9 Spa Bathroom Décor Ideas

Transform your bathroom into a relaxing retreat with these spa bathroom décor tips from Instagram.

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Hang Simple Artwork

Artwork in your spa-inspired bathroom should be calm and minimal, adding to the soothing atmosphere.

Take the black and white fish art in this bathroom by @pammaherdesign. The mostly white art blends seamlessly with the rest of the white and gold bathroom, creating a clean and inviting vibe that begs you to take a long soak in the tub.

Photographer: @aimeemazzenga

Architect: @bba_architects_chicago

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Display a Few Spa Products

A spa is nothing without luxurious lotions and potions! Keep your spa products out on display on a tub caddy, vanity counter or other surface, as shown here in this beautiful spa bathroom by @home.with.lily.

Just be sure to practice restraint. A few bottles and jars of your favorites are all you need, with the rest of your toiletries tucked away in hidden storage.

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Add a Fireplace

For the ultimate luxury spa bathroom, add a fireplace. It’s definitely an extravagant design choice, but the payoff is worth it, as seen in this dreamy bathroom by @lorisellmerdesign.

The all-white bathroom with chrome accents is a beautifully relaxing space all on its own, but the built-in fireplace takes it to the next level.

Photographer: @mjay.photography

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Bring in Greenery

Indoor plants can add tranquility to a space, making them a must-have for your spa bathroom. The number of plants needed depends on the size of your bathroom and personal taste, but a spa bathroom should be clutter-free so don’t go overboard. A few plants tucked in the corner provide the perfect dose of nature in this serene space by @mylittleshop_kingston.

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Make it Moody

We love a bright and airy spa bathroom, but don’t discount the power of dark, moody colors. A dark accent wall, like in this bathroom by @iheartinteriors, creates a romantic and cozy atmosphere. Add contrast with metallic finishes, like that gorgeous copper tub (swoon!), and you’ll never want to leave your bathroom.

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Be a Minimalist

To truly relax in your spa bathroom, you need it free of distractions. A minimalist design, like this one by @luciamaysmithhome, transforms your bathroom into a safe haven away from the stress of everyday life.

To keep it from veering into boring, use different textures and finishes. In this example, matte walls, shiny tile and faux wood flooring work together harmoniously.

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Incorporate Built-In Storage

To keep your spa bathroom organized (no one can relax in a messy bathroom), sufficient storage is key. This space by @dawnreevesdesign features built-in shelves to hide toiletries and display fluffy towels. If built-in shelves aren’t an option, bring in a small glass storage cabinet or wall shelves with baskets.

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Use Matching Bottles

We mentioned putting a few bath products out on display in your spa bathroom, but not just any products will do. Choose luxury products with beautiful packaging, or transfer your favorite creams, lotions and oils into matching bottles, as shown here by @prettynmodernstyle. These white and gold labeled bottles are from Etsy seller SassandBoss.

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Add Long Curtains

Bring a softness to your spa bathroom by hanging long curtains, as shown here by @highfashionfarmhouse. A bathroom features mostly hard surfaces, and the flowing sheer fabric adds texture and movement. It’s one of those extra details that might not seem important, but will make a big difference in turning your bathroom into a spa retreat.

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