What’s the Big Deal About Liquid Glass Car Polish?

Liquid Glass has been revered among car enthusiasts for producing a long-lasting paint shine with minimal effort. But is it now impossible to find?

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What Is Liquid Glass?

Liquid Glass is a brand of polish and finish for automotive paint. It’s not a car wax — it’s a proprietary formula that, when applied properly, gives long-lasting shine and protection to paint.

Why Do People Love Liquid Glass?

People — especially classic car enthusiasts — love using Liquid Glass in part because it’s so easy to apply and doesn’t need frequent re-application.

Most automotive waxes require you to work in small sections of a car to apply wax and then buff out shortly thereafter. With Liquid Glass, you can apply the polish to the entire car, then allow the polish to turn to a haze before buffing. This is, for many people, a much easier way to ensure the entire car is done right. Even the classic car experts at Hemmings Motor News raved about the ease of application.

Mostly, it’s a trusted product that people have been using for years with great results. In the words of one reviewer at Advance Auto Parts, “I have about ten coats [of Liquid Glass] on my 1985 Cutlass Supreme and it still looks like it just came out of the showroom!” Your author, too, used Liquid Glass years ago, with great results.

Is Liquid Glass Still Made?

Unfortunately, it seems as if Liquid Glass is no longer available — at least not under the Liquid Glass name.

Auto Barn, an online auto accessory retailer, notes on their Liquid Glass web page that “We are currently out of stock on all Liquid Glass Products. We have been unable to contact the Liquid Glass Company.” Indeed, the Liquid Glass website seems to be offline — the Internet Archive last showed it online in February 2020, though internet commenters have been speculating about spotty availability for several years.

The good news: MPT Industries was once a part of Liquid Glass and now manufactures MPT Classic Polish/Finish. MPT and users say it’s virtually identical to the classic Liquid Glass.

Are There Any Good Liquid Glass Substitutes?

Of course, Liquid Glass devotees probably want to start with MPT Classic Polish/Finish, to likely get as close to the original as possible. But internet commenters lamenting the apparent disappearance of Liquid Glass from store shelves have suggested several other polishing products that work similarly.

RejeX is frequently mentioned as an automotive polish that gives as good of a finish as Liquid Glass, though application might be somewhat more involved as it seems to take longer to cure each coat. Another suggested product is Finish First. This is so similar to Liquid Glass it even comes in a metal tin with a red Corvette on the label, just like the classic Liquid Glass.


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