The 10 Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens for a Backyard Feast

Updated: Feb. 28, 2024

Backyard pizza ovens are having a moment. Here are our picks for the best outdoor pizza ovens, based on features, functions and price.

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Are you ready to add a pizza oven to your backyard patio? Like grills, smokers, outdoor bars, fire pits and other backyard enhancements, the best outdoor pizza oven can be a source of fun, entertainment and—of course—food for your family and friends. Those new to the pizza-making life may find the process overwhelming, but according to Anthony Falco, international pizza consultant, cookbook author and illustrator, good pizza comes from practice.

“Don’t be afraid to try and fail, be organized and clean while you work, and take notes on every batch of dough you make,” he advises. “That’s how you will improve!”

We rounded up the best outdoor pizza ovens in a range of prices and features, so you can find the right one for your backyard pizzeria. Once you’ve found your oven, make sure you grab the tools to go with them, and learn the pizza oven tips to create restaurant-quality pies.

The Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens

1 / 10
The Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven
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Best Overall Outdoor Pizza Oven

Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

We tested the Ooni Fyra, and it ranks as our favorite for a truly portable outdoor pizza oven. The Fyra is fueled by wood pellets, weighs in at just over 20 pounds and reaches up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit.

We found that it a little took more than 15 minutes to come to temperature, as Ooni claims, but it still tops our list, thanks to its quality (hello, cordierite pizza stone!) and portability. With its foldable legs and optional carrying case, the Frya can come with you to a picnic or campsite—just don’t forget the pellets.


  • Heats up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Relatively lightweight and completely portable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Heats fast and evenly
  • Wood pellet fuel simplifies packing


  • Can only be used with food-grade wood pellets
  • Oven needs a few minutes to reheat between pizzas

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2 / 10
Commercial Chef Pizza Maker
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Best Budget Outdoor Pizza Oven

Commercial Chef Pizza Maker

We know it’s a stretch to call the Commercial Chef pizza maker an outdoor pizza oven since it’s technically an electric countertop appliance. But, because it weighs just 6.7 pounds, it’s highly portable. Just bring it to your outdoor kitchen or another suitable space, plug it in and start making pies. The pizza maker is also a versatile little tool—its nonstick surface is good for making omelets, pancakes, burgers and more. We consider it one of the best outdoor pizza oven options for novice chefs who aren’t sure they want to invest in something bigger.


  • Affordable
  • Both top and bottom plates heat up
  • Versatility to make lots of other foods
  • No wood or propane tank needed


  • Exterior gets very hot to the touch
  • Only reaches up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit

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3 / 10

Alfa Nano Pizza Oven
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Best Gas-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

Alfa Nano Pizza Oven

We tested the Alfa Nano gas-fired pizza oven and, well, we’re sold. This is a high-end home pizza oven made in Italy, where they know a thing or two about pizza. The Nano is available in gas or wood-burning models (we appreciate the ease of cooking with gas, with no fire to get started or stoke).

The oven floor is made from firebrick, which absorbs heat quickly, retains it and heats evenly. At 110 pounds, this is a hefty addition to any patio. If you don’t order the optional cart, you’ll need a sturdy surface to park it on.


  • No fire needed and oven heats quickly
  • Quality parts and smoothly welded joints and seams
  • Attractive bronze-effect coating
  • Large enough for roasting meat and cooking bread


  • High price point
  • Only portable with optional cart

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4 / 10

Solo Stove Pi
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Best Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Solo Stove Pi Prime

We love the look of the Solo Stove Pi Prime pizza oven, which is available in either a wood-fueled or wood and gas model. The wood-only model is less expensive, and is an ideal choice for pizza aficionados looking to graduate to a “real” pizza oven with a cordierite pizza stone.

A big plus: This oven weighs just 30.5 pounds and is lightweight enough to be moved around the backyard. It heats to 750 degrees Fahrenheit, though some users report that it takes a long time for temperatures to climb to this level when they use wood fuel.


  • Wide opening makes it easy to add wood and monitor cooking
  • Heats up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Small size makes it easy to move around
  • Attractive round design
  • Comes with a long-lasting cordierite pizza stone


  • Wood fuel-only model may take longer to heat to high temperatures

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5 / 10

Roccbox Ecomm Via
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Best Duel-Fuel Pizza Oven

Gozney Roccbox

You don’t have to choose between wood or gas with the Gozney Roccbox, a portable pizza oven that runs on either wood or propane. Its compact style looks a little like something out of Star Wars, but the airplane-hanger design makes for even heat and a rolling flame over your pizza, meats or vegetables.

