Is the Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit Worth the Price? An Honest Review

Updated: Mar. 08, 2024

Sick of playing musical chairs to avoid smoke? We put the Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit to the test to see if it burns cleaner and with less smoke.

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As someone who’s used more than 10 of the best fire pits, I was excited to finally get my hands and marshmallow-roasting sticks on the Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit. I’ve heard and read much about Breeo, but to be honest the price always threw me off (thank goodness for fire pit sales). Still, I read countless reviews and online forums saying it was the best at eliminating smoke, lasts nearly forever and looks great.

Spoiler alert: As you’ll find out in my Breeo fire pit review, the rumors are true. I tested the Breeo X19 for more than two months and loved every second of it. That doesn’t mean this fire pit is for everyone.

Read on to find out if it’s right for you.

What is the Breeo Fire Pit?

The Breeo Fire Pit is a smokeless fire pit that uses double-combustion technology to burn smoke before it leaves the pit, stopping any soot or irritants from entering the air and your eyes. Breeo has three types of fire pits:

  • The Breeo X Series: This is the Breeo smokeless fire pit that was tested for this review. It’s the company’s base model that can be purchased in four different sizes (19 inches in diameter to 42 inches) and two finishes (corten and stainless steel). These fire pits are smokeless and can be used with multiple attachments for cooking and grilling (which we did not use for this review).
  • The Breeo Y Series: This is Breeo’s portable fire pit for campers or those on the go. It can be collapsed and stored in a bag, has adjustable legs and a handle, and weighs 31 pounds.
  • The Breeo Luxeve: The Luxeve is Breeo’s luxury line. It’s a 33-inch fire pit available in multiple colors and comes with a free lid, though it can’t be used with Breeo cooking attachments.

Breeo also makes a smokeless insert bundle, a fire pit ring insert that can be placed inside a stone fire pit, giving you that old-world charm with the benefits of a smokeless fire pit.

All Breeo fire pits are made in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Contrary to popular belief, they’re not an Amish-owned company, though they employ many Amish people in the Lancaster area.

I Tried It

Breeo X Series Smokeless Fire Pit

Eliminating the frustration of traditional fires with their excessive smoke, the X Series provides a smokeless centerpiece you can gather around.

Breeo Fire Pit Features

Breeo Fire Pit featuresAnthony O'Reilly for Family Handyman


I’ve seen many people ask, “Is the Breeo fire pit truly smokeless?” And the answer is yes. I used unseasoned and kiln-dried firewood in the fire pit, and both times, there was minimal or no smoke irritating my eyes. The only time there was a little smoke was when I used wet wood, so it gets a pass on that.

Breeo is far from the only smokeless fire pit, but in my experience, it’s one of the best at reducing the amount of smoke in the air. Smokeless fire pits have a special mechanism that burns fire extra hot, according to fire pit expert and full-time van camper Shane Monks O’Byrne.

“Smokeless fire pits are double-walled to build up heat,” O’Byrne says. “The walls are strategically vented to allow the perfect amount of oxygen in to increase the heat as much as possible”

Easy to Light

Whereas many fire pits have a flat bottom, the Breeo Fire pit has an X-shaped raised platform to help increase airflow for easier starting fires. Again, I used all types of wood in this fire pit, and not once did I struggle with starting a fire.


If there’s one thing to take away from this Breeo fire pit review, it’s that this thing is, as the kids say, a unit. In English, this is a heavy-duty fire pit that will last many years and withstand just about anything. On top of that, you get a lifetime warranty in case anything happens to it, though we doubt you’ll have to take advantage of said warranty.

The Breeo fire pit comes in two finishes: 304 stainless steel or corten steel. The 304 stainless steel is the same material used in commercial appliances such as fridges, and it offers corrosion and oxidation resistance. Corten steel, sometimes called weathering steel, offers similar benefits but has a rust-like finish that will develop over time (it’s not actually rust and won’t affect your fire pit’s performance).


I’ll be honest, I didn’t use any of Breeo’s grilling or cooking accessories. That said, I’ve come close to purchasing a few of them. Here’s just a sneak peek of the compatible attachments for the Breeo X Series.

  • Outpost heat deflector
  • Live Fire Pizza Oven
  • Ash shovel
  • Fire pit lid
  • Outpost grill
  • Spark screen
  • Griddle
  • Sear disc
  • Kettle hook

My fire pit came with a pair of fire gloves, which I’ve used to carry the fire pit when it’s still a little hot. I’ve also used them with other fire pits or when grabbing food out of my oven, and they’ve stood up to high temperatures every time.


The Breeo X Series comes in four size options:

  • 19-inch diameter
  • 24-inch diameter
  • 30-inch diameter
  • 42-inch diameter

I tested the 19-inch diameter fire pit, which I found perfect for up to four people. It fits most standard-sized fire logs, though I’ve had to chop a few larger logs so they’d sit flat in the fire pit.

How We Tested It—Two Months of Backyard Fires

How we tested Breeo Fire PitAnthony O'Reilly for Family Handyman

I used the Breeo Fire Pit over two months which consisted of cold winter nights and some unseasonably warmer nights in the low- to mid-fifties. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself — let’s talk unboxing and assembly.

Surprise: There is none. The Breeo X19 came fully assembled and I had a fire going within five minutes of opening the box.

