The Best Fire Pit Sales of Fall Include Solo Stove, East Oak and More

From fashion to functionality, these editor-approved options prove you can shop fire pit sales and get the best-selling products.

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When it’s chilly outside, a fireside drink and a cozy blanket are the quintessential outdoor duo. However, finding a fire pit that doesn’t break the bank is an undertaking. When we stumble across fire pit sales from top brands like Solo Stove, we immediately have to share the news so you can shop smarter and more efficiently.

The Best Fire Pit Sales

Solo Stove Bonfire

Solo Stove 2.0Mary Henn/Family Handyman

The Bonfire is Solo Stove’s best-selling fire pit, and we can see why (we tested it for ourselves). The sizzling stove is smokeless, thanks to an airflow-friendly design that burns off smoke before it reaches faces, clothes and hair. It’s ideal for bonfire beginners, as it lights up fast and burns steadily. Plus, the removable ash pan simplifies cleanup.

This ultra-portable pit is $75 off right now, and pairs perfectly with Solo Stove accessories.

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Solo Stove Yukon + Stand

Yukon No Stand 24via merchant

Got a yard big enough for a dedicated fire pit area? Go for the Yukon, Solo Stove’s behemoth big brother to the best-selling Bonfire. Still easily transported at 41 pounds, the Yukon is best utilized in the backyard, at the beach or at a tailgate function where bonfires rarely make an appearance (but seriously should). The large size radiates tons of heat, so it’s just what you need for winter camping.

Take advantage of this deal on the Yukon + Stand 1.0 for a total savings of $420!

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Solo Stove Ranger Backyard Bundle

Solo Stove Ranger Backyard Bundlevia merchant

Don’t let the tiny size fool you—this portable stove packs a powerful inferno! Meet the Ranger, which is included in a backyard bundle for $145 off the list price. This fire pit is made to move, weighing just 15 pounds. Pack it in the trunk for your next camping trip or bust it out during an impromptu bonfire for a quick-start flame.

The Ranger Backyard Bundle 2.0 deal includes the fire pit and removable ash pan, shield, lid, stand, shelter and carrying case. So you’ll have everything you need to take the heat with you.

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Solo Stove Mesa Accessory Pack

Solo Stove Mesa Accessory Packvia merchant

Do you own the Mesa, Solo Stove’s answer to fireside entertainment in small spaces? This tabletop fire pit may look small, but the included pellet adaptor permits this short stack to burn using multiple sources of fuel. Whether the blaze or the aesthetic appeals to you, this is a space-saving fire pit that functions equally as well as its big brothers.

Right now, you can shop the Mesa accessory pack, save $20 and enjoy the taste of s’mores and other fireside treats year-round!

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Blue Sky Ridge Fire Pit

Blue Sky Ridge Fire Pitvia merchant

When it comes to editor-tested fire pits, Blue Sky is one of our favorite brands. Aside from a generous $60 discount, the Ridge fire pit offers incredible portability at only 18 pounds. Better yet, this dual-fuel pit can burn standard firewood, wood pellets or a mixture of both. Talk about versatility!

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Amabel Wood-Burning Outdoor Chiminea

Amabel Steel Wood Burning Chiminea Ecomm Via Wayfair.comvia merchant

A striking decor item as well as a fire pit, this steel chiminea from Wayfair is a stunning centerpiece for your next backyard hangout. Chimineas are an aesthetic choice for those who love wood-burning fires but dislike smoke. The chiminea’s shape draws smoke out of the top rather than the sides, directing smoke away from people enjoying the fire.

For a limited time, you can snag this pick for $415 off.

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Multi-Purpose Fire Pit Table

Multipurpose Fire Pit Tablevia merchant

This fire pit table is a wood-burning fire pit, grill and ice pit all in one for the ultimate outdoor hangouts. This multi-purpose fire pit table even comes with a mesh lid for added safety.

For just $77—that’s a whopping $222 off!—this fire pit sale is truly unbeatable.

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Gas Stone and Porcelain Pit

Gas Stone And Porcelain Pitvia merchant

Crafted out of sturdy steel for longevity, this gas-powered stone and porcelain pit eliminates the need for logs. There’s zero ash to bother children or pets who are sensitive to smoke. Wood-free means eco-friendly, and this fire pit looks as good as it treats the environment. The fun stone pattern along the firewall sides gives this pit a touch of personality.

Purchase it for $152 off the list price today.

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East Oak Fire Pit

Fhm We Tried It East Oak Fire PitMary Henn/Family Handyman

Another one of our favorite fire pits, the East Oak fire pit, is on sale at Amazon right now with coupon savings. This fire pit boasts a smokeless design, stainless steel body and removable ash pan—all features we love from our rigorous fire pit testing. The unique shape is designed to radiate warmth to a larger surrounding area. Plus, it comes with a built-in stand and long fire pit poker to help you control your backyard fire with ease.

Act fast and get $78 off this stellar fire pit at checkout.

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Hayler Fire Pit with Cooking Grates

Hayler Fire Pit With Cooking Gratesvia merchant

For an aesthetic wood-burning fire pit with cooking capabilities, look no further than this Hayler fire pit table. An upgrade from the humble fire ring, this weatherproof pit offers a seamless setup for grilling and doesn’t take the focus away from an outdoor TV. It comes with a fire poker, lid and cover, too.

It’s marked down for a savings of $214 on Wayfair.

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Custom Gas Fire Table

Custom Gas Fire Tablevia merchant

The flickering light of a gas fire table sets the mood on cozy nights, and this gas fire table offers a pretty place to view it. Blue and beige inlays look lovely when coupled with wicker patio furniture, and we love having the choice between a hexagon or round base.

Score this backyard centerpiece at a savings of $1,720 before it goes out of stock.

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When do fire pits go on sale?

The best time to buy a fire pit is when they’re on deep discount, and there are tons of slashed prices on fire pits ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Shop the deals above for big savings on Solo Stove and a few other fun finds throughout the month of November.

Do Solo Stoves go on sale?

One of our all-time favorite fire pit brands, Solo Stove, has been running frequent sales on fire pits and fire pit bundles. Right now, Solo Stove is offering up to nearly 50% off select fire pit bundles. That’s an incredible deal on a backyard luxury that will completely transform the rest of your autumn nights.

But Solo Stove isn’t the only retailer offering deals this season. From gas fire pits to log power, there are fire pit sales that align with every need and budget. Don’t wait to cozy up with the family in front of a warm fire. Shop savings from Amazon, Wayfair and Walmart.

Do Breeo fire pits ever go on sale?

Yes! While Breeo isn’t currently having a sale, it’s always smart to check their retailer page on Amazon and see if there are any markdowns. (Both Breeo and Solo Stove have quality options!)

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