14 Best Fireplace Tools and Accessories for Indoors

The right indoor fireplace accessories tools and accessories will help you enjoy a toasty, glowing fire all season long.

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log carrier via Amazon.com

Firewood carriers

After you figure out where to buy firewood that’s right for your fireplace or stove, you’ll need something to carry it in. Lugging armloads of logs inside your home can be back-breaking, but the Amagabeli Firewood Canvas Tote Bag ($32) makes toting perfect bundles a cinch.

This top-rated log carrier measures 39 inches long and 18 inches wide, large enough to handle loads of firewood and kindling. It’s also versatile enough to carry bags of pellets for pellet-fed stoves. It’s made of waterproof, durable premium waxed canvas. The central strap keeps the wood held tight for easy transportation from stack to inside.

“This thing is awesome! It makes carrying wood in so much easier,” writes verified Amazon purchaser Tiffany.

“Yes, I still have to make several trips if I plan on bringing in enough wood to keep a fire going all day, but I had to do that anyway. Now it is just much easier. It is big enough to carry pretty large logs, and even longer logs than you would usually need for a fireplace or wood stove. It is very well-made and seems very durable.”

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Fireplace Tool Sets

Trying to work a fire without the right tools is not only difficult, but dangerous. This premium iron Heavy-Duty Fireplace Tool Set ($72) is coated with high-temperature resistance iron powder to withstand the heat of your fire.

It comes with tongs to help place kindling in safely, a brush to sweep ash and debris, a poker to shift logs, a shovel for removing debris and a sturdy stand to safely hold hot tools. If you’re giving this set as a gift, pair it with a warm blanket and some music for a total mood-enhancer.

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Firebacks To Trap More Heat via amazon.com

Firebacks to Trap More Heat

Wood fires tend to be less efficient than wood stoves, modern gas-burning or electric fireplaces. Adding a fireback will radiate the heat into the room. We like the classic Minuteman Cast Iron Fireback. Thick cast iron traps the heat that would otherwise escape and reflects it back into the room.

This timeless fireback rests on the floor at the back of the hearth. It can be used with gas logs and in wood-burning fireplaces.

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Fireplace Vacuums via amazon.com

Fireplace Vacuums

Something that removes all the fire-created ash should be high on your list of indoor fireplace tools. Air quality is important, but ridding the fireplace of ash can be messy. It isn’t as easy as reaching for the household vacuum cleaner, which creates a fire risk and sends ash back into the air.

This affordable Snow Joe ash vacuum features a metal canister, reusable fine dust and ash filter that saves you time and money. The powerful four-amp motor makes ash removal faster, easier and safer.

Also, make yourself familiar with these expert tips on indoor fireplace safety.

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Log Racks via wayfair.com

Log Racks

Firewood stored outside in snow and rain takes longer to dry out, and you can’t burn damp wood successfully. The Arlmont and Co. Jolley Log Rack keeps logs good and dry with air circulating all around. Holding enough wood for several fires, it’s a gorgeous add-on to your living room hearth. Or it can be safely tucked away in the garage, covered porch or other areas of the home.

Made of heavy-duty steel for durability and long life, this rack gives your home that cozy, log cabin feel.

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Fireplace Screens via amazon.com

Fireplace Screens

If not properly blocked, hot debris, flying embers and ash could land on your floor, damaging wood and carpet or causing a fire. Prevent that with the Amagabeli Fireplace Screen with Doors. It’s made from hand-forged wrought iron and finished with a powder coat finish to resist rust and chipping.

The heavy-gauge mesh will keep hot debris safely inside the firebox. Just remember to keep your fire safety equipment up-to-date, and consider upgrading to hard-wired smoke detectors.

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ash bucket via Amazon.com

Ash Buckets

Ash buildup reduces the airflow that keeps a fire going, but breaking out the ash vacuum after every fire is tedious. The powder-coated, heavy-duty steel Panacea Ash Bucket holds ash from several past fires.

It comes with a shovel and lid, so you can keep it right by the hearth. It also features a comfortable wood handle for carrying it outside to safely dispose of the ashes.

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Fireplace Gloves via amazon.com

Fireplace Gloves

A poker or tongs are useless for a stubborn burning log that needs to be moved, and most gardening and work gloves are extremely flammable. Adding a pair or two of these fire-resistant Long Arm Fireplace Gloves can be just the ticket for easier fire maintenance.

They’re definitely among the indoor fireplace tools people forget to buy, but prove infinitely useful year-round because they’re great during grill season, too. These hearth gloves measure 16 inches long so you can reach into your fireplace without burning your arm.

“I bought these to use with my wood-fired pizza oven,” writes verified Amazon purchaser Larry. “Heat protection is superior at up to 900 degrees! I can easily reach anywhere to the oven while it’s blazing hot, adjust the errant pieces of wood without tools, adjust cast iron plates with ease.”

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hearth rug via Amazon.com

Hearth Rugs

The wrong type of rug in front of a fireplace can be a fire risk if hot debris lands on it. Plow & Hearth’s Flame-Resistant Half-Round Rug features industrial-strength, tightly woven acrylic sheet to protect fine floors without melting, smoldering or leaving ugly cinder scars.

The smooth surface lies flat while the non-skid vinyl backing keeps the rug in place on hardwood, area rugs and carpeting. Bonus: It’s super easy to clean.

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Fireplace Doors via lowes.com

Fireplace Doors

Fireplace doors are a good idea for safety and heating efficiency, but often obstruct the view of a beautiful fire. These allen + roth Monroe cabinet-style fireplace doors offer 3/16-inch tempered glass, easy installation and an easier-to-appreciate view of your roaring fire. Plus, the cabinet-style doors with catch magnets and premium mesh panels make it a safe, user-friendly option.

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log bin and carrier via Amazon.com

Space-Saving Indoor Fireplace Tools

The inability to store wood properly inside likely means more trips to the woodpile in the middle of a snowstorm. Panacea’s Mission Log Bin makes it easier to haul in bundles of wood without re-stacking it inside. It’s ideal for smaller rooms and compact living spaces, like Dad’s cabin in the woods.

The carrier easily turns into a sling to hold the wood, the rack’s durable square steel tubing is made to last.

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Hearth Accessories via amazon.com

Hearth Accessories

Looking for decorations to put on or around the hearth can be a challenge because many items are fire hazards. These Brass Metal Taper Candle Holders come in three heights to add instant appeal to your mantel.

If you’re into whimsical conversation starters, try throwing a couple lucky brass crickets atop your fireplace. Believe it or not, they’re symbols of good luck. Finding a cricket on the hearth supposedly means protection for home and family. Who can argue with that?

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Kindling Cutters via TheBeaverLeverCo/etsy.com

Kindling Cutters

This genius kindling cutter takes ordinary cut logs and neatly slices them into smaller pieces for kindling. It’s one of the best indoor fireplace tools for those who like to add small additions throughout the day to keep their toasty fires going. DIY fire starters like this one can also prove invaluable in the summer when everyone is gathered ’round the campfire.

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Scented Firestarters via BritsCandleCreations/etsy.com

Scented Firestarters

Sometimes your fire just needs something extra, and these affordable, handmade scented firestarters are just the thing to add flair. For just a few dollars each, they spread the scent and charm of fresh cut balsam trees from the fireplace. It’s a fun way to add authentic scent and ambiance if you have an artificial Christmas tree at home. It’s also a festive hostess gift.

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