8 New Uses for Table Runners You Never Thought Of

Updated: Sep. 29, 2023

Just because it has the word table in it doesn't mean table runners can't be decor elsewhere in the house. Here's how to repurpose table runners to refresh the look of any room.

Uses For a Table Runner Without a Table Via @Redeux_Style TikTokVIA @REDEUX_STYLE/TIKTOK

If you’re looking for ways to upcycle some old table runners in your home, look no further. From pillow covers to accent rugs, old table runners can be upcycled into many creative, unique things for your home. TikTok creator @redeux_style shows us how with a few easy tips!

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Seat Cover Hack Via @redeux_Style Ways To Reuse Table Runners Without A Table Dh Fhm
Via @Redeux_Style/TikTok

Seat Covers

Content creator Sarah Teresinski shared her trick to use a table runner as a seat cover. On her TikTok account @redeux_style, she draped the runner over the back of the chair and onto the seat, tucking it in to create an entirely new look. This hack can be especially useful if the right throw pillow is proving hard to come by.

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Wall Art Hack Via @redeux_Style TikTok Ways To Reuse Table Runners Without A Table Dh Fhm
Via @Redeux_Style/TikTok

Wall Art

Table runners can serve as a decorative tapestry on almost any wall in the house. Teresinski likes to let the fringe hang down, tack it up with a few nails and add some artwork. Using a table runner as a wall accent is an easy way to upgrade your space.

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Andean Textiles From Ecuador on display at an outdoor market

Headboard Redesign

If you’re looking for a headboard refresh but don’t want to invest in a new one, a table runner is an inexpensive way to bring in a new design. You can create an inexpensive DIY headboard tapestry with table runners—simply flip them over, duct tape them together, and voila!

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Accent Rug Hack Via @redeux_Style TikTok Ways To Reuse Table Runners Without A Table Dh Fhm
Via @Redeux_Style/TikTok

Accent Rug

Duct tape plays an important role in creating this unique accent rug Teresinski makes with three table runners. Turn your desired table runners over so they’re good-side-down, duct tape them together, and watch table runners transform into an inexpensive accent rug.

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Bench Couch Throw Hack Via @redeux_Style TikTok Ways To Reuse Table Runners Without A Table Dh Fhm
Via @Redeux_Style/TikTok

Bench or Couch Throw

Instead of using a blanket, table runners can double as an accent throw on the back of a bench or couch. Adding a pop of color or a new pattern thanks to the table runner can be a cheap decor option that looks expensive, and it’s easily interchangeable.

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Bath Towel Roll In Wicker Basket

Bathroom Vanity

Areas like bathroom vanities that hold makeup, lotion and other liquids have a tendency to show wear. Adding a table runner to your toiletries area can add a layer of protection and serve as a washable material to catch any spills.

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Pillowcase Cover Hack Via @redeux_Style TikTok Ways To Reuse Table Runners Without A Table Dh Fhm
Via @Redeux_Style/TikTok

Pillow Covers

Teresinski cuts a longer table runner in half and uses fabric glue to join three sides together. With one end left open, she then stuffs the table runner that’s now a pillow cover with old towels that aren’t getting used anymore. If your table runner doesn’t have tassels, you can skip cutting it in half and instead fold it over onto itself and then glue both the top and bottom.

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Gingham Checked Pattern Window Valance
Catherine McQueen/Getty Images

Window Valance

Table runners are the perfect dimensions to use as window valances in many rooms of the house, especially on smaller windows like in the bathroom and kitchen. Use a no-sew hem tape to create a pocket for the table runner and slip over a curtain rod.