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11 Best Outdoor Fire Pit Accessories

Make the most of your backyard fire pit or outdoor fireplace with these fun, convenient and clever fire pit accessories.

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Fire Pit Spark Screen

A wire mesh spark screen lets you enjoy the warmth and flame of your fire pit without the danger of sparks flying onto grass, clothes or bare skin — especially important if you’ve got little kids gathered ’round the fire. Although cheaper options are available, we like the Maraca Fire Pit Spark Screen because one side lifts up, making it easier to toast marshmallows or toss on another log without removing the entire screen. It’s available in four different sizes, from an 18-inch to 37-inch diameter.

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Fire Starters

Even the most intrepid Girl or Boy Scout needs an assist now and then. These all-natural, long-burning fire starters are made of pine shavings and food-grade wax, so they light easily and don’t give off any chemical smell. The bag of 50 starters should help you warm up on plenty of chilly nights!

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Fireplace Tool Set

Yes, you could buy them separately. But sooner or later, you’re going to want one of every tool in this five-piece wrought iron fireplace tool set. It includes tongs, a poker, a shovel and a wire brush. Plus, we like the rustic design with its weather-resistant powder coating suited for outdoor use.

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Protective Fire Mat

If your fire pit has a metal base with legs and sits over grass, wood or composite decking (or some other surface you don’t want damaged by high heat), consider a protective fire mat. This one from FirePad blocks 95 percent of the heat from the bottom of the fire pit ring. Just remember to move it off the grass once it’s cooled off!

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Firewood Rack

Keep firewood close at hand without dealing with an unsightly woodpile. Firewood racks come in all shapes and sizes, but we like this 40-inch diameter hoop-style rack for its simplicity. It holds a lot of firewood and we appreciate the heavy-duty steel construction.

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Ash Bucket

You’ll want to clean out your fire pit or fireplace after each use. But a full-size garbage can or bag full of ash can get heavy, fast. That’s why we like this six-gallon galvanized steel trash can. The lid stays on tight. And the small size means you won’t accumulate a lot of ash before it goes into your compost pile or out to the curb.

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Fire Pit Grilling Grate

Transform your fire pit or outdoor fireplace into a wood-fired barbecue with a food-safe grilling rack. Note that most cast-iron fire pit grates aren’t recommended for food, which is why we like this lightweight grate from Sunnydaze.

If you want a heavy-duty grate for holding cast-iron pots, try this sturdy model, which comes in four sizes.

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Fire Pit Covervia

Fire Pit Cover

No one wants to clean clumps of wet ash and soggy burnt firewood from the bottom of a fire pit or fireplace. So between uses, it’s a good idea to keep your fire pit covered, especially during wet weather seasons. We like this hard-working round fire pit cover because it’s waterproof and vented so that the wind can’t blow it away.

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Color-Changing Fire Pit Pine Cones

This may not be a “necessity” for your backyard fireplace or fire pit, but it sure will make it a lot more fun! Toss a few of these neat color-changing pine cones onto the fire and watch the brightly colored flames start to dance. Note that these treated pine cones are for wood fires only. Once you light them, don’t prepare food on the same fire.

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Telescoping Roasting Sticks

Whether you’re roasting marshmallows, hot dogs or other treats, a set of extendable forks/skewers will keep hands and arms safe from heat and flames. This set of eight telescoping roasting sticks is color-coded to avoid marshmallow mix-ups! Each stick extends from 12 inches to 32 inches, so they’re suitable for large fire pits.

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S’Mores Kit

We bet you didn’t know this was missing from your life! Save time running back in the house for more graham crackers with this Hershey’s S’Mores caddy. While it doesn’t come pre-filled (too bad!), this handy caddy has compartments made to hold Hershey chocolate bars, graham crackers and a bag of marshmallows. This also makes a fun gift to take to a friend’s backyard gathering.

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