Considering a fireplace? Here’s all the info you need to choose the right fireplace, install it properly and repair it if something goes wrong.

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    How To Fix Summer Chimney Smells

    After using your fireplace all winter, the hot, steamy days of summer can cause your chimney to really stink. Here's how to stop the stench!

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    Outdoor Fireplaces: Which Type Is Right for You?

    Fire it up and gather around. An outdoor fireplace creates a warm and inviting hub for relaxing and entertaining in...

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    What Type of Wood Is Best to Burn in My Fire Pit?

    Selecting the right firewood for your fire pit is crucial for safety and enjoyment. These are your best options.

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    7 Best Fire Pit Ring Inserts of 2021

    Everyone loves a backyard bonfire! And a fire pit ring insert can keep those home fires burning brightly, and in...

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    11 Best Fireplace Screens of 2021

    From stylish to practical, keep the embers burning without sparks flying with these top fireplace screens for home and hearth.

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    8 Best Ethanol Fireplaces

    Indoor and outdoor ethanol fireplaces are a beautiful and eco-friendly alternative to burning wood.

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    9 Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas

    Is your backyard or patio missing something? Turn your outdoor space into a cozy retreat with one of these outdoor...

    8 Scary Ways Your Fireplace Could Be Toxic

    A roaring fire can really make wintertime more bearable. But could it be dangerous to your health? Sadly, yes. Here's...

    10 Best Home Improvement Projects Under $500

    A little can go a long way when it comes to home improvements. For just $500 you can make some...

    12 Best Home Improvement Projects Under $100

    A little can go a long way when it comes to home improvements. For just $100 you can make some...

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    8 Types of Gas Fireplaces

    Thinking about buying a gas fireplace? We break down the different types and give you the tools to choose the...

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    Top Tips for Starting a Fire in the Fireplace

    Avoid any meeting of the minds during the holidays as you build a fire in a fireplace by getting it...

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    7 Best Gas Fireplaces Inserts

    Gas fireplace inserts deliver warmth with ease of operation. Read on to learn which of these standouts may be the...

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    15 Things Home Inspectors Wish You Knew

    These things home inspectors wish you knew can help sellers prepare for a home sale and make buyers aware of...

    6 Home Problems Inspectors Hate to See and How to Fix Them

    Reuben Saltzman, president of Structure Tech in Minnesota, identifies potential home problems and what to do about them.

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    Is a Wood Burning Stove Right for Your Home?

    Like the idea of heating your home with wood? Wood burning stoves can be a beautiful thing. Learn what they...

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    9 Common Fireplace Problems and Repairs

    Make sure your fireplace functions properly so it's ready whenever you, your family and friends want to enjoy it.

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    Best Fireplace Decor Ideas

    Uninspired fireplace decor is everywhere. That's why these 10 hearths caught our eye and we wanted to share them with...

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    8 Best Electric Fireplaces

    Create the cozy ambiance of a roaring fire without the hassle and expense of a conventional hearth with one of...

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    How to Clean a Chimney

    Cleaning tips for a wood-burning fireplace chimney.

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    How to Install a Gas Fireplace

    Complete DIY instructions for installing a direct-vent gas fireplace

    Firewood Buying Tips

    Whether you’re looking for wood to burn in a fireplace, wood stove or backyard fire pit, here’s what to keep...

    13 Steps on How to Use a Fireplace Safely

    While a wood-burning fireplace adds warmth and comfort to a home during the colder months, safety should always be top...

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    Homeowner’s Guide to Gas Fireplace Inserts

    Tired of dealing with the constant mess and maintenance of your wood-burning fireplace? Consider whether a gas fireplace insert is...

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    12 Best Indoor Fireplace Tools and Accessories

    The right fireplace accessories and tools will help you build and maintain a safe and beautiful roaring fire all winter...

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    Guide to Gas Fireplace Servicing and Maintenance

    Even clean-burning gas fireplaces need regular cleaning and inspection. Learn what's involved in a gas fireplace service and when it...

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    How to Resurface Your Fireplace

    From dull and dated to modern masterpiece in one weekend.

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    What Animal May Be Living in My Chimney (And How Do I Get Rid of It)?

    If noises from your chimney have you wondering what's going on in there, you could have unwelcome animals that need...

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    Vintage Family Handyman Project: Modernizing a Fireplace (Then and Now)

    In honor of our 70th anniversary, we recreated one of our earliest projects.

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    Prepare Your Wood-Burning Fireplace for Winter

    Before you light up those logs this winter, make sure you properly prepare your wood-burning fireplace.