Our Editors Tested the 10 Best Firewood Racks to Store and Stack Wood

Keep your wood off the ground, neatly stacked and ready for your next gathering around the fire pit or fireplace with the best firewood rack.

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The 10 Best Firewood Racks To Hold, Store And Neatly Stack WoodTMB STUDIO

The best firewood racks keep your split wood neat, organized and dry so it’s ready to go when it’s time to light a fire. Whether you’re thinking about building an outdoor fire pit, looking for a portable fire pit or need to organize your wood-burning fireplace area, we found the best firewood racks you can buy.

“Select a firewood rack that is sturdy, well-constructed, and appropriately sized for your needs,” says James Goin, Founder and CEO of Pit Command. “It should be raised off the ground to prevent moisture and pests from damaging the wood. Outdoor firewood racks should be corrosion resistant so powder coated at a bare minimum but ideally made out of stainless steel. However, there are also decorative outdoor racks made out of corten steel that develop an attractive rust patina.”

Types of Firewood Racks

According to Goin, there are two main types of racks: outdoor racks (for fire pits) and indoor racks (for fireplaces). Both can come in various sizes and shapes. “The most popular outdoor rack is a classic rectangular design. However, smaller circular racks are common. Indoor racks tend to be smaller or conceal wood in a bench or box. Most indoor and outdoor racks are made of steel and powder coated,” Goin says.

Larger racks make sense for people who burn a lot of wood. Portable models pair nicely with portable fire pits, so you can go camping with everything you need. For fixed firewood racks, we recommend snagging one of the best firewood rack covers to ensure that logs don’t absorb excess water from the elements.

The Best Firewood Racks

Feel confident in the picks on this list, as our team personally tested and assembled five of the firewood racks. We evaluated their durability, price, warranty, construction and size. Along with the right fire pit seating and lighting, these options will round out any outdoor oasis and turn it into a bonafide relaxation station.

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Best Overall Firewood Rack

Solo Stove Station

Redefine your backyard storage with the Solo Stove Station, our top pick for the best firewood rack overall. It has a flexible, low-profile design and a dual shelf that allows you to store firewood logs two rows deep. That leaves plenty of room for stashing other fire pit tools and hanging up to 250 pounds of outdoor fireplace accessories. We were more than impressed when we tested this firewood rack, not only for its aesthetics but for its superior construction, durability and versatility.

This firewood rack features a roll-down, outdoor-rated fabric cover, and is available in original black or premium ash gray. Its polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coating protects against moisture and the elements, so there’s no wet kindling here! The sturdy, cold-rolled aluminum Station is also backed by a lifetime warranty.


  • Also stores the Solo Stove
  • Has a low-profile design with two shelves
  • Provides storage for accessories and tools
  • Includes a roll-down cover
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Pricey
  • Not ideal for larger firewood collections

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Best Budget Firewood Rack

Amagabeli Firewood Log Rack with Cover

For a highly rated firewood rack at a budget price, the Amagabeli outdoor firewood rack is our pick. It not only holds and protects a whole season’s worth of firewood, but the stand is easy to assemble without tools, making it a smart option for novice DIYers. (We had this rack put together in record time!) The size works for a porch, deck, shed or covered patio. With an average rating of 4.5 out of five stars on Amazon, it’s one of the most popular covered options on the market.

The tubular steel frame is budget-friendly, yet strong. “It’s sturdy, held the weight of a face cord without bending,” writes five-star reviewer, Cliff. “The cover is plenty baggy enough to fit 24-inch logs with room. I was afraid it would be like fitting a grill cover on, but it’s nice.”


  • Affordable
  • Fits larger logs and smaller cuts
  • Comes with a full-sized waterproof cover
  • Easy to assemble


  • Cover may not hold up against sun and extreme weather

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Best Firewood Rack With Cover

Woodhaven Firewood Log Rack

The Woodhaven firewood log rack is not only solidly built, it gets five stars for aesthetics in our book. This handsome rack has welded joints and a powder-coated finish for longevity. It’s strong like a bull and will last a lifetime.

We tested the four-foot model, which stores a quarter cord of wood, but it also comes in 2-, 5-, 8-, 10-, 12- and 16-foot lengths. Our rack came with a short cover for airflow, but if you want a full cover, Woodhaven makes them for any model you choose. Woodhaven is so confident in its heavy-duty steel firewood rack that it offers a lifetime structural warranty.


