10 Luxury Shower Design Ideas

Updated: May 11, 2023

Get inspired by these luxury showers from Instagram and turn your bathroom into a self-care oasis!

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Extravagant Details Luxury Shower Design Ideas
courtesy @brendemarshalldesign/instagram

Extravagant Details

When aiming for luxury, there’s no need to hold back. This gorgeous shower by @brendemarshalldesign pulls out all the stops with a regular shower, a steam shower, double doors, herringbone tile ceiling, a built-in bench, brass fixtures and a limestone floor.

Your luxury shower might not be quite as extravagant, but invest in extra upgrades in whatever form your budget and bathroom size can accommodate.

Photographer: @laurenpressey

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Bold Black Luxury Shower Design Ideas
courtesy @suszi_saunders/instagram

Bold Black

We love a bright and airy shower, but there’s something to be said for a cozy dark shower like this one by @suszi_saunders. Showering while surrounded by the inky black tile feels like a special escape from the outside world, and the dark background provides a nice contrast to the vintage-inspired brass shower fixture.

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Unexpected Color Luxury Shower Design Ideas
courtesy @demiliodesign/instagram

Unexpected Color

Another way to make your shower feel more luxurious is to use a pop of unexpected color. The pink tile and green walls in this bathroom by @demiliodesign are daring choices.

Paired with the brass details and wood grain vanity, the result is opulent sophistication. But, of course, the star of the show is that blush pink tile in the shower and on the floor.

Photographer: @margaret.wright

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Built In Comfort Luxury Shower Design Ideas
courtesy @ibuilddevelopers/instagram

Built-In Comfort

A luxurious shower like this one by @ibuilddevelopers should include built-in features for storage and comfort. A bench to relax on or shave your legs, along with a nook for bath products, really make your shower experience more enjoyable. We’re giving bonus points for that gorgeous geometric floor!

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Patterned Tile Luxury Shower Design Ideas
courtesy @hendricksoninteriors/instagram

Patterned Tile

Tile with distinctive patterns took the design world by storm in recent years. Using it in a shower produces stunning results, as seen here by @hendricksoninteriors.

Look for a pattern that can stand the test of time, rather than trendy tile designs you might tire of. The subtle colors and arabesque shape in this tile has a classic Mediterranean flair that exudes timeless charm.

Photographer: @penlightmedia

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Clean And Minimal Luxury Shower Design Ideas
courtesy @justinplace_sydney/instagram

Clean and Minimal

This shower by @justinplace_sydney proves you can achieve a luxury shower even without a lot of square footage.

The curbless walk-in shower design and curved glass enclosure create a seamless division between the shower and the rest of the bathroom, making the space feel bigger. A simple black shower fixture and minimal decor give this wet room bathroom a zen-like vibe that is luxurious yet simple.

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Ambient Lighting Luxury Shower Design Ideas
courtesy @ ggtiledesign/instagram

Ambient Lighting

To truly make your shower shine, don’t let the bathroom lighting be an afterthought. This all-white shower by @ggtiledesign is stunning on its own, but the soft glow of the under-bench light takes it to the next level. Use waterproof LED strip lights for a similar look. Install them under a bench or in a niche for relaxing, accent lighting.

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Rainfall Shower Head Luxury Shower Design Ideas
courtesy @the_whitepalms/instagram

Rainfall Shower Head

Why have one shower head when you can have two? This beautiful sky blue shower by @the_whitepalms features a wall-mounted head and an overhead rainfall or waterfall shower head. A rainfall shower head makes your everyday shower feel like an indulgent spa treatment.

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Luxury Tub Shower Combo
courtesy @ champagne_taste_design/instagram

Luxury Tub-Shower Combo

If your bathroom has a budget-friendly tub and shower combo, that doesn’t mean it can’t be luxurious! Upgrade the tub and shower by taking the tile all the way to the ceiling and installing it on the front of the drop-in tub, as shown here in this bathroom by @champagne_taste_design.

The all-over tile (in that gorgeous taupe color!) helps the shower and tub feel more custom.

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Windowpane Shower Glass Luxury Shower Design Ideas
courtesy @our_dream_at_no_15/instagram

Windowpane Shower Glass

We’re swooning over the window pane-style glass shower surround in this shower by @our_dream_at_no_15. The black framework pairs perfectly with the rest of the black and white finishes, giving the overall bathroom a fresh yet classic style. Achieve the same look with this frameless fixed glass panel door for less than $500!