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The Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens

If your family and friends love pizza and you love entertaining them in the backyard, check out our picks for the best outdoor pizza ovens.

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What to Look for When Buying a Pizza Oven

Families have been rediscovering their backyards, patios and apartment balconies and cultivated those areas. From adding an above-ground pool or hot tub, building a new deck or upgrading their gardens, the backyard was the place to be — and it still is!

If your family has grown to appreciate the joys of cooking, dining and relaxing in the comfort of your yard or patio, it might be time to add an outdoor pizza oven. Pizza is a nearly universal crowd-pleaser. And with your own pizza oven, it’s easy and fun to make.

When considering an outdoor pizza oven, keep the following points in mind:

  • Budget. You can spend as little as $50 for a starter model or thousands for a statement pizza oven. If you’re not sure you’ll take to this new hobby, start with something modest. You can always upgrade.
  • Frequency of use. If pizza-making is more of a curiosity than a passion, it makes sense to go with something smaller and less expensive. But if pizza runs through your veins, consider an oven that can crank out a lot of pizza in a short period of time.
  • Space. If you’ve got a huge backyard, a big oven will look right at home, whereas it might seem oversized for a small space. Consider proportions and location when shopping.
  • Installation. Does the oven require a masonry base and facing? Or can it just be mounted on a countertop? If it runs on natural gas, can you do the hookup? If you need to call a pro, factor that expense into your budget.

To help you choose, here is our list of the best outdoor pizza ovens.

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Types of Outdoor Pizza Ovens

If you’re adding a pizza-making to your backyard cooking plans, the first decision to make is whether or not you want a portable version or a stationary outdoor pizza oven that’s made of bricks or other material. The exploding popularity of pizza ovens means that you have a lot of versions to choose from. Here are the most common styles.

Wood-fired pizza ovens: Just like the real thing, these pizza ovens require you to build a fire in the over over the cooking surface. Once it’s hot enough, you move the fire out of the way and cook your pizza there. Wood-fired ovens give your pizza a nice smoky taste. But these types are typically larger and more expensive than gas or charcoal versions.

Gas and charcoal ovens: Small and less expensive than wood-fired versions, pizza ovens fueled by gas or charcoal are more portable. The most popular versions are tabletop models that you can set up anywhere in your backyard. There are also models that attach to your grill, drawing heat from there.

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Best Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

We reviewed the Ooni Fyra before, and it still ranks as our favorite for a truly portable outdoor pizza oven that also delivers great pizza. It weighs just over 20 pounds. That, and its foldable legs (plus an optional carrying case), make it portable enough to bring to a picnic in the park or for car camping.

It’s fueled with hardwood pellets, which you can order from Ooni or buy elsewhere. Though it only cooks one pizza at a time, cooking time is about 90 seconds, so you can keep feeding a crowd. Read our full review of this fun backyard addition.

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Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Best Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven for Beginners

This free-standing wood-fired pizza oven is made with durable, high-grade steel to better hold in high temperatures you need to cook a great pie. It heats up in a hurry too, reaching 700 degrees or more within 30 minutes. Two wheels and a heat-resistant handle allow you to move the oven to where the party’s at, then put it away when pizza time ends.

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Best Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

Maybe you’re ready to invest in your outdoor entertainment area but lack the space or flexibility to do a built-in pizza oven. Check out the Forno di Italy freestanding stainless steel wood-fired pizza oven, a hefty 500-pound model that comes with a rolling stand.

We like that this oven offers all the benefits of a built-in, including a large cooking chamber and the authentic taste and texture of wood-fired pizza, while remaining portable. It can reach maximum temperatures of 1600 degrees, thanks in part to a domed shape that reflects heat evenly. Running a few thousand dollars, we didn’t say it was cheap, but if pizza is your passion, look no further.

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Best Pizza Oven for a Small Budget and Space

Okay, this almost feels like cheating, because the Courant Pizza Maker is technically an indoor countertop appliance. But because it’s so portable, just bring it to your outdoor kitchen or another suitable space, plug it in and start making pies.

Users say this 1,440-watt oven heats up quickly and cooks pizza crusts and toppings evenly. It’s got a friendly price tag too, just $44 on Amazon. And — sacrilege, we know — it works on frozen pizzas, too! This model is also ideal for a small patio or balcony because all you need is a 120v outlet.

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Best Starter Outdoor Pizza Oven

Your backyard grill provides the heat source for this stainless steel pizza oven from Camp Chef. Sized to fit a Camp Chef gas grill, users say it will fit any gas grill that’s 24 inches or larger. Plus, it’s big enough to cook two small pizzas — or one large one — at the same time. We like that this isn’t a big financial commitment and it can be used with many kinds of gas grills.

Note: Don’t bother trying a grill-top pizza oven over charcoal. The coals won’t burn hot enough to heat the oven sufficiently.

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Best Gas-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

If you’re serious about upgrading your outdoor kitchen, make a statement with The Oven from Summerset. You can mount this substantial stainless steel oven on an outdoor counter or build a masonry structure around it to make it the focal point of your outdoor cooking area.

Choose a model powered by propane or natural gas, depending on your setup. A built-in smoker box burns wood chips in case you want to add deeper flavor to pizzas, bread or roasts.

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