  • Durable, heavy-duty steel frame
  • Welded joints
  • Available in seven sizes
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime structural warranty


  • Feet sink into the ground

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Best Large-Capacity Firewood Rack

ShelterLogic Heavy Duty Firewood Rack

If you have a lot of wood to keep dry, the ShelterLogic 12-foot firewood rack is the ideal choice. This best firewood rack holds up to 3/5 cord of wood. The tubular steel base is light, yet strong enough to hold all the wood you’ll need for the winter. We like that the rack comes with a short seasoning cover to allow for airflow.

Before you buy this rack, make sure you have a 12-foot stretch of level ground, as it may tip over on a slope (as we found out when we tested it). When it comes to stacking the rack, save your longest logs for the bottom row because shorter logs will fall through the frame.


  • Holds 3/5 cord of wood
  • Seasoning cover included
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Affordable


  • Base is too wide for some logs

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Best Portable Firewood Rack

L.L.Bean Dura-Tough Log Carrier

Bring the backyard party wherever you go with the Dura-Tough standing log carrier from L.L.Bean. It’s lightweight, sturdy and easy to carry. Plus, the handles have tough nylon webbing for plenty of support. Take it on a camping trip or use it to transport firewood from outdoors to your wood-burning fireplace.

You won’t have to worry about getting splinters, thanks to sturdy end panels that hold in debris. It’s available in three colors and can be monogrammed for a special touch.


  • Has tough, comfortable handles
  • Sturdy, high-quality design
  • Can be monogrammed
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for large firewood collections

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Best Firewood Rack For Small Spaces

Phi Villa Firewood Rack

If you’re looking for a smaller option, this firewood rack is a great value and an elegant, conversation-worthy piece. At just 17 inches wide, it holds up to 250 pounds of firewood. The narrow footprint leaves plenty of space for patio seating, and buyers note they were surprised at just how much the smaller design could hold.

“This log rack is enough for at least two to three evenings of wood in our fireplace,” writes verified purchaser, Cindy DiCarlo. “We didn’t want something massive that held a lot of weight since it is on our PVC-composite deck. Be careful not to overtighten bolts, but do each side alternating, so you don’t make it uneven. It’s aesthetically pleasing when loaded with wood and really sturdy construction. It was very easy to assemble, also.”


  • Seventeen inches wide and 14 inches deep
  • Holds up to 250 pounds
  • Available in three styles
  • Sturdy iron construction
  • Easy to assemble


  • Smaller firewood pieces could fall through the bottom

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Best Firewood Rack For Outdoors

Frontgate Log Rack

If you just bought a whole lot of firewood to last you the season, you need a large firewood rack—and the Frontgate log rack checks all the boxes. Available in two sizes, the estate model holds up to a quarter cord (or more than 2,200 pounds), making it the best quarter-cord firewood rack on this list.

With superior engineering and construction, the two-section firewood rack is safe and stable—even if you stack split logs unevenly on the top section. There’s also a spot below for kindling, and with the elevated design, you won’t have to worry about rotting or insects.


  • Holds more than 2,200 pounds
  • Available in two sizes
  • Has a section for smaller pieces
  • Easy to assemble


  • Pricey
  • Doesn’t have a cover

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Best Firewood Rack For Indoors

Kanto Firewood Rack

For those looking for a sleek, modern-style firewood rack, this design from Kanto delivers. At a little more than 13 inches deep and 22 inches high, this firewood rack is easy to move (it has a convenient handle) and allows you to store enough wood for a couple of fires in your fire pit or fireplace. Crafted from form-pressed birch, the Kanto rack comes in three colors and also works as a storage piece for periodicals.


  • Has a minimalistic, sleek design
  • Features a handle
  • Available in three colors
  • Can hold magazines


  • Not suitable for storing large amounts of firewood
  • Pricey

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Best Firewood Rack with Kindling Holder

Doeworks Firewood Rack

Don’t forget the kindling when starting up that fireplace or fire pit! This Doeworks firewood rack, which has gently curving I-beam reinforcements, stays sturdy while keeping firewood and kindling neat and organized. The adjustable side hook for suspending kindling can face in to save space or face out to make more room for logs. Buyers note it was easy to assemble and is a great value, which makes sense since the purchase also includes a log bag.

Verified purchaser, J. Smith, gave this option five stars and says, “I like that we can place the kindling rack on the inside or outside of the wood rack, or leave it off altogether.”


