10 Built-In Grill Ideas for Outdoor Cooking

Updated: Jun. 29, 2023

Transform an unused corner of your yard into a beautiful outdoor kitchen with inspiration from these ideas.

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Elegant Curves Courtesy @nbg Landscapes Via Instagram
courtesy @nbg_landscapes/instagram

Elegant Curves

Elegance isn’t usually the first word that comes to mind when you think of a built-in grill, but that’s exactly what @nbg_landscapes created.

This sleek area features a pre-cast polished concrete counter top and slatted wood base. The curved shape, sophisticated black finish and glossy tile backsplash bring just the right amount of chic style while remaining practical for the outdoors.

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Modular Diy Courtesy @pbindesign Via Instagram
courtesy @pbindesign/instagram

Modular DIY

If you’re a renter or not in your forever home, you can still enjoy a built-in grill. This modular area from @pbindesign accomplishes that built-in look while remaining portable.

The frame features durable treated lumber capped with stained cedar planks. Tool hooks and a quartz countertop finish the look. “It was a cost-effective take on an outdoor kitchen,” designer Paul Bilek says.

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Stone Island

@kmbdesignstudio created a robust cooking area in a sturdy stone island. Here’s how to build a similar grill island with a steel frame, cement board and your choice of stone veneer to match any outdoor aesthetic. Along with the grill, you can customize your island to feature extras like an outdoor refrigerator and storage drawers.

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Sleek And Modern Courtesy @fiorelladesign Via Instagram
courtesy @fiorelladesign/instagram

Sleek and Modern

Here’s a modern idea from @fiorelladesign featuring cedar plank siding and a beautiful waterfall countertop. Cedar is a good choice for a built-in grill cabinet because of its durability and resistance to rot, warping and termites. The UV resistant Caesarstone quartz countertop should withstand the outdoor elements.

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Affordable Built In Grill Courtesy @atidytouch Via Instagram
courtesy @atidytouch/instagram

Affordable Built-In Grill

For a more affordable idea, @atidytouch purchased the Grillskär from IKEA. The charcoal grill is built into a powder-coated steel shelf and island with a stainless steel top. The entire line is customizable and budget-friendly, with options like an outdoor sink and cabinets.

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Concrete Blocks Courtesy @gilfordlandscape Via Instagram
courtesy @gilfordlandscape/instagram

Concrete Blocks

Wood-fired pizza anyone? This built-in grill and pizza oven by @gilfordlandscape was made with a material called Techno Bloc Borealis. These concrete blocks resemble wood railroad ties we see on retaining walls. In this application, they achieve a rustic wood look while making the grill structure super strong and maintenance-free.

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Family Handyman

DIY Grill Station

This DIY grill station fits a Big Green Egg Kamado Grill, the popular ceramic grill and smoker with a lifetime warranty. The wood base features a round cut-out that snugly fits the grill, as well as storage shelves and convenient compartments to store and separate the wood chips. This will make your neighbors jealous!

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Brick Veneer Courtesy @honeybuilthome Via Tiktok
courtesy @honeybuilthome/tiktok

Brick Veneer

Thin brick veneer covers this beautiful area from @honeybuilthome. Desiring an upgraded space to fit her Traeger smoker, she built a wood frame, attached cement board, then applied the veneer. The thin brick comes on fiberglass sheets, like mosaic tile, making it much easier to install than real brick. Check out her full tutorial for details.

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Trendy Tile Courtesy @theairbnbrealtor Via Tiktok
courtesy @theairbnbrealtor/tiktok

Trendy Tile

This grill and fire pit from @theairbnbrealtor is a dream, especially if you like entertaining. The cement block base is finished in gorgeous, patterned black-and-white tile with a granite countertop. LED accent lights create the perfect ambiance for hosting nighttime get togethers, and the L-shape provides plenty of space for food prep and serving.

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Unused Wall Courtesy @oakappledecor Via Tiktok
courtesy @oakappledecor/tiktok

Unused Wall

If there’s a neglected corner in your backyard, consider transforming it into an outdoor kitchen. An unused section of brick wall was the perfect spot for this built-in grill by @oakappledecor.

After building a wood frame base, he installed custom-made cabinets and covered them with stained oak planks. A granite countertop finishes the look. Granite is non-porous and great for outdoor use.