The Latest Trending Christmas Tree Color May Surprise You

Nothing says the holiday season like a vibrant red. Here's why red Christmas trees are becoming the "it" tree of 2022.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and you might be thinking about what color scheme you’ll use in your holiday decor—especially on your Christmas tree. Besides the traditional designs, it seems like there’s a new Christmas tree trend every year. From Scandinavian-inspired minimalism to a bright Christmas tree light hack that’s a definite look, the last couple of years brought something unique to the table.

Christmas tree trends vary from year to year, but there’s one bold look topping the charts right now: a red Christmas tree. Here’s why it’s the stand-out pick of Christmas tree color trends for 2022.

The Most Trendy Decoration Is… a Red Christmas Tree

Red Christmas Tree 2022 Trending Color Of The Year Via Amazonvia

For sticklers of natural green pine colors or flocked, snowy beauties, a red Christmas tree might be a little surprising, but the trend’s popularity is easy to unpack. Home decor retailer Christmas Central recently increased its stock of red Christmas trees due to an uptick in purchases, according to Laura Gordon, VP of e-commerce at Gordon Companies Inc.

Gordon also told Apartment Therapy that the increasing popularity of the red Christmas tree is due to its versatility. For starters, red is a traditional Christmas color that matches holiday decor items people already own. If you’ve ever decorated with Christmas colors like red and green or gold and silver, it’s a cinch to incorporate a red tree into your design this holiday season.

Plus, the variety of shades available has made the eye-catching appearance of red trees accessible to nearly everyone’s decor style. Shades available include darker reds like cherry and burgundy or bright, vivid offerings like scarlet. So whether you’re opting for a vintage Christmas design or something more modern, there’s a color out there that will work with your vibe. If you need a little inspiration for your design this season, check out these Christmas tree ideas.

Where Can I Get One?

After you engage in the time-old debate of getting a real versus a fake Christmas tree and decide on an artificial tree, it’s time to pick one out. Luckily, if you’re ready to invest in a red tree, plenty of trusted retailers are selling them online. But, unfortunately, they might be harder to snag in-store, so plan your shopping accordingly.

Some of the best options online include this Vickerman 3-foot Red Tinsel Artificial Christmas Tree from Overstock ($96), this 4-foot Red Unlit Tinsel Pop-Up Artificial Christmas Tree from The Home Depot ($50), and the 6-foot KI Store Flocked Red Artificial Christmas Tree from Amazon ($170).

And don’t forget—even though your Christmas tree is artificial, you still need to know basic Christmas tree care, such as how to store it.

Once you’ve found a red tree, you can start the best part of prepping for Christmas: decorating!

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