11 Brilliant Things You Can Create With Dollar Store Items

Updated: Feb. 10, 2023

Whether you're on a budget or not, you'll be amazed at what you can make with these items from your local dollar store!

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DIY Book-Page Banner

Grab a picture book from a dollar store, some twine, scissors, marker, paper and a whole punch and you can create a fun banner perfect for many occasions. A banner like this is perfect for a birthday party or as a decoration of your child’s favorite book displayed sweetly in their bedroom. This is a cheap and quick DIY project! Begin by using scissors and a piece of paper to cut out one triangular or rectangular-shaped banner pennant, then use a marker to trace the outline of the pennant onto the book page that you want to cut out. Use scissors to carefully cut the banner along the traced outline, then punch a hole at the top two corners of each pennant. Finally, thread a strand of twine through the pennant holes. Be sure to leave excess string on each side of your banner for hanging. Here are 12 gift ideas for kids who like DIY.

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DIY Flamingo Succulent Planter

Having a backyard bash and need some fun decorations? Purchase plastic yard flamingos and faux succulents at the dollar store and whip up these planters! Just use a sharp knife to (carefully) cut out a hole in the top of the flamingo’s back, insert floral foam until it’s packed into the opening of the hole, then push the succulent stems into the foam and arrange to your liking. You may also like these 14 tips for planting live succulents outdoors.

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Wire Basket and Pizza Pan Plant Stand

If you’re looking for a cheap but adorable decoration for your home or porch, create your own plant stand! All you need are wire baskets and a metal pizza pan from the dollar store. First, place one of the baskets on a flat surface and apply a bead of hot-melt glue along the rim opening, then press the second basket opening upside down onto the glue-covered rim and hold it there for a minute or two. Then put some hot-melt glue on the bottom of the upside-down basket and carefully press the pizza pan on top, ensuring it’s centered on top of the upside down basket. Hold it there for a few minutes, then spray paint the entire thing a color you love. Finally, top the pizza pan with a potted plant. Here’s how to make your own tiered plant stand.

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DIY Painted Vases & Candleholders

For this project, you’ll need vases, candleholders, spray paint, painter’s tape, scissors and scrap paper. You’ll begin by wrapping painter’s tape around each vase and candleholder in rows to create stripes or patterns. Spray paint in your favorite colors, let completely dry, and then remove the tape to reveal your new and improved vases and candleholders! Check out these beeswax candles made in glass yogurt jars.

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DIY Doily Table Runner

At a dollar store, you can purchase packs of paper doilies for, you guessed it, a dollar. Glue them together to make a gorgeous table runner for next to nothing! To transform your table, lay the doilies out to determine the pattern and length you want, making sure to overlap the edges a bit to avoid gaps. Then simply glue around the doily boarders create a beautiful runner.

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Marbled Glass Vases

Grab various vases from a dollar store and transform them into chic accent pieces using acrylic paint. Pour 2 or more colors of paint into the bottom of the vase, then tilt the vase from side to side or swirl slowly in different directions to create that marbled look. Once most of the vase is covered, wipe up the rim with a paper towel and let the vase sit in a cup until the remaining paint drips off. Want to learn how to paint faux marble onto furniture? Here are the complete instructions.

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Googly Eye Halloween Wreath

Forget overspending on Halloween decorations! Make this DIY wreath by wrapping a foam form with white ribbon, covering the wrapped wreath in table tennis balls, and gluing a googly eye on each ball. You may also like these monstrously creative DIY Halloween creations.

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Personalized $1 Tumblers and Bags

Tote bags and drink tumblers are always in stock at dollar stores. Grab some canvas or mesh tote bags and plastic or stainless steel tumblers and personalize with embellishments, vinyl decals, paint, stickers and more. Check out these eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags.

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Personalized Sun Hat or Ball Cap

Those personalized sun hats are totally adorable, but they can also be unreasonably pricey! So, why not make them instead? Grab a hat of your choice and a black sharpie marker. This is the type of project that’s great for the type of crafter with beautiful handwriting and a knack for drawing cool designs. Here are 10 ingenious DIY hat and coat racks on which to hang your personalized sun hat and ball cap!

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DIY Jewelry and Trinket Tray

Grab a plastic toy animal, salad plate or saucer, some paint, a paint brush and glue and get to work on this DIY tray that’s perfect for holding your jewelry or other small trinkets. Just choose your favorite plastic toy animal, use a paint brush to paint it one color and let the paint dry for an hour. You can even paint on a few accents or designs if you want! Then, glue the base of the animal (legs, bottom or back) to the middle of a salad plate or saucer.

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Homemade Snow Globes

Create your own Christmas decorations with these homemade snow globes. Grab some lidded jars and glue figurines, cotton balls, etc. to the inside of the jar lids. Pour some glitter, sequins or fake snow into the jar. Once the glue is dry and you’ve finished decorating, simply screw the lid on the jar and turn it upside down.

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