so I knew I had to try them out for myself. According to reviewers, the sheets get softer with each wash, yet don’t make you sweat like you’ve just ran a marathon. After hearing that, you can bet your bottom dollar my interest was piqued.

Are they really worth your money? After sleeping on the Boll & Branch Sheets for over 30 nights (I know, truly exhausting work), I have my answer. 

What are Boll & Branch sheets?

Boll & Branch is a high-quality bedding company known for its luxurious textiles. Although the brand mostly focuses on bedding, it also sells home decor, rugs and bathroom accessories. Boll & Branch’s real claim to fame, however, is that it is the “first 100% organic Fair Trade Certified bedding company” in the world. If sustainability and ethical practices affect your buying decisions, you’ll be all-in on the Boll & Branch business model. 

Now, back to the sheets. There are six different types of sheets on the Boll & Branch website: signature, linen, percale, flannel, chambray and reserve. After carefully examining the options, I selected the Signature Hemmed Sheet Set, which is the brand’s bestseller.

My chosen sheets are constructed with “100% organic cotton threads,” which feel as luxe as it sounds. This type of cotton is otherwise known as long-staple cotton, which is known to be higher-quality than the more basic short-staple cotton. So, what’s the big deal? Long-staple cotton tends to have longer fibers than that of short-staple cotton. This makes the material softer and look better over time. Other well-known bedding brands like Brooklinen, The Company, and Peacock Alley also use this type of cotton. 

However, the price may cause some sticker shock—a twin set starts at $228 and goes up with each size. Luckily, the price is a bit more palatable when you consider the materials are ethically sourced and the sheets will likely last you for many years to come. 

Boll and Branch SheetsCaroline Lubinsky/Family Handyman

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How We Tested It

At this point, my boyfriend doesn’t even bat an eye when I switch up our bedding (spoiler alert: I do it all the time). However, he was as excited as I was to try out the Signature Sheets from Boll & Branch.

“Labeled corners!” he exclaimed in delight as we put the dreaded fitted sheet on our mattress.

Yes, you heard us right. The Signature Sheet Set has labeled corners to help you secure your fitted sheet correctly the first time around. All hail Boll & Branch!

Additionally, the fitted sheet itself has 17-inch pockets, which makes putting the corners on easy-breezy. If you have an especially plush mattress, the Boll & Branch fitted sheet will still easily fit your bed.

After cozying up in our freshly made bed, I promptly fell asleep. The sheets have a lightweight and breathable feel that work for hot and cold sleepers alike. In short, they’re great all-weather sheets you can leave on your bed year round. When you initially take these sheets out of the box, they feel like traditional, slightly matte cotton sheets. However, these are one of the few sets of sheets that do truly get better with time (and more washes).

I tried out these sheets for five weeks before writing this review, and dutifully washed them each week. They became cozier (without making me sweaty), like a well-worn T-shirt might. I was hooked.

Since I ordered a king-sized set, my Boll & Branch sheets came with two king pillowcases, which are longer than traditional cases. However, you can also order a king set with regularly-sized shams if that’s more your style. It is worth noting that both the Twin and Twin XL sets only come with a singular pillowcase, so if you want a second, you’ll need to purchase it seperately.


  • Fitted sheet has deep, 17-inch pockets
  • Sheets get softer with each wash
  • Comes with pillowcase(s)
  • Fair-Trade Certified
  • Available in twin to split king sizes
  • Made entirely of organic cotton
  • Fitted sheet is labeled for easy identification
  • Sustainably made
  • Free shipping within the U.S


  • Pricey
  • Doesn’t come in bold colors or patterns


Do I need to wash my new Boll & Branch sheets?

We recommend washing any new set of sheets, Boll & Branch or not, before using them. You can thank me later–no one needs fresh-from-the-factory sheets on their bed. Give them a quick wash in your favorite laundry detergent of choice (I’m a Persil girl) and they’ll be ready to enjoy in no time.

Do Boll & Branch sheets get softer?

Yes! I’ve washed my Boll & Branch sheets around five times now, and they truly have gotten better with each use. The more they’re washed, the softer they get. I like to equate it to breaking in a pair of high-quality boots: The more they’re used, the better they’ll feel.

What Other Reviewers Had to Say

Thumbnail Img 1726 Boll And Branch Caroline LubinskyCaroline Lubinsky/Family Handyman

Not many online products have over 11,500 reviews (yes, you heard me right), but this Boll & Branch Signature Hemmed Sheet Set does! Check out what other real-life customers had to say about these popular sheets:

Lori S. is smitten saying, “Great quality! Very comfy, I like that the fitted sheet has lots of material on the corners. It gets softer with each wash. I love it!”

“An extremely well-made and very, very comfortable set of sheets,” reviewer John raves. “I debated buying these sheets for a long time due to the cost, but I’ve found them to be well worth the price.”

“It’s the best night’s sleep and I look forward to getting into bed,” customer Lauren gushes.“The sheets are soft, not scratchy, and just melt around me. I paired them with the waffle blanket and hemmed duvet cover.”

Final Verdict

I’ll admit it–I was skeptical at first. Products with a high price point and tons of influencer praise tend to spook me, but I’m more than happy to admit I was wrong. If you obsess over all-things luxury bedding, you’re going to want to get your hands on the Signature Hemmed Sheet Set from Boll & Branch. These sheets make me feel like I’m on an all-expenses paid vacation at the Four Seasons every morning. If you can afford them, I highly recommend giving them a try.

Where to Buy Boll & Branch Sheets

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Ready to get your best night’s sleep yet? Grab the Signature Hemmed Sheet Set on the Boll & Branch website starting at $228 (price varies depending on the size selected). You’ll be sawing wood before your melatonin has even kicked in!

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