Why You Need to Know About This Car Putty Cleaner

Updated: Apr. 29, 2024

This fun-looking car-cleaning putty gets weird, crusty stuff out of your air conditioner vents.

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If you’re a fan of weird tricks to clean your car, this cheap dust-removing ColorCoral gel car putty cleaner is going to rock your world. Thousands of Amazon reviewers wonder how they ever lived without it. Yes, it’s that good—so good it quickly became one of the most sought-after car detailer cleaning products on the market.

What is car putty cleaner?

Car putty cleaner is a gel-like blob that easily molds to fill every nook and cranny of your car. Spots like air conditioning vents, cup holders and door handles are notoriously difficult to clean—even with the best car vacuum cleaners. Not anymore. Squish in a little ColorCoral dust cleaner to gently remove debris without damaging surfaces. Since the putty is slightly sticky, it grabs all sorts of dust, crumbs and other messes.

This blue-hued car interior cleaning product won’t irritate your skin or create a sticky mess in your hands, and leaves only a subtle lavender fragrance behind.

Next to car wipes and microfiber towels, car-cleaning putty is one of the best car accessories money can buy. It’s even safe to use on your audio system. It’s an extremely affordable product you can reuse until the light color turns dark.

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Why is the ColorCoral car putty cleaner going viral?

car putty sitting on the dashboard of a carMegan Wood/Family Handyman

This cleaning putty is so easy to use that even people who absolutely hate tidying up like it. Plus, it’s fun to squish and maneuver into all sorts of dust-prone spots, like your car dashboard. It also works on tech devices, like keyboards and cell phones.

Our executive editor, Megan Wood, ordered a jar after seeing it on TikTok. “I usually use wipes to clean my dusty car’s dash and vents,” she says, “but this putty was way more fun and picked up dog hair that wipes usually just spread around. The putty doesn’t stick to hands or get stuck under my nails. I’m impressed!”

Amazon reviewers call it one of the few car-cleaning tips that works every time, and “the most useful TikTok revelation” since last year’s viral mac and cheese hack and this oven cleaning hack.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

“It removed all of the gunk from my keyboard,” writes verified purchaser, Shawna K. Landers. “I then took it out to my car and it took care of my vents and all the other hard-to-reach places that seem to collect gunk. Will buy again.”

“It has been more useful than I thought it would be. Bought it to clean crevices in the car, but I have used it for so much more,” writes Mary Ann King, a five-star reviewer.

“This is an amazing product!” writes Maria, another Amazon reviewer who gave it five stars. “My husband and I love it! We used it for our car interior and laptops! It is the best thing I’ve ever used to clean our car interior!”

Where to Buy the ColorCoral Car Putty Cleaner

This Car Cleaning Putty Is All Over Tiktok Heres Why Updated Graphic Via Amazon Com via merchant

ColorCoral car-cleaning putty has been known to sell out on Amazon from time to time, especially ahead of chore-driven spring cleaning season. It usually costs $12, but the brand frequently offers discounts and coupons, so often you can get it for less than $6. At that price, scoop up a few extra jars to give to friends and colleagues.

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How to Make Car-Cleaning Putty

Prefer the DIY route? You can make your own car putty cleaner. With just a few simple household ingredients, this is sure to motivate your kids to help you make your car spotless. For more help, check out our guide for spring cleaning your car.