Buy and Install the Best Wi-Fi Security Camera for Your Needs

There are three basic types of Wi-Fi security cameras on the market. Some cameras are made solely for indoor or specifically for outdoor use. There are also those that are designed to be used in either location.

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D-Link DCSD-2630L Comes from Big Name in Wireless Tech

D-Link is one of the more recognizable names in the wireless technology market. So it's logical that they would make a Wi-Fi security camera that would be relatively low in price and still have an excellent set of features. However, it's not as easy as to set up as their Wi-Fi routers are. Their DCS 2630L Wi-Fi security camera has a wide angle field of view and a de-warping technology that reduces distortion of the image. Wireless AC (the top of the line in Wi-Fi right now), a Windows Mobile app, full HD video, and night vision out to 16 feet from the camera are some of the features that set this camera apart from others.
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The Arlo Pro Is Rechargeable and Goes Indoors or Out

The Arlo Pro records HD video indoors or out but that video suffers from what photographers call "fish eye" distortion at the edges of the recorded image. And the PIR (Programmed InfraRed) motion sensor covers almost as much area as the 130-degree wide-angle camera lens does. So movement in the covered area will be automatically recorded. This Wi-Fi security camera also has a piercing 100+dB siren with multiple triggers. Also, Arlo is from a major player in the wireless networking field, Netgear.
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LG Wi-Fi Security Camera Blends in with Your Décor

LG's Smart Security Wireless Camera (LHC5200WI) is designed to effortlessly blend into your home's décor. And has a 130-degree field of view that can be recorded and monitored by ADT. Another big plus for this camera is that on top of Wi-Fi, is that it operates on Z-Wave. So this Wi-Fi security camera will integrate into many home automation systems. Installation of the camera is as easy as placing it on a table or shelf and plugging in the power adapter.
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Canary All-In-One Indoor Security System

Canary calls their indoor Wi-Fi security camera an "all-in-one indoor security system." Although the Canary Wi-Fi security camera is easy to set up and use, its wide-angle camera lens suffers from fish-eye distortion. But its design also allows you to set it out of the way on a shelf or table or add the mount and put it on a wall.
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Nest Combines Elegance with Versatility in Mounting

The Nest Wi-Fi security camera is one of the few cameras that looks this good and is this easy to use. And the mounting system it comes with allows it to be set on a flat surface, mounted on a wall, or mounted to a magnetic surface. You can even mount it to a standard camera tripod. The built-in microphone and speaker allow you to tell Fido to get off the furniture, or to remind your kids about the test for which they need to study. But Nest's camera doesn't offer a field of view that's as wide as some other cameras. However, it also doesn't suffer as much fish-eye distortion.
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Oco Pro Dome Has Great Features

If you're looking for an outdoor Wi-Fi security camera, chances are you want one that is completely cordless. Hence the desire for Wi-Fi security camera instead of wired installation. The Oco Pro Dome has a great camera with a wide field of view and resolution both day and night. And, the Oco Pro Dome uses tamper-resistant screws and bolts to keep it safe from vandals and the housing is built to handle weather extremes from –22° F up to 140° F. However, the Oco Pro Dome has one major drawback—it has to be mounted within 25 feet of a protected power outlet.
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Uniden GC45S Outdoor Camera

Older outdoor security cameras had terrible video quality and even worse night video quality. Advanced features like IR cut filters and the ability to communicate with those in the picture? Forget it. The Uniden GC45S off that and the ability to transmit data up to 500 feet.
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Nest Cam Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Camera Is Feature-Rich
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Nest Cam Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Camera Is Feature-Rich

The Nest Cam Outdoor is another example of the company's desire to combine looks with functionality. This camera is also corded, because the company feels that battery-powered cameras can miss important visual cues before they turn on and start recording. And the camera's lens captures 130 degrees of visual and doesn't suffer from fish-eye like many other cameras do. Nest's app allows you to create a live stream and password-protect it so it can be shared with your neighbors.But the problem is the power cord. Although the cord is sturdy, it still requires that the camera be installed within proximity to an electrical outlet. Photo: Courtesy of Nest
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Completely Wire-Free Installation with Lorex

Lorex doesn't sell just cameras they sell complete wireless video security solutions. These consist of a Lorex DVR and up to six cameras. The Lorex camera offers excellent video quality in both daylight and low light settings. And has a PIR that it uses to switch on and begin recording video. They are completely wire-free so they can be mounted anywhere after initial setup. The included battery is said to last for up to four months of regular usage. But, their major drawbacks are that they require the special Lorex DVR and it can't automatically upload video to the web. However, there is an app that lets you stream video remotely if you have the DVR connected to your router.
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The Best Places to Install Your Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera

The Best Places to Install Your Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera

The best place to install your Wi-Fi security camera depends on what type of mount it has and whether it's an indoor, outdoor, or indoor/outdoor camera. Many of the indoor cameras on this list can be put on a shelf or table in a corner of the room to be covered where nothing will block its view. And the main controlling factor on where they can be put is the length of the power cord they come with. However, putting them up higher gives them better coverage. Wi-Fi Security cameras do best up high to give their signal the most range. Most security contractors will install wired and wireless cameras in the upper corners of rooms, both ends of hallways, and at the tops of stairwells to obtain the best coverage At least one camera should be installed in the garage in such a way that opening either outer door doesn't cause the camera image to white out. The farther away from "the action" a security camera is, the lower the quality of the intruder's image that it's going to capture. This drawback is enhanced when you're dealing with night vision, as most don't work past 15-20 feet. If you have a room that's longer than 10 feet, you should consider putting cameras at both ends of the room to overcome this deficiency and get the cleanest images possible when you really need them.
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Use More than One Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera per Door

Use More than One Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera per Door

Bad guys these days know that security cameras are becoming more and more popular. They also know that most are set up so they cover the front door and areas in front of the house. So if you feel you must cover right in front of the door, utilize one of the combination video camera/doorbell models and then put cameras under the eaves at the corners of the house aimed towards the front door. This way you're going to catch them as they approach your house from the street and you'll have a better chance of seeing them before they cover their faces. Add two or three motion sensing flood lights and you're good to go.
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Don't Forget Other Access Points

Don't Forget Other Access Points

Remember, home security isn't just an alarm, a good lock and camera on the front door. So consider using cameras to cover every possible access point to your house. Remember, if a thief can gain access to your garage when you're not home, that gives them that much more time away from prying eyes, to get into your house. Install a camera in the garage so it can capture a person's face entering through the main door or the side door. Now that you've covered the front and rear doors of your house with two cameras and motion lights. It's also smart to secure windows that can be climbed through. And make sure they're covered either from the inside or outside. This is especially true if foliage blocks the view of these windows from your neighbors.
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Make Use of the Cloud

Make Use of the Cloud

Wi-Fi security camera systems give you something that can help catch thieves indoors. This is because these newer security systems allow you to upload recorded video to the cloud seamlessly and in real-time. Tap a few clicks in the software and you'll automatically have multiple copies of recorded video that you can access from anywhere with an Internet connection.