We Found the Best, Most Affordable Camping Stove—It’s Only $11

Updated: Mar. 22, 2024

Camping equipment doesn't have to be pricey, and this $11 camping stove proves it. Pick one up before hiking season and enjoy hot meals on the trail.

I go camping every summer, and one thing always stays the same: camping food rocks. Nothing beats pulling up a camping chair next to the fire and chowing down on delicious dishes like chili mac or spam and eggs. While frying over open flames is my preferred cooking method, a good-quality camping stove is a solution for a fast breakfast or pot of coffee. That’s why I love this Amazon camping stove.

What is the Amazon camping stove?

Camping Stove on Wooden SurfaceEmily Way/Family Handyman

This Amazon camping stove is a small, portable cooker that connects to 7/16 thread butane and propane fuel canisters. It delivers a blaze that’s ideal for cooking up almost any camp food, including sizzling soups and perfectly seared burgers. Because the camping stove is small enough to fit in a palm, it packs up easily for on-the-go meals.

A refined aluminum alloy body resists rust, so this camp stove is even safe to use in the rain. On the side, a built-in flame control valve regulates the amount of heat used. That means different dishes can cook at different temperatures. The camp stove also boasts a built-in ignitor, so there’s no need to pack lighters or matches.

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How to Use the Amazon Camping Stove

Using the Amazon camp stove is incredibly easy. First, unfold the camp stove to reveal the four legs. That’s where the pot will balance during cooking. Then, simply screw it on a butane or propane canister to secure it. Once secure, slightly open the regulator to let out a thin stream of gas. Click the ignitor to start the stove, and voila! Because it’s simple to operate, it makes a great gift for outdoor lovers.

We love that this Amazon camp stove is easier to start and more portable than stoves like the Biolite camp stove, while still retaining most of the same functionality.


  • Portable size
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Inexpensive at only $11


  • Cooking surface is small

What Reviewers Are Saying

“I researched several camping stoves before purchasing this one, even asking in several hiking communities for recommendations,” notes a verified purchaser. They write, “Several brands were recommended, but many people had this one and offered a few tips for it as well! I was skeptical because this was so much cheaper than the other stoves, but I finally bit the bullet and just bought it.

We just used it for our first hiking trip and I’m very happy with this one! We have a lot of money invested in our backpacking gear, but this goes to show you don’t have to spend $80 for the same ignition piece. It screwed on easily to the propane tank and turned on effortlessly.

You can adjust the flame, the more you turn it, the higher the flame. When we used it this past weekend, the weather was very windy and the flame stayed strong. Once you screw the igniter onto the tank, the arms slide around into place. Then there are pieces at the top that flip out to keep your pot securely on top.

The one recommendation from the hiking community was to bring a lighter just in case it doesn’t light on its own. Some have experienced this issue. Personally, I have not used it enough to have this issue but I keep a lighter in my pack anyway.

Overall, I’d buy this again. It works great, it’s very light/portable and the best bang for your buck.”

Where to Buy the Amazon Camping Stove

Fhm Ecomm Amazon Camping Stove Via Amazon.comvia merchant

The Amazon camping stove is available on Amazon for a very reasonable $11. It comes with a handy storage box that protects it during hikes and backcountry excursions. Pick one up today and start cooking on the trail in no time!

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