Solo Stove Ranger Cast Iron Grill Top: Best Among Other Portable Grills

Updated: Jun. 06, 2024

Looking to convert your Solo Stove Fire Pit into a backyard grill this summer? We tried the Ranger Cast Iron Grill Top and Hub so you don’t have to.

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Here’s the deal: Fire pit season is officially in full swing. And we’ve made it our mission to find the best fire pits so you can enjoy your backyard to the fullest. It’s no secret that we love the Bonfire 2.0 and other Solo Stove smokeless fire pits, especially now that you can use a pellet adapter with them. That means a more even, controlled fire for outdoor cooking and grilling.

To no one’s surprise, the next Solo Stove accessory we decided to put to the test was the Ranger Cast Iron Grill Top. Made for open fire grilling on the go, it’s perfect for camping or taking your fire pit and cooking system over to a friend’s for a backyard ‘cue.

Keep reading for the full rundown on the Solo Stove Cast Iron Cooktop, designed for the best sear you can get over a fire pit.

What is the Ranger Cast Iron Grill Top?

Solo Stove Ranger Cast Iron Grill Top side viewMary Henn/Family Handyman

The Ranger Cast Iron Grill Top makes flame-to-table dinners possible (and portable). Solo Stove fire pits are made to carry along for any adventure, and so are the grill tops and accessories. With the Cast Iron Cooktop Carry Case (not included), the cast iron grill accessory stores easily and goes just about anywhere. That’s right, this baby is destined for the ultimate overnight camping trip.

The Ranger Cast Iron Grill Top is a true cast iron cooktop: It’s heavy, seasonable, non-stick and made to last for years. Best of all, cast irons are designed to counter intense heat (like an open flame). They heat up gradually and evenly for easily controlled cooking temperatures.

Solo Stove Cast Iron Cooktops are made with wide grill gates and a broad cooking surface for the perfect sear and infusion of wood-fired flavors. They’re ideal for grilling veggies and cooking steaks, hotdogs, sausages and more.

Note: The Ranger Cast Iron Grill Top is one component of the Ranger Cooking System and must be used with Ranger Hub and Ranger 2.0 for a safe and complete experience.

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Ranger Cast Iron Grill Top Product Features

Made of heavy-duty cast iron, the Ranger Cast Iron Grill Top weighs 13 pounds and has a cooking surface diameter of 14-1/4 inches.

There’s virtually no setup required, either. Simply put the Ranger Hub on top of your Ranger Solo Stove fire pit, then place the Ranger Cast Iron Grill Top over the hub. The hub lifts the grill 14-1/4 inches above the top of the fire pit and leaves you enough space to add firewood to the flames as needed.

Hardwoods like Oak, Maple and Hickory are best for cooking with the grill top. Some woods, like softwoods, plywood and wood that’s been stained or painted, are not safe for cooking. If you have the Ranger Pellet Adapter, you can use food-safe pellets with your Ranger Grill Top.

The cast iron grill top should be treated just like any other cast iron you’re used to cooking on. That said, the non-stick quality should fully develop after about ten seasonings. Spreading a thin layer of oil over the surface of the grill top can help season it for first-time use. However, if you forget to pre-season your cooktop as I did, don’t stress. My veggies turned out just fine with little to no sticking on the grill top.

By the way, every Solo Stove product comes with a lifetime warranty that guarantees the product is free of manufacturing defects. So, if you have issues with your Solo Stove (e.g., it arrives damaged), you should contact customer service.

How I Tested It

Grilling kabobs on a Solo Stove Ranger Cast Iron Grill TopMary Henn/Family Handyman

Not going to lie, as someone who loves to cook and try out new recipes in the kitchen, I was pumped when I heard I’d be testing the Solo Stove Cast Iron Grill Top. After testing the Bonfire 2.0 and discovering how easy it is to get a fire going (even for an amateur fire starter), I was eager to test out all the Solo Stove accessories I could get my hands on.

Getting Started with the Grill Top

So, when the Cast Iron Grill Top arrived at my door, I quickly fired up my Solo Stove and got to grilling. I used Pit Boss All Natural Barbecue Hardwood Pellets to start my fire over the Solo Stove pellet adapter. Once the fire started, I put the grill top and hub on top of the fire pit. One thing I didn’t think about in all my excitement: Putting the grill top over the fire would be HOT. I absolutely recommend using tools and gloves when tending to the fire and using fire pit accessories like the grill hub.

