Forget Fire Logs! People Are Filling Their Fireplaces with Candles and It’s So Cozy

Updated: Feb. 10, 2023

Putting candles in the fireplace is an excellent way to add coziness and warmth to your home.

Non-working fireplace? No problem! If you have a fireplace that you don’t use, this tip is for you. Maybe your fireplace doesn’t function, you rent and can’t use it or you even have concerns about the potential health impacts of inhaling smoke. Regardless of why your fireplace isn’t functional, you may have given up on the idea of it being anything more than a piece of decor.

But we have some great news: with the help of this handy hack, you can quickly elevate your living space by adding an extra dose of coziness. Yes, we’re talking about placing candles in the fireplace. Here’s how—and why— you should give it a go in your home.

You can also elevate your room by investing in some fireplace decor ideas.

How to Prep Your Fireplace for Candles

@mydiyhappyhome_ Fireplace GLOW UP 🕯 We’ve never used our gas log fireplace- for safety reasons with our kiddos, but have always wanted it to feel cozy. It took me about an hour of time and I love it!!! I removed the gas logs (saving for later), left the grate in place to protect the gas line, cut a of thick piece of cardboard to fit in the grate, sprayed it black and added battery operated candles. Now we can have a warm, cozy glow- year round. No hot flames to worry with… and we can always swap it back later on down the road if we want to! 😉 You can create spaces in your home that love! I will link up the candles I used on my LTK page- link in my profile. #fireplace #fireplacemakeover #diyhomedecor #diymom #momlife #cozyhome #candlelight ♬ Made to Shine – Shelly Fairchild & Silverberg

Before putting candles in the fireplace, you need to prep the area. As seen in this video by TikToker @mydiyhappyhome, start your fireplace facelift by removing anything already in it, such as gas logs. (Another foolproof way to give your fireplace a facelift? By adding fireplace tiles.) Of course, be cautious and make sure nothing is hot before you touch it. Because this creator has a gas line in the fireplace, she left the grates. That brings us to our next must-know before placing candles in the fireplace: if you also have a gas line, only use faux candles.

Next, use a vacuum to clean up any excess debris, which tidies up the area and makes it more visually pleasing. You can also a piece of black-painted cardboard and put it on top of the grate so the candles can sit. Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re ready for assembly.

How to Set Up Your Candles in the Fireplace

Now that you’ve prepped your space, it’s time to start arranging your candles in the fireplace. Before you begin, ask yourself a few questions. Do you prefer taper candles or the look of pillar ones? Would you like candles of varied heights or all the same? Do colored candles appeal to you, or do you want to keep them classic with a neutral hue? Do you have a gas line? If so, you’ll have to stick with faux candles. And if you go with fake candles, will you get a remote-control set to illuminate your space easily?

Once you’ve answered these questions and made your purchase, you’re officially ready to begin putting your candles in the fireplace.

With Candlesticks

If you love the elegant, whimsical look of taper candles, you can use candlesticks to arrange your candles in the fireplace. Check out how TikTok user @danniellajoy sets hers to create an intimate, cozy vibe in her home. Of course, you can opt for plain taper candles, but we love how this creator added a fun twist with the ones she selected. To get the look, our editors recommend these flameless wax candles that mimic the real deal.

@danniellajoy Candlesticks in your fireplace is such a vibe 🕯🤍✨ #fireplacediy #fireplacedecor #bohohomedecor #bohohome #candledecor #sanfancisco ♬ freaking out the neighborhood by mac demarcoシ – offline

With Candles of Varied Sizes and Heights

As seen in the first video, using candles of varied heights creates visual interest and makes the entire arrangement more appealing. Plus, it adds a feeling of coziness and warmth like no other, as you can use candles of different sizes to fill in the gaps. Try these flickering LED candles that come in an assortment of sizes.

With Colorful Candles

You can select colorful candles if you want to add color to your space. Whether you prefer taper or pillar candles, you can certainly find them in many lively colors, so don’t be afraid to get creative to make an arrangement that feels like a reflection of your home’s unique style. Check out how TikToker @hollyauna did it for some inspiration.

@hollyauna This seriously brings me so much joy 🕯#fireplace #candles #dollartree #halloween #harrypotter ♬ Double Trouble – John Towner Williams

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