How to Clean Crevices in a Car

How often do you clean the inside of your car? This is one chore that drops off the radar. We'll show you how to clean the crevices in a car.

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Personal effects in a car boot
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Start by Grabbing the Big Stuff

Your car does a lot for you. It takes you to and from work, helps you bring home groceries, transports your family safely and much more. And it gets dirty doing all of that, so it needs to be cleaned regularly.

While some parts are easy to clean, it can be tricky to reach the small nooks and crannies. We’ve gathered some suggestions for how to clean those pesky crevices in a car.

Start by grabbing any big items within easy reach. This way you can see just how dirty the actual crevices are, and you’ll have an idea of how long the rest of the cleaning process will take. Plus, shop vacuums and putty won’t work on the big stuff

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Shop Vacuum for Big Crevices

The crevices between the front seats and the center console are a trap for crumbs, electronics, trash and other items. A shop vacuum is an excellent tool to tackle these areas. Once you’ve gathered any missing toys or electronics, grab your shop vac and get to work cleaning out that dirt.

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cleaning putty

Car Putty to Clean Small Crevices

Putty works great for getting into the crevices on your dashboard. It can grab dust and other small debris from those seams that a vacuum would be hard-pressed to reach. Simply run it along sections of your dashboard, a little at a time. You can also use putty in the cupholders or any other tight areas the shop vac can’t reach.

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Prevent Buildup with a Car Trash Can

As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” While it’s not always possible to prevent all the dirt, having a trash can in your car to corral garbage and crumbs will make your life a little easier.

Show your little ones how to clean up after themselves so snack remnants don’t find a home underneath the seats. With your crevices handled, keeping the interior of your car clean will be much easier.

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