One benefit of using food-safe pellets over firewood while cooking with your Solo Stove is that you have more control over the flame—I did, at least. I placed the hub and grill top without scorching my eyebrows.

Let’s Get Cooking!

Once I centered the cooktop over the fire pit, the cast iron heated up within minutes. I started with veggie skewers, as they’re easy to turn, and I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about reaching a certain internal temperature as you would with meat. The skewer also allowed me to easily rotate the veggies, ensuring an even grill all the way around. Note: Have tongs and a spatula handy!

I also cooked up some sausages and hot dogs, which are more forgiving when grilling. The wide cast iron gates left nice grill lines (if you’re into that). I kept the veggies on for about five minutes, rotating throughout the cooking time. The hotdogs were also heated in just a few minutes, as they were already pre-cooked. I put the sausages on last, when the fire was lower, and I had them on for about 15-20 minutes to make sure they cooked throughout. Sausages tend to be fattier, so I wasn’t worried about overcooking them.

Before the flame died, I heated some naan I had, which turned out nicely when paired with hummus. Although, I would recommend brushing or spraying grains with a little oil to prevent sticking on the first cook.

I was surprised that everything I grilled (with caution) turned out well! The char-grilled veggie skewers were delicious. And we all know grilled hotdogs are the best hotdogs. The cast iron grill’s large, thick surface areas provided cooler spots to move food to avoid overcooking. And the large grill slats let the flavor of the fire brush against the food.

Cleaning Process

Cleanup was super easy, too! After the grill top and fire pit cooled down, I simply wiped down the cast iron, and that’s it. Then, I went about cleaning up the Solo Stove Fire Pit as usual, which involved wiping down the pellet adapter with a dry cloth and emptying the ash pan at the bottom.


  • Ranger Cast Iron Grill Top + Hub fit securely on top of Solo Stove Ranger
  • Grill top is quality, heavy-duty cast iron
  • Hub is lightweight and easy to lift and set on fire pit
  • Grill grates on cast iron provide a wide, even sear
  • Easy to set up, use and clean
  • Wide range of compatible accessories
  • Lifetime warranty 


  • Does not come with carrying case
  • Expensive but great quality


Can I burn lump charcoal in a Solo Stove?

Yes! Solo Stove Fire Pits works with multiple fuel sources, from wood to pellets to charcoal. When grilling, you’ll want to be sure that whatever fuel source you’re using is safe for food.

Can I cook when the fire is burning?

The Solo Stove cooking systems work best over a shallow bed of embers. For a safer, more controlled cook, you’ll want to be sure that the flames aren’t higher than a few inches while using the Solo Stove Cast Iron Grill Top.

How do I clean a cast iron grill?

You’ll clean your Solo Stove Cast Iron Grill Top much like you would a cast iron skillet. Wipe away excess oil and crumbs while the iron is hot. For deeper cleans, you’ll want to use hot water and a scrubbing tool like the Solo Stove Cast Iron Scrubber.

As with other cast iron cookware, you shouldn’t ever submerge or soak the cast iron in water, and you’ll want to apply a light coat of seasoning oil to clean and dry your cast iron grill top before storing it away.

What Other Reviewers Had to Say

The Ranger Cast Iron Grill Top has high ratings via Solo Stove and Amazon. Buyers who love it weigh in on the Ranger Cast Iron Grill Top below.

Verified buyer Adam Hofmeyer loves the grill top. They say, “We already loved our fire pit, but now it’s even better! We did steaks on it for the first go around; will never regret this purchase!”

Five-star reviewer Jay Mathis writes, “Love it, open fire cooking without the smoke!”

Final Verdict

If you’re going to shell out cash for a Solo Stove Fire Pit, you’re going to want compatible accessories and add-ons to get the most out of it. And the Ranger Cast Iron Grill Top is one of the first things you should consider buying that will take your Ranger beyond just a smokeless fire pit.

If you know someone with a Ranger Solo Stove, add-ons like the Ranger Cast Iron Grill Top make great gifts!

Where to Buy the the Ranger Cast Iron Grill Top

Fhm Ecomm Ranger Cast Iron Grill Top Via Solostove.comvia merchant

The Ranger Cast Iron Grill Top + Hub retails for around $150. The best place to shop the cooktop, other Solo Stove fire pits and accessories is at Solo Stove, where you’ll likely find the best sales and deals. You can also shop Solo Stove products on Amazon.

Take your fire pit and your cooking game to new levels this summer with the Ranger Cast Iron Grill Top + Hub. It’d be a big juicy misteak (get it?) not to buy this grill top for your Solo Stove.

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