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7 Ideas for Outdoor Fireplaces With Pizza Ovens

An outdoor fireplace with a pizza oven provides backyard warmth and ambiance. And did we mention there's pizza?

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Fhm Ft 7 Ideas For Outdoor Fireplaces With Pizza Ovens Ft Via Solostove.comVIA MERCHANT

Buying an Outdoor Fireplace With Pizza Oven

If you’re committed to transforming your backyard into a favorite dining and entertaining spot, there may be two things on your wish list — an outdoor fireplace and a pizza oven. The fireplace is a natural gathering place for cool nights, after-dinner drinks or campfire cookouts. Add a pizza oven and you double the fun!

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between them, or budget for separate installations. An outdoor fireplace with a pizza oven ensures great year-round cooking and entertaining opportunities in your own backyard.

Before you start pouring a foundation for your new backyard focal point, consider a few important things:

  • Built-in or portable: For the “wow” factor, a built-in fireplace and pizza oven is hard to beat. Depending on how you finish the exterior, the combined unit can be the centerpiece of your backyard and reflect your style and taste. But a portable unit lets you change your mind, save money and take the fireplace with you if you move.
  • Size and weight: In every decision like this, always ask, how much room do we have? A combo fireplace and pizza oven can be a relatively compact addition, or it can be massive. So start by figuring out where you want it. Will it be far enough away from the tree line, the neighbor’s fence and own structures? And will an existing or newly-poured slab support the weight of a monster oven?
  • Budget: Installing the outdoor fireplace with pizza oven of your dreams may mean forgoing a big vacation this year and maybe next. Or not. We found a surprisingly wide range of prices when we researched this list. With most of these combo fireplace/pizza ovens, size and price go together like, well, pizza and beer. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.) Keep in mind the bigger you go, the more you’ll spend.
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Solo Steve Bonfire Pi FireVIA MERCHANT

Solo Steve Bonfire Pi Fire

If you want to test the waters (or embers!) before you commit to a major purchase, the Solo Steve Pi Fire, sold as a component of the Solo Steve Bonfire firepit, is a good first step.

The Pi Fire pizza oven fits over the Bonfire firepit. Together the items are portable, perfect for camping, beach parties or cookouts. The Pi Fire comes in three sizes to fit Solo Steve’s Bonfire, Yukon or Ranger firepits.

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Cadince Freestanding Wood-Fired Pizza OvenVIA MERCHANT

Cadince Freestanding Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

This Cadince wood-fired pizza oven is more oven than fireplace. But the large chamber still provides plenty of warmth and ambiance, with or without a pizza cooking on top. We also like that it’s compact and portable, so ideal for a smaller patio. reviewers say this one takes a while to assemble. But overall, it’s a strong starter option.

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Aztec Allure Cast Iron Chiminea Pizza OvenVIA MERCHANT

Aztec Allure Cast Iron Chiminea Pizza Oven

We’re really taken by the rustic design of the Aztec Allure chiminea pizza oven, actually three elements in one. When assembled, it’s a chiminea-style fireplace with a pizza oven “hidden” behind a door with a decorative sun design. Take off the top of the chiminea and you’ve got a barbecue grill, perfect for tasty grilling over a wood fire.

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Talavera Tile Wood Burning Outdoor Pizza OvenVIA MERCHANT

Talavera Tile Wood Burning Outdoor Pizza Oven

We like the simplicity of this compact Talavera pizza oven that also functions as a fireplace. It comes with a black metal stand, elevating it to just the right height for gathering around with some chairs. At only 15-1/2-inches high and 22 inches wide, it’s another great option for a small patio.

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Rondo With Pizza Oven InsertVIA MERCHANT

Rondo With Pizza Oven Insert

This semi-circular outdoor fireplace with a pizza oven insert from Rondo feels like the best of both worlds. On its own, it’s an attractive, robust (1,170 pounds!) outdoor fireplace that can be installed against a wall or stand alone. Add the pizza oven insert, which comes with a pizza stone, and it’s an authentic oven for wood-fired pizza, bread and cakes.

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Mezzo Vent-Free Fireplace Oven ComboVIA MERCHANT

Mezzo Vent-Free Fireplace Oven Combo

If your DIY skills and budget are strong and you’ve got the outdoor space, this fireplace and pizza oven combo kit from Stone Age Manufacturing will help you create a backyard masterpiece.

The kit includes a gas-burning fireplace topped with a wood-burning pizza oven — an unusual combo! Once assembled, it’s ready for whatever type of finish you choose: stone, brick or stucco.

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Round Grove Fiesta Pizza Oven FireplaceVIA MERCHANT

Round Grove Fiesta Pizza Oven Fireplace

The mothership of fireplace pizza oven combos, this behemoth from Round Grove sets the standard. You choose the shape and dimensions, then start brainstorming the design.

These high-quality wood-burning ovens start at $10,000, and that doesn’t include materials for building out the unit into a backyard showpiece. You’ll also need a forklift to offload this on delivery day. For a skilled DIYer, this is a magnum opus of a project!

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