Best Winter Camping Gear for 2024

Winter is a peaceful time to camp — no bugs, fewer crowds and ideal snuggling conditions. Consider these winter camping helpers for your next trip.

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Throughout my years of camping trips I’ve dealt with my fair share of chilly weather, so I know a thing or two about winter camping gear. We’ve rounded up all the essentials, from seriously insulated sleeping bags to clever hand warmers. Read on for our top picks, based on editor favorites and rave reviews. Next, learn how to wash a sleeping bag.

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Nemo Equipment Inc. Disco 15 Sleeping Bag Via Backcountry

Nemo Equipment Inc. Disco 15 Sleeping Bag

For a good night’s sleep even in frigid weather, give this ultra-warm, lightweight winter sleeping bag ($300) a try. It’s rated for temperatures as low as 15 F, and its hydrophobic down stays warm even when wet. And since it’s available in tall and regular sizes, with a spoon shape to accommodate side sleepers, this sleeping bag is comfortable for just about all campers.

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Eureka K 2 Xt Tent Via Backcountry

Eureka K-2 XT Tent

Capable of stopping the strongest of winter winds, the K-2 XT four-season tent from Eureka ($600) is a cold weather essential. It’s a good choice for family or group campers because it sleeps four with tons of storage space. Add some double sleeping bags, sleeping pads and heated blankets, and you may not want your winter trip to end.

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Solo Stove Ranger Portable Fire Pit Via Amazon

Solo Stove Ranger Portable Fire Pit

Bring your fire pit camping! Of course, the Solo Stove Bonfire ($270) is no regular fire pit.

Strategically placed holes cut down on campfire smoke while also helping it burn hotter and cleaner than your average campfire. Another bonus (or drawback, depending on your preference): Your clothes won’t smell like campfire.

If you’re looking around holiday season, check out these fire pit sales.

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Psst! We also love the BioLite EcoZoom Versa stoveit turns twigs and leaves into some serious heat!

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Rovertac Camping Multitool Via Amazon

RoverTac Camping Multitool

From pounding stakes to chopping up kindling to opening a beer, this camping multitool ($26) is an absolute essential. It’s highly rated for its high-quality heavy-duty design, small size that saves space in your pack, and affordable price. With 14 tools in one, you’re always ready for anything.

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Carhartt Rain Defender Heavyweight Sweatshirt Via Carhartt

Carhartt Rain Defender Heavyweight Sweatshirt

Whether you’re setting up the tent or assembling the perfect campfire, stay warm and protected from the elements with this heavy-duty Carhartt sweatshirt ($50). It features a water repellent exterior, built-in hand warmer pocket and a loose fit that’s great for layering.

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Msr Pika Teapot Via Backcountry

MSR Pika Teapot

A kettle is an absolute must for all camping trips, but it’s never more important than during the winter. This small-but-mighty teapot ($25) weighs just five ounces and boils one liter of water. Use it to make coffee, tea, hot cocoa or dehydrated meals.

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Wool Fire Retardant Blanket Via Amazon

Wool Fire Retardant Blanket

You don’t have to splurge on an ultra-expensive wool blanket to find one that fits your specs. This wool blanket ($35) comes highly rated and keeps you toasty warm on chilly nights. I know; it’s my go-to blanket for cold-weather camping. You’ll be surprised by its powerful insulation and generous size.

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Stanley Vacuum Insulated Food Jar Via Amazon

Stanley Vacuum Insulated Food Jar

Not every winter camper relishes cooking outside. For them, there’s the Stanley Classic Food Jar ($35), which keeps 24 oz. of your favorite home-cooked meal warm. Depending on weather, your food will still be hot and delicious up to 15 hours after filling. In true Thermos style, the leak-resistant top doubles as a cup. We’re obsessed with this Stanley Quencher Tumbler for drinks, too.

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Carhartt Base Force Midweight Bottom Via Carhartt

Carhartt Base Force Midweight Bottom

Growing up in the Northern U.S., base layers were as much a winter clothing essential as stocking caps and mittens. The thin construction of Carhartt’s midweight base tights ($30) work well under pants and moisture-wicking cotton. Rugged Flex technology means your movement won’t be restricted, so you can tackle a snowshoeing trip in comfort.

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Rechargeable Hand Warmer Via Amazon

Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Among the many surprisingly useful camping gadgets on Amazon is this rechargeable hand warmer ($27). It offers three levels of warmth, up to eight hours of battery life and a convenient USB recharging port. Plus, its small size makes it easy to slip into your pack without sacrificing much space.

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Eno Vulcan Underquilt Via Backcountry

Eno Vulcan Underquilt

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to give up hammock camping once the temperatures drop. You’ll just have to do more prep, including purchasing an excellent hammock underquilt. This one from Eno is rated for 30 F, offering a thick layer of insulation to protect from the elements without letting heat escape.

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