Superior Trading Co. Grill Caddy Review: Ideal for Your Next Backyard BBQ!

Updated: Dec. 04, 2023

This steel grill caddy on Amazon holds everything you need, so you don’t have to run inside every time you need something.

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Have you ever been grilling on your Blackstone or over an open flame only to remember you forgot to bring paper towels down to the patio? Then, you remember you forgot the barbecue sauce inside. Oh, and you need a dash of salt and pepper, but you’ve already made two trips up the stairs, and you don’t want to risk overcooking the burgers. Hey, we’ve been there, too!

Trips back and forth from the patio to the kitchen aren’t only a nuisance, but they can stand between you and perfectly cooked steak. The solution? A weather-proof container for your grill station that organizes cutlery and sauces and holds a roll of paper towels.

Introducing the Superior Trading Co. grill caddy, the ultimate grilling accessory on Amazon. Trust us, you’re going to want it for all your summer cookouts and grilling expeditions.

What is the Superior Trading Co. grill caddy?

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The Superior Trading Co. grill caddy conveniently holds all of your grilling supplies in durable, power-coated steel that holds up in nearly any weather. It has a paper towel holder that lets you unroll and rip off a paper towel with one hand for quick and easy cleanups. A wooden handle at the top of the caddy is sturdy, stylish and functional for carrying supplies.

There’s a hook at the top of the caddy to hang a garbage bag, pair of tongs or utensil holder for extra convenience. The base of the grill caddy has three compartments to help organize your utensils, sauces and more. And the metal mesh compartments at the base won’t hold nasty spills and are easy to wipe down. While the caddy is ideal for placement on the side of a grill, it’s also useful in the center of a picnic table at an outdoor barbecue so everything is in one place.

Maybe you’ll also want to keep your grill brush in one of the sections so you’ll never be left with dirty grates again. There’s no wrong way to use this grill caddy.

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Why I Love It

By the time spring rolls around, I’m itching to uncover my Solo Stove fire pit and Blackstone flat-top grill for summer patio perfection. There’s nothing like sitting around on a warm evening and drinking a cold beverage with good friends. It’s even better when you can feed them. I use my Blackstone and accessories for smash burgers, fried rice, late-night breakfasts and more. What I don’t love is leaving good a conversation to run upstairs because I’ve forgotten oil or soy sauce. The Superior Trading Co. grill caddy solves that problem.

You can prep your caddy for each cooking adventure or keep all the essentials you’ll need for every cook right at your grill station. It makes a smart gift for the grill master or barbecue enthusiast in your life, too!

But Don’t Take My Word for It!

With an average rating of 4.8 out of five stars on Amazon, the Superior Trading Co. grill caddy has a near-perfect rating from more than 2,100 ratings. Several reviewers bought one for themselves and then went back to buy more as gifts for friends and family. See what people have to say about the grill caddy:

Five-star reviewer, Karen S. Combs, writes, “This is just perfect for taking picnic condiments and cutlery outside. The paper towel holder is great, no more wind-blown napkins.”

Verified purchaser, Christopher Taylor, loves this caddy. “It’s better and more useful than I expected. Good for a crawfish boil, BBQ or just keeping all of the condiment bottles in one place,” he explains.

Kelle K Mills, another five-star reviewer, uses the grill caddy for keeping condiments together at sporting events. “I run a concession stand for our baseball league. We would set out condiments and they would be spread out everywhere by [the] end of games. Now all are put back right where they belong. Easy [to] pick up and put away for storage. No more chasing down condiments,” she shares.

Where to Buy the Superior Trading Co. Grill Caddy

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The Superior Trading Co. grill caddy retails for $40, and you can grab one on Amazon and Target. With grilling season upon us, don’t waste another second chasing paper towels and tracking down mustard. Keep the vibes at your grilling station immaculate.

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