This $10 “Carbage” Can Is the Key to Keeping Your Car Clean

This Amazon car trash can cleans up the competition. A mess-free ride is only $10 away.

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You probably never knew you needed a “carbage” can until now, but these brilliant car accessories make keeping a tidy car interior easier than ever.

Car trash cans offer a leak-free solution to most types of garbage, making frequent disposal an easy task. With more than 26,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.6 rating, the Hotor Car Trash Can is one of Amazon’s most popular car cleaning products and an affordable must-have for anyone who wants a mess-free ride. Speaking of popular accessories for your car, read up on our Chemical Guys New Car Smell Air Freshener review — it’ll keep your car smelling brand new! As an alternative, you can consider this car diffuser that makes aromatherapy portable, too.

What Is a Car Trash Can?

If you love car cleaning putty and other neat-freak essentials, car trash cans are the game-changing accessories you’ve been dreaming of.

The Hotor Car Trash Can features a rubber lip top opening, storage pockets and leakproof interior. It comes in a range of neutral colors like black, tan and blue, as well as several eye-popping varieties like camo and baby pink.

The robust two and three-gallon sizes make it simple to tuck even bulky garbage away without worry. The genius side compartments make stashing tissues, napkins, hand sanitizer and other on-the-go essentials a neat endeavor as well.

With its adjustable strap and collapsible shape, it fits every type of vehicle and area. Place it on the floor, attach it to a car seat, hang it from any headrest, or pop it into your center console. And can be stashed away when you don’t need it.

The drawstring cord makes precise adjustments a cinch. It even has a lid, so you don’t have to worry about stinky smells or overflow. It’s the ideal collection spot for used tissues, food debris, crumpled to-go cups and any gross thing your pets drag onto your car floor mats as they hop in.

Parents rave about it as one of their favorite auto accessories because it keeps a water-tight garbage container within reach for little ones in the back.

Why Is the Hotor Car Trash Can Trending?

Car trash cans started trending on social media earlier this year, when luxury carmakers started rolling out new premium models with them built right into the center consoles. It wasn’t long before envious TikTok users realized they could add a cheap Hotor Car Trash Can without spending major cash. Then the trend took off with #CleanTok followers.

Within weeks, this clean-keeping accessory became one of Amazon’s best sellers. Thousands of user-submitted images and videos showcased how easy it is to install and use.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

“It was time to upgrade the trash bin in our vehicle, and this little gem looked like a perfect solution,” writes verified Amazon purchaser L.H., who gave the Hotor five stars. “I’m very pleased with the purchase. The bag is very well-made and completely waterproof inside, which means it could be used for other purposes besides trash. It’s quite a heavy-duty material, as is the waterproof liner.

“It would be very easy to simply wipe the inside clean, or use a plastic bag as a liner if that’s your preference. A really great feature is the magnetic snap system around the rim that is designed to hold up the edges of a plastic bag if you want to use one as a liner. It looks much neater than having to fold a cheap liner over the outside edges of the bag.”

Misty, another Amazon verified purchaser, writes, “This trash can is exactly what I needed. It’s big enough to fit a large amount of trash. It is super easy to clean out and had zero liquid in the can itself.

“It fits securely behind my middle console for my eight-year-old son to easily put his trash in. He has thrown cups full of Coke in it and it hasn’t leaked at all! The best part is that it didn’t cost me a fortune and it does everything I need and more. I definitely recommend it! One of my favorite purchases of all time!”

Where to Buy the Hotor Car Trash Can

Hotor Car Trash Can Silo Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

You can score a Hotor Car Trash Can on Amazon for about $10. The two-gallon size tends to sell out in popular colors like black, tan and blue. The three-gallon size — ideal for trucks, large-capacity SUVs and long road trips — retails $20. The clean car accessory you always knew you needed couldn’t be simpler.

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