Best Car Wipes for Cleaning Your Car’s Interior

On top of being convenient, these car wipes clean, condition and protect every surface and material inside your car.

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Wiping a steering wheel
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Car Wipes Make Cleanup Quick and Easy

Interior car wipes are great time savers when you need to clean up messes on your dashboard, doors or seats. Car wipes can also clean, condition and protect in one swipe so you can use them for your regular maintenance and detailing, too.

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Best for Touch Screens

MiracleWipes for Electronics are safe for all tech screens, including the touch screens on dashboards of newer cars. These wipes are ammonia-free and lift skin oils and smudges without ruining the touch screen capability. You can use them on your TV, smartphones and computers, too.

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Best Scent

Meguiar’s New Car Scent Protectant Wipes smell like a new car, fresh from the factory. While some reviewers says the scent is a mix of leather and new car, it also gets high praise for being pleasant on the eyes, too. Multiple reviewers liked that the wipes didn’t leave their vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces oily or too shiny.

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Best for Leather

Weiman Leather Conditioning Wipes are non-toxic and clean up scuffs and stains while conditioning the leather so you aren’t left with dry, faded or cracked seats. Longtime users of Weiman leather wipes say it’s helpful to buff your seats with a dry microfiber cloth to avoid white residue from the conditioner drying on the surface.

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Best Protectant

303 UV Protectant Wipes are good on vinyl, rubber, plastic and fiberglass on the inside and outside of your car to prevent fading and cracks from exposure to the sun. One Amazon consumer said it felt like having “sunscreen” for their car. The non oil-based formula leaves a subtle sheen and keeps dust at bay for several weeks. Another Amazon consumer said, “It’s been about three weeks since I used one wipe and I still have very little dust.”

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Best for Glass

Invisible Glass Cleaner Wipes are safe on interior and exterior glass. The wipe itself is 7-in. x 12-in., which makes it easier to use with your entire hand so you don’t inadvertently create streaks. These will wipe up splatter from bugs and plants on the outside as well as erase handprints on the inside.

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Best Wipes in the Cosmetics Aisle

Biore Daily Facial Cleansing Cloths are a known trick among car enthusiasts and pro detailers. The soap and water can clean the touch points inside the car (think steering wheel, door handles, seatbelts), and the conditioner in Biore’s formula makes the wipes safe for cleaning your car’s interiors, even leather seats.

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Best Overall Cleaner Runner-Up

Armor All Original Cleaning Wipes work on plastic, rubber, vinyl, fabric, carpet and leather. They’re lint-free, leave no greasy residue on your hands, and leave a matte finish after picking up dust and dirt. Many reviewers say these are the wipes they always keep in the car to clean up in a pinch. According to one Amazon consumer, “The dog drooled all over the seats and it left a gross residue and these wipes cleaned it up easily. Definitely recommend. I keep one in the side cupholder in the door now.”

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Best Overall Cleaner

Meguiar’s Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner Wipes are safe on all interior surfaces — leather, fabric, carpet and clear plastic, as well as the vinyl, rubber and plastic that make up the bulk of your dashboard, console and doors. The wipe itself is thicker than average at 7-in. x 9-in. One Amazon consumer said it only took one wipe to clean the entire dash. The matte finish dries quickly, and as another Amazon reviewer put it, there’s “no slick film after, just clean to the touch and good looking.”

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