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Best Fireplace Decor Ideas

Uninspired fireplace decor is everywhere. That's why these 10 hearths caught our eye and we wanted to share them with you.

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Fireplace Decor 121237518 180077863680987 197223763505901506 NCourtesy of @bykristinalynne

Ditch the Mantle

Floor to ceiling tile, and no distracting mantle, makes this fireplace by @bykristinalynne a showstopping stunner. If tile isn’t an option, try painting your fireplace wall all black for a similar high impact look. To balance out the modern choices, add warm elements like the vintage cabinet and stacked firewood.

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Fireplace Decor 135031711 684650538909972 1033742448850662650 NCourtesy of @oakstonehomesiowa

Over-Grouted Stone

Home builder @oakstonehomesiowa says this beautiful stone fireplace was their most asked-about project last year. This particular stone is a custom mix created with three types of manufactured stones and white over-grout.

Over-grouting is a technique that involves a heavy grout line that is even with, or actually extends beyond, the stone face, instead of the more traditional recessed grout line. This technique gives the stone a gorgeously soft, old-world finish.

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Fireplace Decor 119185478 366048387899440 4496503578940896277 NCourtesy of @thecozyfarmhouse

Go Faux

Lamenting that you don’t have a fireplace to decorate? Go faux! @thecozyfarmhouse created this faux fireplace with an antique mantle mounted to the wall. Wood slices glued to plywood gives the illusion of stacked wood inside. A simple mirror and stylish candlesticks finish off a beautiful focal point with no fire needed!

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Fireplace Decor Fallfireplace 22 683x1024Courtesy of Amelia Lawrence Design

Paint It White

This look from Amelia Lawrence Design proves that a simple bucket of white paint can make a world of difference. The art, accessories and gorgeous reclaimed wood mantle pop against the white brick.

To paint your fireplace, first clean the brick thoroughly with a wire brush and a heavy-duty cleaner, especially if you have a wood burning fireplace. Then use two to three coats of an indoor, latex, heat-resistant paint.

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Fireplace Decor 136708572 1581602188706963 1198121552209498121 NCourtesy of @the_strawberry_house_london

Modern Mirror

For a modern twist on the traditional fireplace mirror, use a windowpane mirror and sleek accessories like in this design by @the_strawberry_house_london. Pops of live greenery add a nice contrast to all the straight lines and the black and white color scheme. Now excuse us while we go buy an adorable pink vase we never knew we needed.

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Fireplace Decor 128207189 999640233865788 6283590609579968055 NCourtesy of @house.wecall.home

Play With Pattern

If you’re planning on completely refinishing your fireplace, consider a patterned tile for the surround. The black and white tile used by @house.wecall.home adds a playful flair on an otherwise traditional fireplace. A big potted plant placed next to the fireplace is another way to freshen the space.

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Fireplace Decor 130803172 174694654360338 3985605301599415107 NCourtesy of @marthadaytondesign

Don’t Be Afraid Of Color

Painting a fireplace a bold color will draw the eye and create a dramatic focal point for the room. This fireplace by @marthadaytondesign is painted Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore. To finish the look, two wall sconces and one simple piece of artwork is all it needs, allowing the beautiful color to speak for itself.

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Fireplace Decor 122559076 716766089196716 3055735681266299234 NCourtesy of @terranelsonhome

Short Shelves

Here’s yet another fireplace that has us taking notes. We love they way @terranelsonhome uses a bench instead of a mantle. And the built-in shelves are a little shorter than what’s expected, giving the whole fireplace a fresh look. For a similar vibe, paint your fireplace white and install DIY floating shelves on either side.

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Fireplace Decor 69701069 2144892409144110 2855617816430245995 NCourtesy of @feasbyandbleeksdesign

Oversized Art

If you’re stressing about finding the perfect balance of decorative accessories for your fireplace, try hanging just one piece of oversized art instead. The abstract artwork displayed above this fireplace by @feasbyandbleeksdesign makes a big statement with minimal effort. (Artwork by @sarahdelaneyart.)

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Fireplace Decor 122141191 347126973033190 8504729666289620915 NCourtesy of @heirloomdecor

Modern Antlers

Decorating with antlers doesn’t mean you have to be a hunter living in a rustic cabin. Faux antlers or antlers painted white are beautiful modern fireplace decor, like this example from @heirloomdecor. The rest of the accessories are simple, and mostly white, to keep the look chic and streamlined.