This Clever Gadget Turns Your Car Mirror Into a Dash Cam

Updated: Dec. 19, 2023

Capture important moments while driving or when your car is parked—the Wolfbox Dash Cam offers a second pair of eyes and photographic memory

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When we think of car dashboard cameras, what typically comes to mind are devices used by TV news crews, long-distance truck drivers or law enforcement. With vehicle technology improving year after year, dashboard cameras—like the Wolfbox Dash Cam—have not only become more affordable, but smaller, lighter and simpler to use. Here are some reasons why you may consider installing a dash cam in your vehicle:

  • To accurately capture and record traffic flow, weather conditions, accidents, hit-and-runs, break-ins and roadside emergencies
  • To prove fault (or no fault) in a collision
  • To provide a reliable witness during traffic stops
  • To reduce blind spots for safer reversals and merging

Despite the name, the best place to mount a dash cam is not actually on the dashboard, but somewhere on the center of your windshield—either behind or below the rearview mirror. For rear dash cams, placement is recommended in the middle of the back windshield.

What is the Wolfbox Dash Cam?

The Wolfbox Mirror Dash Cam is a high-resolution front view and rearview camera that attaches to your existing mirror. It captures and saves video recordings for safekeeping.

Easy to install, set up and operate, the dash cam for cars, trucks, vans and RVs is powered by your vehicle’s battery. There’s a built-in G-sensor that detects shock or a collision, which automatically records and then locks and stores video files, ensuring essential footage is secure until you retrieve it.

How to Use the Wolfbox Dash Cam

The user-friendly Wolfbox camera attaches to an existing mirror with included thick rubber bands and integrated clips. Simply plug in the device with the fully upgraded mini-USB to your car’s Type-C socket. If you don’t want to worry about plugging in the charger and turning it on and off, you can purchase a hardwire kit that connects directly to the ignition wire. Either way, when driving your vehicle, the camera records on a continuous video loop.

Parking the Car

When leaving your car parked, the 24-hour time-lapse mode—directly connected to the battery—provides constant power to protect against theft when leaving the vehicle unattended. The camera will engage when it senses shock or motion or a “hit,” recording the front and rear of the car simultaneously. Did you know you can use time-lapse cameras at construction sites to document your project?

Playing Back Video Footage

To view the recorded video, click the playback icon on the Wolfbox Dash Cam home screen and choose the playback interface in the lower left-hand corner. From there, you can either switch between front and rear camera views, or use the split-screen feature.

GPS Tracking

An external GPS antenna tracks precise speed, direction, longitude and latitude data while driving, allowing you to get all the information while playing back the videos on a computer. After inserting the GPS and SD memory card, download the GPS player from the link provided.

The Best Wolfbox Dash Cam Amazon Reviews

“A lot of dash cams sport a number of fancy features. This provides high-quality front and rear video footage, even at night,” writes verified Amazon purchaser, A. Lejbovitz. “What more can one ask for? It can also time/date stamp each video, as well as the GPS coordinates. It snaps onto my rearview mirror and is kind of ‘concealed’ like that. I paid a car wiring guy to run the wires directly to the car battery and tuck them in the paneling so I don’t see anything. It’s great!”

Amazon customer, Samuel Yates, says the dash cam is better than what he’s had in the past, and that it’s well worth the price. “Nice touch screen and good audio recording,” he writes. “For the price, it beats the others! I love the clear night vision screen, better than the other two I had, and not a small display!! If you are thinking about getting a dash cam, this is the one!!!!”

Giving five out of five stars, John Quinn says the Wolfbox Dash Cam is easy to figure out. “I recommend this device to all my friends and family for security reasons, because you never know when you’ll want that video of an incident,” he writes. “I suggest buying the license plate camera bracket, take your time running the wire across the vehicle (under carpet or roof fabric, behind plastic panels, etc.) or have a professional install it, but it’s not very difficult. Also, you can wire the device to use power only when the car is on. This requires installing the separate hardware kit.”

Where to Buy the Wolfbox Dash Cam

Wolfbox G840s 4k Mirror Dash Cam Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

A car accessory worth investing in, you can find the Wolfbox Mirror Dash Cam online at Amazon or Walmart, or purchase it directly from the Wolfbox website.

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