That said, this thing feels heavy. I say it “feels” heavy because it’s 47 pounds, so I didn’t think it’d be too difficult to move around. I read other reviews from people who also found it on the heavy side. For comparison, the Solo Stove weighs 23 pounds and the 21.5-inch Tiki Smokeless Fire Pit weighs 41 pounds.

I’d recommend finding a permanent spot for it to avoid having to lug it around the backyard.

I used unseasoned and kiln-dried firewood in this fire pit, and each time I had little to no difficulty lighting it thanks to the pit’s airflow technology. I simply placed my kindling, starter and logs on the raised X-shaped platform and lit it — success every time.

As I stated earlier in this review, this thing is truly smokeless. There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy s’mores or just a cozy night by the fire and having to move around to avoid smoke, but that’s not an issue with the Breeo. I do think it performed the best out of any smokeless fire pit I’ve tried. Even my girlfriend’s dog felt comfortable around the fire pit, and he’s usually too scared to come anywhere close to one.

I will say I’m not a fan of Breeo’s aesthetics, which surprises me because I’m usually a minimalist. I would’ve liked a logo or some sort of design rather than the plain stainless steel drum. It sounds strange, but I’m excited for Breeo to develop a patina to give it some character. Like corten steel, the other option available on Breeo’s website, stainless steel can develop a patina that looks like rust but doesn’t affect the pit’s overall performance.


  • Smokeless
  • Made with heavy-duty materials
  • Increased airflow for easier lighting
  • Will last a long time
  • Made in the USA
  • Multiple sizes
  • Two finishes (corten and stainless steel)
  • Can be used with multiple cooking and grilling attachments


  • Heavy
  • Expensive


Breeo Fire Pit FAQAnthony O'Reilly for Family Handyman

Can the Breeo fire pit be left outside?

Yes, the Breeo fire pit can be left outside without much concern. I left it outside in the rain and it’s still in good condition, but if you’re worried, you can purchase a fire pit cover for your Breeo.

How far from the house should a smokeless fire pit be?

You should have your smokeless fire pit at least 20 feet away from your house to ensure no flames nor embers can reach any flammable surfaces.

What is the difference between Solo Stove and Breeo fire pits?

The Breeo fire pit is made in America, whereas the Solo Stove is imported from China. The Breeo fire pit is described by most people as more durable than the Solo Stove, but the downsides are that it’s heavier and isn’t as aesthetic as the Solo Stove.

What other reviewers/experts had to say

The Breeo X Series Fire Pit has a 4.8 average rating on the company’s website with more than 3,400 five-star reviews.

“Switch from a traditional fire pit. So much better than I expected. Kids and I love it and my wife hangs out now by the fire because of no smoke,” wrote five-star reviewer Morgan L.

It has a 4.8 average rating on Home Depot, with close to 800 five-star reviews, and a 4.7 average rating on Amazon with more than 135 five-star reviews.

“I have a breezy backyard and my other fire pit kept me running from the smoke so I used it less and less. I now have quite a few of Breeo’s other products and they’re all high quality,” wrote five-star Amazon reviewer Pamela Patterson.

Breeo vs Tiki Fire Pit

I’ve used the Breeo and Tiki Fire pits, and to be honest, there’s not a clear winner between the two. The Tiki Fire Pit is a bit more aesthetic, in my opinion. Though it’s only six pounds lighter than the Breeo, it feels easier to move.

In terms of performance, the Breeo has a slight edge. It’s better at being smokeless if you’re using unseasoned firewood than the Tiki, though if you’re using kiln-dried wood both fire pits are pretty similar. I found it easier to light fires in the Breeo due to the airflow technology, but the Tiki is user-friendly as well.

The warranty might be a dealbreaker for some people: Breeo gives you lifetime coverage, and Tiki only gives you two years. The Tiki also requires some assembly and has no attachment capabilities, whereas the Breeo requires none and has multiple optional attachments.

Breeo vs Solo Stove

Breeo and Solo seem to be the two fire pit powerhouses, and I’ve had the pleasure of using both. You can read our full Breeo vs. Solo Stove comparison to get the full lo-down, but here’s our Cliff Notes.

The Solo Stove is a bit more budget-friendly, lightweight and has a wider range of attachments than Breeo. Some of our favorite Solo attachments include the Solo Stove Mesa and the Solo Stove Mesa heat deflector.

Breeo is more heavy-duty, is made in America (Solo is imported) and will likely last longer.

Final Verdict

Breeo Fire Pit Final VerdictAnthony O'Reilly for Family Handyman

Here’s the question: Is the Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit worth it? I think yes, so long as you’re someone who values functionality over things like aesthetics and portability. At nearly 50 pounds, it’s not convenient to move around and there are no logos or special designs. The good news is it eliminates smoke no matter what type of wood you’re using, is extremely durable and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Where to Buy the Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit

Breeo Fire Pit in a boxAnthony O'Reilly for Family Handyman

The Breeo Fire Pit X Series is available on the Breeo website, The Home Depot and Amazon. It starts at $399 on all three websites for the 19-inch Corten steel version, and $499 for the stainless steel fire pit in the same size.

Sheri Kaz, Associate Product Reviews Editor, contributed to this review.