We also appreciate the silicone coating that keeps the exterior of the oven cooler than many other outdoor pizza ovens. Weighing 44 pounds and reaching temperatures up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit, this mid-range, multi-function model is a solid investment.


  • Dual-fuel function gives you more options
  • Portable and includes a detachable propane gas burner
  • Heats up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Available in black, gray and green


  • Medium-priced relative to other models, but still an investment

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6 / 10

Summerset Built In Outdoor Oven
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Best Splurge Outdoor Pizza Oven

Summerset Built-In Outdoor Oven

If you’re serious about upgrading your outdoor kitchen, make a statement with this oven from Summerset. You can mount this substantial stainless steel oven on an outdoor counter or build a masonry structure around it to make it the focal point of your outdoor cooking area. Remember to keep your outdoor pizza oven clean to ensure it stays in the family a long time.

Choose a model powered by propane or natural gas, depending on your setup. A built-in smoker box burns wood chips in case you want to add deeper flavor to pizzas, bread or roasts.


  • Features three cooking racks
  • Natural gas and propane models available
  • Sleek, stainless steel design
  • Can be mounted on masonry
  • Built-in smoker box enhances the depth of flavor


  • Time-consuming to install
  • Only reaches up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit

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7 / 10

Cuisinart Grill Top Pizza Oven Kit
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Best Grill-Top Outdoor Pizza Oven

Cuisinart Grill-Top Pizza Oven Kit

Not a lot of space for additional backyard appliances? The Cuisinart grill-top pizza oven kit sits atop nearly any gas, charcoal or pellet outdoor grill. It uses radiant heat from the grill’s flames to cook up pizzas in a similar way to the other pizza ovens on this list. Because it requires zero extra space, it’s ideal for those with small yards.

Stainless steel sides provide a reflective surface for heat to bounce off of, and a temperature gauge prevents burning. On top of that, a fancy cordierite baking stone and pizza peel with a folding handle round out this easy-to-use kit.


  • Works with gas, charcoal or pellet grills
  • Lightweight at ‎12.7 pounds
  • Reasonable price point
  • Cordierite baking stone and pizza peel included


  • Learning curve to get the temperature right

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8 / 10

Ninja Woodfire
Shery Kaz/Family Handyman

Best Multi-Functional Outdoor Pizza Oven

Ninja Woodfire

With eight cooking functions in one machine, the Ninja Woodfire is easily the most multi-functional option. Inside the gorgeous terracotta red outer shell is a powerful wood-fire oven capable of baking, roasting, broiling, baking, smoking and dehydrating.

In our review of the Ninja Woodfire, we praise its ability to turn out pizzas in under three minutes. Five different settings satisfy any Italian craving: Neapolitan, thin crust, pan, New York or (if you live that kind of life) frozen. It’s truly the best pizza oven for those short on time. The best part? The small footprint makes it fully portable.


  • Eight-in-one functionality
  • Reaches up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Pellets offer wood-fired flavor
  • Pro-heat pan and pizza stone included


  • Doesn’t come with a stand

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9 / 10

Blackstone Pizza Oven
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Best Freestanding Outdoor Pizza Oven

Blackstone Pizza Oven

When it comes to grills, we’re continually impressed by Blackstone. Now it offers its own freestanding pizza oven, and we couldn’t be more excited. A mobile cart allows chefs to wheel their oven all around the yard, and the luxe look gives pretty fireplace pizza ovens some stiff competition.

The pro-level stainless steel cooking chamber reaches up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, just what you need for authentic ‘zas. A patented rotating pizza tray makes it easy to avoid burnt spots and uneven cooking. We also love that its double-wall insulation ensures that it stays ripping hot, even after firing up multiple pies.