  • Has a moveable rack for kindling
  • Comes with a portable log bag
  • Made of alloy steel with stainless steel hardware
  • Affordable


  • Relatively shallow depth isn’t ideal for longer log cuts

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Best DIY Firewood Rack

SnugNiture Firewood Storage Bracket Kit

If you’re looking to customize your firewood rack, check out this rack bracket kit from SnugNiture. Besides the very reasonable price, this kit works based on the amount of firewood you have (or don’t have!). It includes two metal brackets and 25 screws. Simply attach the brackets to six 2x4s (not included). We assembled this rack in mere minutes, and it’s a sturdy option that’s customizable to fit your wood and needs.

“I must say, this is way better than what I had,” writes five-star reviewer, Dave Ortiz. “This system allows you to make it as big or small as you like. I painted the two-by-fours to match the wall. My friends come over and always compliment how cool it looks. This is a great value and super-cool design.”


  • Adjustable size
  • Includes all hardware
  • Assembles in minutes
  • Affordable


  • Not the sleekest of designs
  • Doesn’t include a cover

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Snugniture Outdoor Firewood Log Storage Rack Bracket Kit
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What to Consider When Buying a Firewood Rack

When looking for the best firewood rack, consider a model made of fire- and heat-resistant materials, like steel or wrought iron. Outdoor firewood racks should be made of weather-resistant materials or coated with rust-preventing finishes. You may also want a cover to keep wood protected from the elements. “Covering the top of the rack with a waterproof tarp or firewood cover protects the wood from rain and snow. Wet wood will create more smoke when burned,” says Goin.

When it comes to size, it depends on how much wood you want to store. If you’re using less than a quarter cord of firewood each season, a small or medium rack that handles up to 250 pounds works nicely. Larger racks are best for homes that rely on burning wood as a source of heat. Finally, you’ll want to consider price and ease of assembly.

How We Tested the Best Firewood Racks

When searching for the best firewood racks, we evaluated their construction, materials, durability and warranties. We also looked at size and price to find the best value for any budget. We combed through hundreds of user reviews to find the pitfalls and positives of each so you wouldn’t have to.

Then, we personally assembled and tested them in our backyards to see how they performed. We loaded them with wood and looked for stress points or signs of potential failure. We’ve included five firewood racks that passed our tests and are smart options for you to consider.

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Growing up in Tennessee, Goin spent countless hours gathered around a fire pit, enjoying the ritual with his family. A former media executive, Jamie was inspired to leave it all behind and pursue his true passion for combustion.


What size firewood rack do I need?

The size you need depends on how much wood you have and how much you plan to burn. “It really depends on how much firewood you plan to use in any given season and the amount of space you have,” says Goin. “For an outdoor rack, a good place to start for a typical fall fire pit season would be a half cord rack (96″ x 48″ x 14″). For an indoor rack, 24″ x 24″ x 14″ is fairly standard.”

A larger rack comes in handy for those who use their fire pit or fireplace often, or those with a wood-burning fireplace they use regularly. A smaller firewood rack is more appropriate for someone who doesn’t use their fire pit as much or is short on storage space. On the other hand, the best firewood rack for someone with an interior wood-fired stove might need to hold a winter’s worth of wood, so it will be much larger.

Where should I place my firewood rack?

Even the best firewood rack needs proper placement for optimal performance. “Place the firewood rack on a level and well-drained surface, such as gravel or concrete,” says Goin. “Ensure there is good ventilation and that the wood can be easily accessed.”

Store your firewood and keep it racked in a dry area about 20 feet or more from your home. This is the best way to prevent pests, such as rodents and insects, from getting into your home. Also, keep it a safe distance from where you have your fire as a precaution.

How to best stack firewood in a rack?

According to Goin, a good firewood stack begins with a solid base of logs or pieces of wood at the bottom of the rack. Ensure they are parallel and evenly spaced. “Stack the firewood in rows or columns within the rack. For stability, stack the logs with their lengths running horizontally and perpendicular to the ground. The ends of the logs should be flush with the front of the rack,” he says.

Goin notes that it’s important to make sure to leave some space between each piece of wood to allow air to circulate. This helps with drying and prevents mold and rot. As you stack, keep the woodpile neat and even.

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As Associate Shopping Editor, Sheri helps Family Handyman readers find well-designed products to enjoy their time spent at home. Her expertise lies in interior design and gardening. When she’s not searching for the next inspired home or garden solution, she enjoys dancing, painting and the great outdoors.