Chris Tonn

location-pin Columbus, Ohio

School: University of Phoenix

Expertise: automotive, product testing, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, renovating and remodeling

Chris Tonn

  • Awarded Silver Medal for Best Heritage Motorsports Story by Automotive Heritage Foundation (2021)
  • Worked in various sales roles within the home improvement industry for more than two decades.
  • Former service writer at a major auto repair shop chain who still does most of his auto repair work.


Chris Tonn is a home improvement expert with two decades of experience in all corners of the home improvement industry. He is also an award-winning automotive journalist and classic car historian. He's worked in various sales roles within home improvement industry including lawnmowers, plumbing and tires. Chris was also a service writer at a major auto repair shop chain and still does most of his own auto repair work at home. His work has appeared in Readers Digest, eBay Motors, The Truth About Cars and more.


University of Phoenix

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