  • Stylish cart with integrated pizza peel holder
  • Patented rotating tray
  • Double-wall insulation
  • Reaches up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cooks pizzas in as little as 90 seconds


  • Requires some basic assembly

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10 / 10

Talavera Clay Freestanding Wood Burning Pizza Oven
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Best Clay Outdoor Pizza Oven

Talavera Clay Freestanding Wood-Burning Pizza Oven

Authentic pizza ovens come in tons of different styles, but this Talavera clay pizza oven is one of the prettiest. The oven works much like the Kamado grill, since it uses ceramic clay for insulation. It fires up personal-sized pies quickly using temperatures that reach 660 degrees Fahrenheit. Refractory cement insulation keeps it hot for about 20 minutes without maintaining the flame.

Because the clay exterior is so inviting, it doubles as a fire feature for chilly nights. The included ember rake makes it easy to keep the flame going for longer if you’re firing multiple pizzas or enjoying the warmth on the patio.


  • Holds heat for 20 minutes
  • Pizzas cook in two minutes
  • Chimney hole for ventilation
  • Ember rake and clay pizza plate included


  • Pizzas are limited to 10 inches or less

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What to Look for When Buying an Outdoor Pizza Oven

If your family has grown to appreciate the joys of cooking, dining and relaxing in the comfort of your yard, it might be time to add an outdoor pizza oven to the fun. Pizza is a nearly universal crowd pleaser, and it’s easy to make, too. When shopping for the best outdoor pizza oven for you, keep the following points in mind:

  • Budget: You can spend as little as $50 for a starter model or thousands for a statement pizza oven. If you’re not sure you’ll take to this new hobby, start with something modest. You can always upgrade.
  • Frequency of use: If pizza making is more of a curiosity than a passion, it makes sense to go with something smaller and less expensive. But if pizza runs through your veins, consider an oven that can crank out a lot of pizzas in a short period of time.
  • Space: If you’ve got a huge backyard, a big oven will look right at home. Conversely, something large might seem oversized in a small space. Consider proportions, location and the outdoor lighting you have available.
  • Installation: Does the oven require a masonry base and facing? Do you want to mount it on a countertop? If it runs on natural gas, can you do the hookup? If you need to call a pro for professional pizza oven kit installation, factor that expense into your budget.

Types of Outdoor Pizza Ovens

The first decision to make when choosing the best pizza oven is whether or not you want a portable or stationary oven. Fortunately, the exploding popularity of pizza ovens means that you have a lot of versions to choose from. Here are the most common styles:

  • Wood-fired: Just like the real thing, these pizza ovens require you to build a fire in the oven on top or to the rear of the cooking surface. Wood-fired ovens may be fueled by pellets or kiln-dried wood, either of which give your pizza a nice, smoky taste. It’s the most traditional method of cooking pizza, but this fire does need tending. You also need someplace to store firewood or pellets.
  • Gas and propane: If you have a natural gas connection at your house, you can hook a gas-fueled pizza oven up to it and start cooking. Otherwise, gas pizza ovens require propane tanks, which take up a lot of space and may run dry when hungry guests want their pizza. However, it’s usually easy to regulate the heat on gas ovens, which is why they appeal to a lot of home chefs.
  • Charcoal/grill: Less popular, charcoal or grill pizza ovens sit on top of a traditional grill and use the grill’s heat source. For many novice pizza chefs, it’s a good entry-level option. However, it can be more difficult to get hot and keep hot for consistent cooking.
  • Electric: An electric pizza oven is typically designed for inside use, but there’s no reason that you can’t move it outdoors for pizza making. The downside is usually its small size, the amount of time it takes it to heat up and the evenness of cooking. But there’s a big upside, too: It’s generally portable and inexpensive.

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How We Found the Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens

We take our pizza ovens seriously—that’s why we tested a number of pizza ovens to ensure that our top picks are truly the best. Through personal testing (tasting and baking) to thoroughly combing through reviews, videos and doing our own independent research, we were able to narrow down our list of the best outdoor fireplaces with pizza ovens down to the top 10.


What is needed for an outdoor pizza oven?

Falco says that in terms of accessories, not much is required to start slinging dough. He suggests having a great pizza peel and a raised resting rack on a half sheet, as they’re two of the most important pizza oven accessories.

Do you need planning permission for an outdoor pizza oven?

While smaller pizza ovens, like an Ooni or Gozney, don’t require a permit, Falco suggests checking with your local department of buildings or homeowners association (HOA) before installing anything more substantial than that.


  • Anthony Falco, an international pizza consultant, cookbook author and illustrator